uggs snow boots Safety concerns over EpiPen recall

ugg suppliers Safety concerns over EpiPen recall

CHESHIRE, Conn. (WTNH) Batches of Mylan EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. are being voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer.

was a lot number that came out that they had some issues of the needles actually triggering when you use the EpiPen, said Dr. Richard Uluski with Pediatric and Medical Associates.

The 13 recalled batches in question were distributed between December of 2015 and July of 2016. The company is offering a replacement but that could take a few days.

Related Content: Nationwide EpiPen and EpiPen Jr Recall

come in packs so hopefully there should be two there so if you have to use one and you don have the means to replace it right away while you are waiting If one fails you still have another one to try, said Dr. Uluski.

Batches of Mylan EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. are being voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer.

Dr. Uluski said the life saving medicine is only effective for 15 minutes.

life saving because it works right away and gets into your body really quickly, works really quickly and can stop your system from reacting but if you have a long time period before you are going to receive medical care it could wear off and it does wear off very quickly, said Dr. Uluski.

Dr. Uluski said even if use the medicine you still need to call 911.

you are one of the families that has that lot number, it two fold I think that you should call the company Mylan and see what the time frame is to get it. I would also look at your other lot numbers because most families have more than on set of EpiPens, said Dr. Uluski.

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uggs snow boots Safety concerns over EpiPen recall

classic tall black ugg boots safeguarding our furry friends

ugg riding boots safeguarding our furry friends

With the flu virus seemingly running rampant, causing misery and even death, I wondered if our pets were at risk of catching the viral infection from us humans.

So I asked a local veterinarian, Dr. Gage Furtado. He treats all sorts of furry friends at Animal Hospital of Newton Conover.

First, Dr. Furtado taught me a new word: zoonotic. He explained that a zoonotic disease is one that can cross from animal to human and human to animal. “Can cross species lines,” said the veterinarian. Think rabies, a good example of a zoonotic disease with which we’re all familiar. Especially vulnerable are children under 5, people over 65, and anyone with a weakened immune system.

We also can get parasites from our pets. Hookworms, roundworms, and giardia are a few examples. Now if you like horror movies, check out the CDC’s picture of a giardia, and your mind will concoct a doozy of a scary dream when you go to bed.

As I write this, I’m glancing worriedly toward my cat. She’s enjoying a snooze in the sun and looking completely unlike any sort of critter that might share a nasty organism with me. The CDC recommends a number of preventative steps to take if you spend time with animals, the main one being hand washing after handling any sort of beast. The organization goes so far as to suggest hand washing even if you don’t touch the animal you get near, such as at a petting zoo.

Dr. Furtado’s recommendation, one that he repeated a number of times, is that we keep our pets (and I’m going to add farm animals here for those of you who have cows, pigs, chickens, and the like) healthy by regularly taking them to the veterinarian for preventative medicine, such as vaccinations, and to be checked for vile creatures like parasites.

Furthermore, emphasized Dr. Furtado, we must get our beloved dogs, cats, rabbits, etc., to the animal doc when they show signs of illness. Some symptoms we need to be concerned about are coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and lack of appetite.

“This is not a time to rely on Google,
classic tall black ugg boots safeguarding our furry friends
” Dr. Furtado pointed out.

In other words, don’t try to diagnose and treat Fido and Miss Fluffy Tail by yourself.

On to the topic of the day: flu. Dr. Furtado suggested that there are lots of flu viruses, and they can mutate quickly. This year, humans are getting the H3N2 strain of flu virus.

“We do see an H3N2 flu virus in dogs,” said Dr. Furtado, “but it is not the same as human H3N2. At this time, there have been no human to dog or dog to human cases as far as the current CDC knowledge.”

Dogs also can get a strain called H3N8.

Canine flu, said Dr. Furtado, has been seen in specific cases, and those instances, like flu spreading among humans, involve a sick dog coming into contact with healthy dogs. From that point, the flu spreads as the sick animals move about an area or travel to other parts of the country.

Dr. Furtado gave the example of a 2015 outbreak of dog flu in a Chicago animal shelter. He added that during the outbreak, some cats tested positive for flu, but their symptoms were mild or nonexistent.

Though he does know there have been cases of dog flu in North Carolina, he said, “I have not seen any diagnosed cases of H3N2 the dog kind (in my practice).”

Dr. Furtado wouldn’t be surprised to see, in the future, more and more cases of dog flu and possibly flu among other animals. He said cats and horses have been experimentally infected with the flu virus.

“We think of this as an emerging disease,” said the veterinarian. “We have to be highly vigilant and watch for signs of disease in dogs.”

I got the worrisome feeling from Dr. Furtado that flu viruses are dangerously unpredictable and can mutate to become hazardous to just about any living thing. More nightmare material.

The good news for our dogs is that there’s a flu vaccine for canines, and some veterinary offices, like Dr. Furtado’s, offer a vaccination that protects against both the dog form of H3N2 and H3N8. Dr. Furtado said he recommends the vaccine, especially for dogs in high risk situations, meaning they go places where there are other dogs, such as dog parks, or they travel with their owners. The dog flu vaccine is given in two parts: dose one and then a few weeks later, a booster.

“This vaccination works pretty well,” said Dr. Furtado, but he warned again, “Any flu virus can change rapidly though.”

In conclusion, Dr. Furtado stated, “You don’t need to worry about making your dog sick if you have the flu, and if your dog exhibits symptoms, take him to the veterinarian.”

And if you need a good reason to remember to give your pet their parasite prevention meds,
classic tall black ugg boots safeguarding our furry friends
have a look at a greatly enlarged photo of one of the creatures. You’ll feel creepy all over but your beloved four legged friend will be protected.

discount ugg safari styles in for ’09

sale uggs safari styles in for ’09

It’s probably safe to retire or at least put to rest for a long winter snooze your skinny leg pants. Once the first signs of spring start to stir, the favored silhouette will be loose and easy.

“Wide pants if you invested in the dramatic floppy leg pant that just skims the ankle, you are in luck. These are still a big trend for next year,” says Avril Graham, Harper Bazaar’s executive fashion editor.

That’s the thing about fashion: Almost every look good or bad comes back, even if it’s slightly tweaked. The key is gauging how fast the boomerang is moving.

Take Uggs, for example. EBay style director Constance White says the cozy, furry boot is already a must have item again for many women and it’s a trend driven by consumers.

“The fashion gods forgive me: I will not throw out a pair of Ugg boots. They dipped came off the radar and weren’t ‘it’ anymore but they’ve had the huge rise in popularity again. All you have to do is look on the streets and you’ll see hundreds of women and girls who just think they’re the cutting edge of fashion all over again,” White says.

Some other likely top (and not) looks of 2009:

Sandy neutrals and tropical colors are likely to make a splash, but there might be a changing of the guard for regal purple, which has reigned for a few years. Painterly prints had a shorter run, but Graham says they too are on their way out. “Best to look for sweet florals,” she advises.

Safari styles, whether they’re vintage Yves Saint Laurent or new Banana Republic,
discount ugg safari styles in for '09
are enjoying a high point on their arc of popularity. That’s good news, says Graham, because it’s an easy look for most women to wear.

The 1980s continue to both inspire and haunt fashion, but if you ever wore harem pants and highlighter colors the first time, you might consider giving only a wink to the decade with bangle bracelet or fluorescent accessories.

A low platform heel is a shoe that takes you through every season and most occasions, says eBay’s White. If you’re cleaning your closet, extreme platforms can get tossed, but hold on to all your peep toe shoes, she advises.

The popular gladiator style sandal will triumph again this summer, but it’ll be even more aggressive looking with higher heels.

The big statement necklace popular last year is still a trend, but it’s one you can cut back on.

“If you’ve accumulated three or four, part with two of them,” White says. “Instead hold on to any bracelets cuffs or stacking bracelets, especially. They’re fresher,
discount ugg safari styles in for '09
new and they’re going to be hot right thru spring and summer.”

ugg trainer s high commissioner sees solid partnerships in Newfoundland and Labrador

amazon uggs s high commissioner sees solid partnerships in Newfoundland and Labrador

high commissioner to Canada, Susan le Jeune d says it is time to have a conversation about a host of issues.

She was in St. John to attend the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (APEC) Business Outlook Conference held Tuesday at the Delta. The theme of this year conference is Navigating Choppy Waters: Trump, Tariffs and New Trade Deals.

is so much uncertainty on international relations. and Venezuela. There is difficulty everywhere, le Jeune d said.

are so many things we take for granted. Things like free trade, something we all got used to, and now people are questioning it, people that believe protectionism is the way to go. on essentials has never been more important, according to le Jeune d lessons garnered through her more than three decades of diplomatic service.

She has also served in diplomatic roles in Singapore, Venezuela and Columbia during her years working in the diplomatic service, which she joined in 1985.

are people out there who say we don need diplomacy because we have the internet, le Jeune d said.

has never been more important. That is something I learned while working on the nuclear deal with Iran as part of my UN job in Vienna. You will never get the perfect deal, but from dealing with the Iranians, sometimes you have to take the best deal you can get, she added.

The future is not all about trade, as there are many other issues that must be discussed.

Nuclear issues, airports and aviation security are among them.

as an example, we need to have an agreement in place where when we leave the EU, flights won be able to take off from our airports and land in Canada, she said.

Then there are other issues such as climate change, international terrorism and cybercrime to deal with, among a host of others.

you have foreign governments interfering in elections,
ugg trainer s high commissioner sees solid partnerships in Newfoundland and Labrador
not just in the United States, something that was unheard of five years ago, it makes it tough.

is difficult for all of us to always do the right things. But if there is enough of us on this side of the fence moving in the right direction, we can make the world a better place.

The things we take for granted in this province and across the country, many people around the world would love to be part of, le Jeune d said.

British think this country is exceptional. People want to talk and listen to your prime minister. They think he is a cool PM.

is open, welcoming and transparent. Even my 22 year old son thinks he cool because he is legalizing marijuana. I told him not in my house, she said with a chuckle. goes through a major change heading toward departing the European Union in 2019, it has become evident the United Kingdom will need some new and enhanced dance partners to move into the next stage of its history. will be a different world in 2019. For the past 40 years we have been part of the EU and it is my job to implement that decision, she said.

have to see what we want and how we position ourselves in the future. needs worldwide. membership in the EU, and unravelling that agreement is nothing less than she said.

Moving toward that and accentuating agreements that are currently in place, Justin Trudeau and Britain Theresa May have put a set of ambitious actions in play.

am astonished how close our interests are, le Jeune d said.

looking at economic growth, yours is the same as what my government is approaching in terms of a strategic plan and potential growth. has a similar issue of an aging population and health issues, the same as residents of this province are facing.

amazing how close we are on many of these things. on that foundation is a task that will be a good working relationship that will see both governments continue to look forward and build on the tariff free agreements currently in place between the two nations, she said.

Under its mandate, the Canada European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) will create jobs, strengthen economic relations and boost Canada trade with the world second largest market.

don realize how fantastic a deal this is, she said.

is very, very important in a positioning context and framework for trade and innovation in both directions. We have to highlight these opportunities. The EU is big and complex and under this agreement, it is a massive opportunity. Businesses are not aware yet how fantastic an opportunity this is.
ugg trainer s high commissioner sees solid partnerships in Newfoundland and Labrador

ugg boots uk kids S 500 and Nasdaq Composite crawl to new highs

ugg reviews S 500 and Nasdaq Composite crawl to new highs

In Canada, the S Composite index rose six points to 15,417, but tech flagship Blackberry Ltd (TSE:BB, NASDAQ:BBRY) drifted 11 cents lower on Nasdaq to US$11.11 and 17 cents lower to C$14.95 in Toronto, despite winning a dispute over royalty payments with Qualcomm Inc (NASDAQ:QCOM).

Blackberry is in line to receive US$940mln in rebates from Qualcomm by the end of the month.

Qualcomm shares fell 0.6% to US$57.52.

The Dow Jones average, Nasdaq Composite and S 500 were all marginally in the red but in the time it took to read that sentence they could have moved back into positive territory, such has been the gentle see saw action.

Durable goods data was similarly mixed; orders for durable goods fell 0.7% last month but this was not as bad as the 1% pundits had predicted.

While the main benchmarks seemed disinclined to go in for volatile movements there were at least some big movements among stocks, none more so than the thinly traded NII Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:NIHD), which saw its share price rise by two thirds.

The reason for the rise is the old stock market report chestnut of “more buyers than sellers”, with some big buy orders coming in following a shareholder revolt this week over executive remuneration at the wireless communications company.

Chinese car rental company eHi Car Services Ltd (NYSE:EHIC) found the market easy to please; all it did was announce it would publish first quarter results on 5 June and the shares rose 8%.

Open: Deckers puts best foot forward

US blue chips have opened with small losses ahead of the long weekend, with sentiment lifted by the revision of first quarter gross domestic product.

“Upward revisions to 1.2% for first quarter growth have confirmed the world’s largest economy to be in rude health, strengthening the case for a Fed rate hike on June 14th. Yellen will find the 0.60% quarterly uptick in consumer spending to be particularly pleasing ahead of what is being enthusiastically priced in by fixed income markets the implied probability of policy action was above 80% at the last count,” commented Richard de Meo, managing director of forex trading outfit Foenix Partners.

“Unless Donald Trump repeats his NATO tactics and shoulders his way into the headlines and barring any shock disappointments in the data calendar, no market event appears capable of preventing a mid June US interest rate hike,” he predicted.

James Knightley, a senior economist at ING, grudgingly acknowledged the upward revision, adding that growth is still poor relative to the majority of other developed markets.

“There were slight improvements in all of the key components, but it is still a very disappointing outcome, mainly caused by a clear slowdown in consumer spending and a run down in inventories.

“The Federal Reserve remains of the view that this softer growth period is ‘transitory’, but the high frequency numbers for the second quarter are not exactly pointing to a huge rebound. Indeed, today’s durable goods report wasn’t particularly encouraging for investment given the non defence capital goods orders (ex aircraft) missed heavily on the downside. The fall in 1Q GDP quarterly profits isn’t exactly a positive for investment spending either,” Knightley opined.

Reflecting the mixed views on the GDP numbers, stocks were little changed on balance.

The Dow Jones was down 8 points at 21,075 but the S 50 was unchanged at 2,415.

Shoes and boots maker Deckers Outdoor Corp (NYSE:DECK) put is best foot forward in early trades, rising 18% and topping the leader board on the New York Stock Exchange.

Analysts had been expecting a loss of six cents a share for the first quarter, but the Ugg boots maker’s underlying net income was positive and equivalent to 11 cents a share.

Also flying high was Veeva Systems Inc (NYSE:VEEV), which provides cloud based software to the life sciences sector.
ugg boots uk kids S 500 and Nasdaq Composite crawl to new highs

ugg bags Ryan says sexual harassment won be tolerated in Congress

ugg rylan slippers Ryan says sexual harassment won be tolerated in Congress

Ryan, R Wis., spoke as leaders react to an outbreak of allegations of harassment by legislators that become a distraction to Congress year end work on budget and tax issues. His comments also came hours before the House planned to approve a measure requiring lawmakers and staff to undergo mandatory, annual anti harassment training.

Ryan told reporters that having a hostile work environment in Congress is “a disgrace,” adding, “We will not tolerate that kind of behavior.”

The speaker sidestepped a question on whether lawmakers should speak out more about some women allegations that they were sexually harassed by Donald Trump before he became president.

“Right now we focused on making sure this place works the right way,” Ryan said.

He also said Rep. John Conyers, D Mich., “made the right decision” by abandoning his post as top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee after facing allegations of sexual harassment by former staffers.

Trump and Conyers have denied the accusations. Conyers is facing pressure from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D Calif., and members of the Congressional Black Caucus to leave Congress, including a call by Pelosi for the House Ethics Committee to “move expeditiously” to investigate harassment allegations.

Rep. She cited recent firings of media figures by their companies and said, “We don do the same, and I think it a disgrace.”

New York Rep. Joe Crowley, a member of his party leadership, said leaders consider the accusations against Conyers to be “very, very, very serious.”

Lawmakers are considering future legislation that would strengthen Congress lax and lengthy procedures for workers who want to lodge complaints. That includes the little known practice in which lawmakers settle complaints with federally financed settlements for which recipients must promise to not publicly discuss the allegations.

Rep. Barbara Comstock, R Va., a sponsor of Wednesday House resolution, said in a brief interview that lawmakers are considering ending taxpayer funded settlements, giving victims of alleged harassment more rights and requiring more information about complaints to be publicly released.

The measure the House was considering Wednesday was similar to one the Senate approved for its members and staff earlier this month.

Since then, Rep. John Conyers, D Mich., the longest serving member of the House, is under fire after a news website published a report detailing a settlement with a staffer who said Conyers sexually harassed her,
ugg bags Ryan says sexual harassment won be tolerated in Congress
then fired her after she rebuffed his advances.

Other former staffers have also come forward with more claims of inappropriate behavior.

Meanwhile, Rep. Joe Barton, R Texas, recently apologized after a nude photo of him was leaked on social media.

Two weeks ago, a woman came forward to accuse Sen. Al Franken, D Minn., of forcibly kissing her during a USO tour in the Middle East in 2006, before he was elected to public office. Leeann Tweeden also released a photograph in which Franken appears to be groping her breasts while she sleeps. Two other women have since accused Franken of fondling their buttocks while posing for photographs.

Franken has apologized and said he welcomes a Senate Ethics investigation.

Rep. Jackie Speier, D Calif., another co sponsor of the measure the House was considering Wednesday, said at a recent House hearing that two current members, one Democrat and one Republican, have also engaged in sexual harassment. Speier declined to name the members, citing non disclosure agreements as well as the wishes of the victims not to identify their harassers.

In Alabama, GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore faces allegations of preying on teenage girls decades ago. Senate Republicans, led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R Ky., have called on Moore to step aside, saying they believe the women.

Trump has all but endorsed Moore, who denies the allegations.

Sexual harassment shouldn exist anywhere, “let alone in the United States Congress,” and won be tolerated as lawmakers tighten Capitol Hill rules for addressing the problem, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday.

Ryan, R Wis., spoke as leaders react to an outbreak of allegations of harassment by legislators that become a distraction to Congress year end work on budget and tax issues. His comments also came hours before the House planned to approve a measure requiring lawmakers and staff to undergo mandatory, annual anti harassment training.
ugg bags Ryan says sexual harassment won be tolerated in Congress

office sale ugg boots Rutland Herald

tan ugg boots Rutland Herald

Two weeks ago, standing on the Syria Israel border in the Golan Heights, I wrote a column positing that this frontier was the “second most dangerous” war zone in the world today after the Korean Peninsula. Your honor, I’d like to revise and amend that column. jets killed a bunch of Russian “contractors” who got too close to our forces in Syria, I now think the Syria Israel Lebanon front is the most dangerous corner in the world. Kurdish fighters from northern Syria; ISIS remnants; various pro Saudi and pro Jordanian anti Syrian regime Sunni rebels and I am not making this up pro Syrian regime Russian Orthodox Cossack “contractors” who went to Syria to defend Mother Russia from “crazy barbarians” all rubbing against one another?

As The Washington Post pointed out, “In the space of a single week last week, Russia, Turkey, Iran and Israel lost aircraft to hostile fire” in Syria. The term “powder keg” was invented for this place. policy should be, let me try to untangle it for you.

The bad news and the good news about the war in Syria is that all the parties involved are guided by one iron rule: You don’t want to “own” this war. This is the ultimate rent awar. Each party wants to maximize its interests and minimize the influence of its rivals by putting as few of its own soldiers at risk and instead fighting for its goals through air power, mercenaries and local rebels. from Iraq and Afghanistan that their publics will not tolerate large numbers of body bags fighting any ground war in the Middle East.

Vladimir Putin wants to be able to tell Russians that “Russia is back” as a superpower and that he’s the kingmaker in Syria but he isn’t putting any Russian soldiers at risk. airstrike on the ground.

Iran, which just witnessed an uprising by its own people, demanding that Tehran spend its money at home, not in Syria, is subcontracting the ground war that Russia subcontracted to Iran to Iran’s proxies Hezbollah and various Shiite mercenaries from Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Special Forces are arming and advising Kurdish fighters from northern Syria to carry out the ground war against ISIS. Turkey is using Sunni rebels to fight the same Kurds. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan all use various Sunni rebels to fight the pro Iranian, pro Shiite regime forces, and Israel is using the long arm of its air force. toppling of Saddam Hussein, which I supported, in which I warned: “The first rule of any Iraq invasion is the pottery store rule: You break it, you own it. We break Iraq, we own Iraq.”

So in Syria today, the abiding rule is, “You own it, you fix it.” And because no one wants to own responsibility for fixing Syria a gargantuan project they all want to just rent their influence there.

There is something very 21st century about this war.

But this is distressing. It means none of the local parties has enough power, resources or willingness to compromise to stabilize Syria from the bottom up, and none of the external parties is ready to invest enough power and resources to stabilize it from the top down.

The “good news,” sort of, is that because everyone is so “loss averse” in Syria, it’s less likely that any party will get too reckless. The Iranians and Hezbollah will most likely continue to prod and poke Israel, but not to such a degree that the Israelis do what they are capable of doing, which is to devastate every Hezbollah neighborhood in Lebanon and hit Iran’s homeland with rockets; Israel knows that its high tech corridor along its coastal plain would be devastated by Iranian rockets coming back.

Maybe, eventually, the players will get tired and forge a power sharing accord in Syria, as the Lebanese eventually did in 1989 to end their civil war. Alas, though, it took the Lebanese 14 years to come to their senses. So get ready for a lot more news from Syria.
office sale ugg boots Rutland Herald

sale ugg boots Rutgers at Illinois

ugg website Rutgers at Illinois

Site: State Farm Center (15,544), Champaign.

Radio: Brian Barnhart (play by play) and former Illini Doug Altenberger (expert analysis) have the call on the Illini Sports Network on WHMS 97.5 FM, WDAN 1490 AM, WDNL 102.1 FM and WPXN 104.9 FM.

FYI: Illinois’ tenuous spot on the NCAA tournament bubble last season was all but erased with its loss at Rutgers in both teams’ regular season finale. Deshawn Freeman gave the Scarlet Knights the lead with a three pointer (one of six he made all season) with 7 seconds to play and rebounded Tracy Abrams’ missed three that would have tied the game.

The gap between Illinois’ 73 71 win against Indiana on Jan. 24 and today’s game against Rutgers marks the longest the Illini have had between games since playing Missouri on Dec. 23 and Grand Canyon on Dec. 30. Illini coach Brad Underwood said it was a good time in the thick of the Big Ten season for the players to recharge mentally and physically. Underwood used the days off to go all in on recruiting and couldn’t come up with just how many miles he logged since the Illini took down the Hoosiers. “A lot in a short period of time,” Underwood said. “I know Champaign to (Los Angeles) and back in one day isn’t something that I would highly recommend for those of you vacationing, but it was nice to see 70 degrees and a little sunshine. The 45 minutes of sleep that I got on the plane didn’t bode well for Saturday afternoon’s practice let’s put it that way.”

Just where Kipper Nichols might play has been a continuous source of questions since the Cleveland native arrived at Illinois in December 2015. Then, Nichols saw himself as more of a 3. Former Illini coach John Groce played him more at the 4, which is where Underwood has mostly kept him with post depth an issue for the Illini. Now, the 6 foot 6 Nichols could find himself more on the wing playing alongside Leron Black, who he typically subbed in to replace. “Wherever coach puts me on the floor, I’m going to be there and do it to the best of my ability,
sale ugg boots Rutgers at Illinois
” Nichols said. “It’s super fun playing with Leron. He draws a lot of attention, so that frees me up and vice versa.”

Rutgers might have its share of offensive issues this season, but the Scarlet Knights have a couple players that have caught Underwood’s attention. Deshawn Freeman “scares me to death,” Underwood said, and he added Corey Sanders can single handedly carry the team. It’s Rutgers’ defense, though, that stands out. “They’ve got great length, and they’ve got a lot of like pieces,” Underwood said. “When you look at their roster, they’ve got guys who can all guard multiple positions. . They can all move their feet. They can all challenge shots. They make you shoot contested shots.”

Prediction: Illinois 80, Rutgers 69

A win against the Scarlet Knights would stand as just the third winning “streak” of the season for the Illini to go with the six straight games they won to start the year and the back to back victories against Missouri and Grand Canyon to end December. Today’s game is certainly winnable. If Illinois can get its offense going against Rutgers’ top 15 defense, that’s the game. The Scarlet Knights don’t have an efficient enough offense to keep up. There’s the rub. The Illini have been inconsistent at the offensive end all season. Which group shows up today? (N G prediction record: 16 5)
sale ugg boots Rutgers at Illinois

chestnut short ugg boots Russians will shred minds in midterm elections

adirondack ugg Russians will shred minds in midterm elections

By the time American voters start looking at their congressional options, Russian political strategists will be waiting to unload an electronic flood of and awe that will be incomprehensible for the gullible American electorate.

Everyone involved in building a new voting system that will withstand everything the Russians can design has come with a different theory about the attack. Those dealing with the collection, tabulation and certification of ballots are bracing for widespread manipulation of figures. has a restaurant in Virginia engaged in child trafficking. A man actually appeared with guns to rescue the kids.

About a hundred years ago, educators and social scientists saw a bright future in the spread of educational and charitable institutions. I am glad they didn live through the death of their expectations. The electorate is no more qualified to run a democracy today than it was in 1918. Our lives are consumed by electronics not knowledge, just electronics. My cousin in law told me and that truth.

If the Russian siege were only going to be through electronic equipment, defense against this invasion would be simple. After all, we have as many electronic brains as Russia so we could detect and block their efforts with ease. But that does not help those voters lacking in discernment.

Social scientists look at education as the first line of defense. Well,
chestnut short ugg boots Russians will shred minds in midterm elections
society has been neglecting the civic education of it citizens and there isn time to teach discernment to millions of gullible voters by Nov. 6.

Perhaps one idea worth considering would be the creation of a 24 hour online Truth Central to receive research and provide reports on the validity of fake news. After all, we have a lot of fake newsers in as well as outside the country.

One problem: can we find a creditable institution that a large enough share of the citizen would trust with the news? Certainly, the propaganda channels of MSNBC and Fox news would be dismissed. The president would not tolerate CNN.

I suspect none of the three regular commercial channels would pass muster anymore. The Drunk Cowboy Daily in Billings would probably be acceptable to carry the reports but the page layouts never gets past the Burned Egg to the print shop. A Drunk Cowboy has not been published since 1947.

It is sad when we have to admit that distrust has seeped so deep in our society that our major news sources cannot be used to correct falsehoods.

Most interest groups with publications have vested interests so most of them may be dismissed. The only one organization acceptable for standing as the pillar of truth in the 2016 election is the American research based performance management consulting company known mostly for its reliable polling, the George Gallup organization.

With 90 years of untarnished performance, the Gallup people would appreciate the limitations of data, discretion in handling information, and responsible reporting.

Exposure of Russian rumors looks like the most effective strategy short of shutting the internet down for four months. Better solutions are welcome but never fly without a strut in one hand.
chestnut short ugg boots Russians will shred minds in midterm elections

ugg nubuck Russell Wilson’s baseball rights traded to the New York Yankees

cheap uggs for sale uk Russell Wilson’s baseball rights traded to the New York Yankees

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Home Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior Living

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ugg nubuck Russell Wilson's baseball rights traded to the New York Yankees