ugg australia kensington How Delaware is dealing with the hustle and bustle of last

ugg summer boots How Delaware is dealing with the hustle and bustle of last

With Christmas just around the corner and the chance to get the perfect gift dwindling, thousands are running to the Christiana Mall and Cabela’s for some last minute shopping.

But, what’s on everyone’s shopping list?

Cabela’s store manager,Cornell Randolph,said so far this holiday season, anything Yeti has been flyingoff the shelves. They had to get a whole new shipment in order to keep up with the demand.

“[Other] hot items would be gloves, hats, socks,and slippers, [which] are all at the top of the list,” said Randolph

Besides the essentials, Delaware’s top last minute gifts includedfishing equipment, Uggs, iPhones, home decor, and, of course, everyone’s go to:the gift card.

Bobby Williams said when he shops,he looks to cross many different thingsoff his list at once.

“Well, [I’m buying] fishing stuff,
ugg australia kensington How Delaware is dealing with the hustle and bustle of last
dog stuff, things to shoot with on New Year’s Day, and hearing protection,” said Bobby Williams. “We got a little bit of everything.”

James Hughsaid it’s all about tracking down the best deals of the year.”Absolutely, 60 percent, 50 percent, 30 percent off is the lowest that we have found [and are] going after,” said Hugh.

Morgan McCallum said this year, they will be welcoming a new member to the family, so she is out making sure they have all the essentials to go with it.

“I’m shopping for my daughter, [and getting her] toys, dress up stuff, and she is getting a dog, but doesn’t know yet,so we are out getting some dog stuff too,” said Morgan McCallum.

Lastly, some shopping tips:wear comfortable shoes, be ready to maneuver throughmassive crowds, but remember it is all in the spirit of the holidays, so good luck and Happy Holidays!
ugg australia kensington How Delaware is dealing with the hustle and bustle of last

very ugg boots How Counterfeit Items Could Be Putting You and Your Family at Risk Video

boots ugg How Counterfeit Items Could Be Putting You and Your Family at Risk Video

“20/20” continues, with David Muir. Reporter: Tonight, “20/20” takes you to one of several secret locations all over this country. Last year, over 23,000 seizures. Reporter: Where boxes they deem suspicious are pulled off planes, trains, cargo ships, and brought here where customs and border protection agents are ready. “20/20” is allowed in. David. Reporter: Nice to meet you. Inside this building in Newark, New Jersey. 30 minutes outside New York City, we see them. We’re about to fly you right over the mountain of boxes. Stacked four, five boxes high. Inside, investigators say countless counterfeits. As I stand here, I mean, look at the boxes. I mean, it almost seems overwhelming. Well over 25 million every year. Reporter: But right here tonight, you’re about to see the tricks revealed. Car parts. Smart phones. Your clothing. Right down to the real ingredients in that counterfeit make up. Many of these products end up in medicine cabinets in homes across America. Exactly right, David. Reporter: This looks exactly like the crest you’d get at the supermarket. At a glance it looks like the real thing, but it’s counterfeit. We have found trace quantities of antifreeze. Reporter: Where is this toothpaste coming from? China. Reporter: And it’s money on American products going straight to the Chinese. Exactly, right. Reporter: And tonight, the number one piece of advice they say, if you’re buying toothpaste or another product at a deep, deep discount then you should always beware. Then he shows us the “Made in America” jeans. So these are supposed to be “True religion?” Yes. Reporter: These are the real thing? No, these are not. From China. Reporter: And look at the trick revealed with these boots. Non descript, generic brand, mega gear. Reporter: But we notice something. On the sole of the boot, a rubber piece added to hide something. This one piece affixed right here, but if you peel that away, you’ll see that it has the timberland brand underneath. Reporter: They were just hoping to get it here, rip off that piece of rubber, and sell it as the real thing. So once they arrive at the store, they can take this off? Exactly. Reporter: And sell it as a timberland boot. The agents are going box by box. They allow us to start opening, too. I mean, this is hours of them opening up boxes here. It is. Reporter: And you don’t know what chemicals have been used in the making of this product? Exactly. Reporter: Meantime tonight, 1,200 miles away in a building in Miami, they’re ripping through boxes too, and they notice something. It’s empty? Yeah, it’s empty. Reporter: Boxes for car parts shipped with nothing in them, and that’s the point. This is a trick box. Sometimes they’ll do that, and then send the actual pieces separate. Reporter: And another trick revealed as our cameras roll. Look at the smartphones. The fake trademark they were hoping to hide from border patrol. So I’m going to go ahead and peel it off, and that’s the brand name they’re trying to hide. And where do these knock offs end up? Investigators say stores like the one they’re about to bust, as our cameras roll. Homeland security agents on the move. We’re in New York City’s little Italy neighborhood. Right away, investigators see counterfeit ugg boots, and a secret room hidden by scarves. Filled with counterfeit Michael kors and Tory Burch bags. The more expensive fakes where you might least expect them. The bathroom. The fake Chanel bags hanging right over the toilet, and when the counterfeit bags come in, investigators say the counterfeit logo isn’t even on them. They snap it on and make the sale. Chanel. They just pop off the little metal things on somebody’s handbags and this makes them counterfeit. Reporter: In Los Angeles, a patch sewn on to fool the border agents. They were hiding a trademark north face mark. Reporter: A Louis Vuitton bag. Wrapped in a disguise. And another trick. It looks like a no name brand headphone. Reporter: Watch as he pulls the box of fake beats headphones right out of the other box. But handbags and headphones are one thing, helmets are another. Putting your family at risk. Watch as they put the counterfeit helmet to the test. It was cleaved into two pieces, which is a failure for the test. Reporter: The real helmet is not supposed to slice in half. The real specialized helmet on the inside has this. It’s really strong. Reporter: And perhaps more alarming than the bike helmet, what’s going into your family car. Hi, David, we’re the larsons from Folsom, California. I’m bob, this is my wife,
very ugg boots How Counterfeit Items Could Be Putting You and Your Family at Risk Video
Tami. Reporter: The larsons, reaching out to “20/20” and standing in front of their used car they bought, knowing they needed to replace the airbag. But what they didn’t know was that the airbag they bought online was from this guy. The man who owned this home in Indian trail, North Carolina. Who tonight is behind bars. The man accused of selling fake car parts. Reporter: Look at what investigators say they found in igor borehdin’s home. More than 1,500 fake airbags. $60,000 in cash hidden in the walls. Ebay are telling us tonight that they have since tightened their selling policies. We found later, the guy who had sold us the driver’s side airbag had sold us a bum bag. And we’re about to test the airbag they’ve been riding around with. First, they set off a real airbag. And now the airbag that was in the larsons’ car. 2, 1, wow! Shrapnel. Shrapnel, a lot of shrapnel. You would have had a face full of plastic. We have a piece of the air bag cover over here. This is probably about 40 feet from the actual explosion of the airbag. Can you imagine this being in the driver’s face of a car? Reporter: And one last danger tonight. Perhaps already on your face. One we’ve been following for months now. Our team first heading to this discount store, not unlike so many across America. This one right in the heart of New York City, out to buy Mac cosmetics. You guys have good stuff. Reporter: And we take it to the lab. The “20/20” test. Comparing it to the real thing. Dr. Whitney Bowe, a dermatologist, is waiting inside. About to take us through the results. So this is the Mac that we tested? Exactly. Reporter: What did you find? We start with the lead. So the lead was at least five times higher than what you should be allowed? It was an order of magnitude higher than where we should be. Reporter: And then the copper. And think about this number. The fda limit on copper is 100 parts per million, and in the makeup tested, more than 2,000 parts per million. So in this test there is so much copper that there’s no question in your mind there is copper flowing through the blood stream if you use this product. There is free copper flowing through the bloodstream, hurting kidneys, and hurting the liver. Reporter: But the most frightening discovery in that makeup was the beryllium, a category one carcinogen. Beryllium can be a cancer causer. Beryllium is a known carcinogen. Reporter: So we go back to where we bought it. Armed with the results of that makeup test, we’re back at that New York City store where one of our producers bought the makeup. I’m with “20/20” and we’re rolling right now. Our producer remembers this woman selling the makeup. Is this supposed to be real? I don’t know. Reporter: We asked her, does she remember selling the so called Mac product to us? You guys have good stuff. Reporter: Do you remember working with her? I don’t know. Reporter: Do you remember her face? I bought this from you, remember? Reporter: And how does she explain the test results? It’s lead, copper, beryllium. These are cancer causing agents. Oh. Reporter: And we reveal to her what estee lauder, the maker of Mac, told us about this counterfeit product. Mac told us this is not the real thing. They told us they’ve never even sold eye shadow in a box like this. I don’t know, I don’t have any idea. Can I see the paper? Oh, yeah. Reporter: When you see these test results, do you feel badly? Yes, of course. Reporter: You feel badly about it? Mm hmm, yeah, of course. Reporter: And tonight, months after that moment, after that worker told us she felt bad, we go back to see if there are any Mac cosmetics on those shelves. The same saleswoman is talking to our producer. Do you have any brand names or anything? Reporter: No brand names, no counterfeit Mac cosmetics. One small victory for the army of counterfeit investigators who work this every single day. But across the country tonight, back in Los Angeles, where we saw firsthand all of that prescription medication, counterfeit medicine sold in plain sight. We go back nine months after our first visit. Back up those stairs, right up to that apartment door. Hi, how are you? Reporter: Remember, this was where investigators made those arrests, saying they were hiding counterfeit medication in the fish. And I begin by asking, do they have any medicine? They tell us, no medicine here. I then point to all of the fish. Boxes and boxes of it. No, my son, she says. Reporter: And while they tell us there’s no medicine, we are overwhelmed again by the smell of fish. Oh, can you smell the stench? Reporter: Yeah, you can smell it. Right, right. Reporter: And investigators

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.
very ugg boots How Counterfeit Items Could Be Putting You and Your Family at Risk Video

ugg slippers for men uk How can you get a Hatchimal

ugg offers How can you get a Hatchimal

This season’s hottest toy is sold out almost everywhere.

Made by Spinmaster, Hatchimals are interactive stuffed animals you can choose between Pengualas, Draggles, Owlicorns, Burtles or Bearakeets that come inside a colorful speckled egg. The animals come to life inside the egg and then peck their way out with the help of their owner touching the shell. Once out of the egg, the Hatchimal progresses through stages ranging from baby to toddler to child based on how much it’s played with, picking up new skills along the way.

Hatchimals hit the shelves in early October and were soon in short supply. Now, as demand soars ahead of Christmas, the toys are almost impossible to find at retailers and those that are available for purchase through resellers are hundreds of dollars.

Hatchimals are sold through big box stores such as Target, Walmart,
ugg slippers for men uk How can you get a Hatchimal
Toys R Us, as well as online retailer Amazon and through Spinmaster’s website. All of the online sites are sold out, however, and prices through resellers are soaring.

The toy’s regular retail price is about $50. On Thursday, resellers on Amazon were offering Hatchimals for between $199 and $349 each. Prices on ebay ranged from $99 to $300.

When will more Hatchimals be available?

Spinmaster said the response to Hatchimals has been “extraordinary, exceeding all expectations.”

Additional Hatchimals will arrive in stores in November, it said, but it’s anticipated “this inventory will also sell our quickly. We are working on creative solutions to help kids and their parents withstand the wait,” Spinmaster said. “In the interim, some retailers are developing pre sale and/or rain check programs for redemption in January. We will continue to update with program details as they become available.”

Will Walmart have Hatchimals on Black Friday?

Walmart’s Black Friday ad shows a Hatchimal for a discounted price of $48.88. A spokesperson for Walmart told DealNews the store will have a limited quantity of Hatchimals in stock for their Thanksgiving sale.
ugg slippers for men uk How can you get a Hatchimal

newborn uggs how can one accident cause so much chaos

pink ugg boots uk how can one accident cause so much chaos

“It normally takes me about 20 minutes, but today I hit traffic just after Richmond Hill and it was just solid along the Wessex Way. I managed to get off at St Paul’s roundabout and just fought my way through Springbourne and Boscombe.

“I was just shocked as to how one serious accident can bring the town to a standstill. It shows how fragile our road network is.”

Ian O’Connor, chairman of United Taxis, said: “It just caused us utter chaos and made all our jobs run late. Out of 130 cars we only had 10 free and about 80 jobs running late.”

And Wilts Dorset said part of their network was also severely delayed with five of their key routes affected. Some routes faced delays of over an hour.

Commercial manager Nikki Honer said: “Fortunately, as many of our customers are able to access Facebook and Twitter we did our best to keep everyone informed of the situation.”

And Jenni Wilkinson, Yellow Buses’ head of marketing, said: “When an arterial road such as this closes the impact is felt across the network as local traffic looks for alternative routes.

“Services were badly affected for several hours even after the road opened.”

The accident at the centre of the chaos happened on the northbound carriageway just before 6am when a silver Subaru Impreza flipped into a field, rolled several times on to the carriageway and caught alight.

The driver was thrown from the vehicle before it landed on the road and caught alight.

Paramedics assessed him before he was taken to Poole General Hosp ital.

His injuries were described as not life threatening.

Police closed the road at the Cooper Dean roundabout and it was eventually re opened at 9am.

A Dorset Police spokesman said the road closure was necessary to allow the emergency services to deal with the serious incident.

“The seriousness of the inj uries were not known immediately and the injured party had to be assessed at the time.

“We also had to escort the recovery vehicle through the traffic.”

The accident caused widespread traffic chaos with knock on effects on Castle Lane East and West, Holdenhurst Road, King’s Park, Queens Park, Boscombe and surrounding side roads.

Many drivers took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Andy Hunt said: “Brilliant, left my house in Charminster, drove round for two hours and decided to head back home until later.”

Sam Brightwell added: “Gave up trying to get the kid to school. Enjoying a happy morning at home.”

And another wrote: “Why does it take three hours to shift the car? 9am and car still sat in middle of carriageway with nothing on going.”

6am Single vehicle serious but non life threatening accident on northbound carriageway of A338 saw the road closed for three hours. Traffic was backed up to Richmond Hill roundabout and along both lanes of Castle Lane East and West.

8am Charminster Road, at the junction of Charminster Place, was blocked following a two vehicle accident involving a red Renault Clio and black Skoda Fabia. No one was injured.

8.50am A two vehicle accident also happened on the northbound carriageway of the A338 Wessex Way by the Richmond Hill roundabout. One lane was blocked while paramedics tended to one of the drivers at the scene.

8.54am Two vehicles, a Skoda Fabia and a Toyota Yaris, were involved in an accident on Ringwood Road between the Mountbatten Arms roundabout and the Alderney roundabout. No one was injured but the road was partially blocked.
newborn uggs how can one accident cause so much chaos

womans uggs How Bella Hadid Made Yellow Dad Sneakers Look Sexy

uggs ebay How Bella Hadid Made Yellow Dad Sneakers Look Sexy

Despite Bella Hadid’s plunging neckline, all eyes were below her ankles. Since partnering with Nike, the model has amassed a collection, with over 200 pairs, from the brand alone. Her latest pair: velvet Nike low tops.

“I’ve worn sneakers with a gown, with a short dress, a long dress, sweatpants,
womans uggs How Bella Hadid Made Yellow Dad Sneakers Look Sexy
tracksuits, shorts. You could wear them with anything,” the sneaker fanatic told Footwear News.

The self proclaimed sneakerhead is no stranger to taking footwear risks. But this pair of maximal chill shoes further endorses the advent of dad sneakers.

Call it the “ugly sneaker,” “dad trainers” trend or whatever you want, but the off duty supermodel makes it look effortlessly cool. While her shoes may say athleisure, the trendsetter isn’t definitely not just pairing her sneakers with gym clothes.

The risk taker’s adventurous pair of paperbag waist jeans and low cut mustard leotard also made a bold statement while on her route from a SZA concert. Gigi Hadid’s younger sis expertly wove the muted, yellow shade throughout her casual look, even among her accessories.
womans uggs How Bella Hadid Made Yellow Dad Sneakers Look Sexy

ugg repair How a minnow put the boot into a fashion giant

womens ugg kensington boots How a minnow put the boot into a fashion giant

They are as Australian as Rolf Harris, although until a few years ago ugg boots were regarded as dowdy and worn only in the privacy of people’s homes. Then celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow became fans, sales rocketed, and an Australian cottage industry found itself in conflict with the hard nosed world of international fashion.

For decades, local traders used the name “ugg” to describe their product, which legend has it dates back to the days when shearers wrapped sheepskin around their feet to keep warm. Surfers, too, recognised their merits, pulling on the boots when they emerged from the surf.

Then in 2004, at the height of the ugg boot craze, Australian manufacturers most of them small outfits with a handful of workers received letters from an American conglomerate, Deckers Outdoor Corporation, instructing them to stop using the name or face litigation.

Deckers, it emerged, had bought the trademark, and it did not want competition, not even from the likes of Westhaven Industries, a disabled services charity that employs 65 people at its factory in New South Wales.

As disbelief turned to defiance, local companies banded together to fight the legal challenge. It was a David and Goliath battle that, in a world buffeted by the chill winds of globalisation, they seemed certain to lose. But some stories have a happy ending, which is why Bronwyn and Bruce McDougall, owners of Perth based Uggs n Rugs, are pinching themselves with delight today.

The McDougalls had appealed to the organisation that regulates trademarks in Australia, claiming that ugg originally an abbreviation of ugly, so it is believed was a generic term. Yesterday they received the news that the regulator, IP Australia, agreed. The name is to be removed from the register of trademarks. Local manufacturers can once again call their boots uggs.

Mrs McDougall said she and her husband were thrilled. “This is a moral victory for all Australians,” she said.

There was elation, too, in the town of Maitland, 100 miles north of Sydney, where the Mortel family has been producing ugg boots for nearly 50 years. Frank Mortel, now 73, set up a tiny sheepskin factory after emigrating from Holland in 1958, bringing with him a few sewing machines.

Descended from six generations of orthopaedic boot makers, he made his first pair of fur lined slippers for his wife, Rita, who had complained of cold feet. He then began to manufacture the slippers and boots commercially. “We called them uggs from the start,” said Mr Mortel, who believes that Deckers was “trying to frighten people off”.

His son, Tony, who runs the family’s factory, turning out 16,000 pairs of fur lined boots a year, agrees. “People around the world know them as uggs,” he says.

So how did a quintessentially Australian product end up being hijacked by a corporation based in Santa Barbara, California? To understand it, you have to go back 35 years.

In 1971, a local surf champion, Shane Steadman, decided to capitalise on the popularity of uggs among Australian and visiting US wave riders. He began selling the boots and registered the name. Then in 1979, Brian Smith, another Australian surfer with a sharp business eye, went to New York with a few pairs in his rucksack. He set up a company, Ugg Holdings Inc, registered the Ugg trademark in 25 countries and sold out to Deckers in 1995.

As far as the American company was concerned, it now owned the ugg boot, and in 1999 it sent out a flurry of warning letters to Australian traders. It did not, however, follow them up. According to Middletons, the Melbourne law firm that represents Deckers, it was only when the Australians began selling uggs over the internet to meet soaring international demand that it felt obliged to crack down.

In the meantime, of course, uggs had made the transition from fashion crime to fashion icon. They were being seen on the streets of Paris and Beverly Hills,
ugg repair How a minnow put the boot into a fashion giant
worn by the likes of Kate Moss, Madonna and Pamela Anderson. Waiting lists swelled as consumers clamoured for a pair. No longer made just in boring styles and only in tan, they were now being produced in pale pink, denim and lavender, some of them embroidered, others trimmed with lace.

With supply unable to meet demand, many shoppers looked online, and found the likes of Uggs n Rugs and Blue Mountains Ugg Boots. That was anathema to Deckers, which marketed the boots through the UGG Australia brand.

In early 2004, in the middle of the European winter, Deckers sent letters to 20 Australian firms, informing them that it owned all rights to Ugg and ordering them to stop using it.

Tony Mortel “just laughed. I thought they were crazy. I threw it in the bin”. But soon afterwards, at the instigation of Deckers, Mortels Sheepskin Factory was ejected from eBay, the internet auction site where it had been selling uggs to American shoppers. It was ordered by Icann, the internet regulatory body, to stop using ugg in its domain name.

Mr Mortel was furious. The demand for him to renounce the ugg name, without compensation, amounted to “borderline monopolisation”, he says.

At Westhaven Industries, based in Dubbo, NSW, the general manager, Gordon Tindall, was similarly outraged. Uggs were the charity’s most profitable product and, without them, the business would not survive. Westhaven employs the likes of Dougie Stewart, who has been making the boots for 30 years.

In the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Brian Iverson, whose family has made uggs for three generations, was horrified by the letter. “Uggs are as Australian as the Harbour Bridge,” he says.

The manufacturers decided to unite under the banner of the Ugg Boot Footwear Association, and set up a fighting fund. The thrust of their argument was that Brian Smith, the surfer, was awarded the trademarks in error, because ugg was a generic term, meaning a flat heeled, pull on sheepskin boot.

Mr Tindall believes that ugg is “as generic as meat pie or tomato sauce”, and says of Deckers: “It’s like Ford Motor Company claiming that they own the word ‘sedan’.” Mr Iverson uses a similar metaphor. “It’s like saying you can’t call a car a car.”

The Australian firms decided to try to have the trademarks rescinded, in Australia at least. Their only other option was to give up and go under for without the name ugg, they believed, they could not sell their boots.

Now they have been vindicated by the trademark body’s decision. Ian Thompson, the officer who heard the case, said “the evidence overwhelmingly supports the proposition that the terms (ugg, ugh and ug boots) are interchangeably used to describe a specific style of sheepskin boot and are the first and most natural way in which to describe these goods”.

The ruling may be challenged by Deckers, and applies only to Australia. The company still owns the trademark in other jurisdictions including the US, which means that Australian manufacturers are unable to sell in that country.

David Stewart, lawyer for the McDougalls, said it was possible that the decision would have “some sort of domino effect”. Past attempts to have the trademark removed from the US register had failed because the courts had not been convinced that ugg was a generic term in Australia, he said. A future challenge might be more successful.

Deckers did not react to yesterday’s ruling. But in the past its lawyers, Middletons, have objected to the portrayal of it as “some big, bad, aggressive American company that likes squashing small businesses”. Tony Watson, a Middletons partner, said it was Deckers that had transformed the boots into a high fashion item, spending $7m (4m) on marketing and sending them to celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey. It was naturally reluctant to see others reaping the benefit.

But, according to Mr Mortel, Australian manufacturers worked hard for decades to market uggs, only to see the name appropriated. His firm and others had long been exporting to the US and elsewhere, he said. “Between us, we must have spent far more than Deckers on marketing.”

The main challenge now facing Deckers may not be the trademark decision, which gives local companies free rein to sell ugg boots within Australia. It may be the fact that demand for ugg boots is drying up, as the fickle fashion world looks for the next footwear trend.
ugg repair How a minnow put the boot into a fashion giant

ugg trainers women Houston City Council lowers property tax rate

ugg boot slippers Houston City Council lowers property tax rate

On Wednesday, Houston City Council members went against Mayor Sylvester Turner wishes and voted to slightly lower the city’s tax rate to stay within the voter approved property tax revenue cap.

Council voted 15 2, with Mayor Turner and Mayor Pro Tem Ellen Cohen voting no, to lower the city property tax rate from $0.586420 to $0.584210 per $100 valuation.

Councilmember Mike Knox, who introduced the substitute proposal, called the vote victory for taxpayers.” However, Mayor Turner worried the vote could cost the city in the long run.

The debate leading up to the vote included heated arguments over transparency between Mayor Turner and City Controller Chris Brown and Vice Mayor Pro Tem Jerry Davis walking out of the chambers following a tweet by a mayoral staffer criticizing the vote.

is where the division lies within the city of Houston, Davis said.

tax creep, we got to stop it, said Brenda Stardig, councilmember for District A.

think this comes across as another middle finger to people, and I don think they going to appreciate it, said Greg Travis, councilmember for District G.

Because so many homes got higher appraisals before Harvey,
ugg trainers women Houston City Council lowers property tax rate
about $7.8 million more of Houstonians property tax money would still be headed for city coffers next year, even at that same tax rate.

seems like what we doing here is trying to use a technicality to get around the revenue cap when people just want to get into their homes, Travis said.

Alan Bernstein, Mayor Turner Communications Director, says keeping the tax rate flat would have cost someone with a $225,000 home about $7 extra in the upcoming year, or roughly $0.60 per month or $0.02 per day.

Councilmembers expressed frustration saying they had not been briefed on the proposal earlier.

unfortunate that we been put into a position that if we do nothing, the default will automatically exist where we maintain the rate from last year, said councilmember Mike Laster of District K, referring to a Friday deadline to make changes.

Mayor Turner said he is allowed to increase the revenue cap following a disaster declaration and said the same thing was done after the Memorial Day 2015 and Tax Day 2016 floods. He expressed concern that not only will the cash strapped city now have less money for public safety and fleet vehicles, but also that it could hurt their chances of getting more money to cover $1.2 billion in Harvey recovery costs.

vote that we made today was not in the best interest of the city of Houston, Turner said. am constantly saying to FEMA: need those reimbursements, we need the advances, and we need them now. It just sends the wrong message if you lowering your tax rate when you in the midst of the recovery. the vote,
ugg trainers women Houston City Council lowers property tax rate
the mayor announced the city has bought more than $7 million worth of new fire vehicles and nearly $9 million in police vehicles. He expects those should be delivered by the end of January.

ugg bailey Houston Chronicle

ugg wedges Houston Chronicle

LawsonJ. Bryan Lawson Our Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather and your friend, J. Bryan Lawson died Thursday, April 7, 2011, in Beaumont, Texas. Daddy was ninety two years old and some change. He was born June 29, 1918, at his Maternal Grandparent’s home in the Houston Heights, to Helen Timmerman Lawson and J. Bryan Lawson Sr. The birth certificate listed his Father’s occupation as Soldier and address as AEF Company C, 21st Engineers. Daddy was raised in Houston Heights on 927 Courtland and had his secondary education at Harvard Elementary, Hamilton Jr. High and Reagan High School, Class of 1937. Daddy left Reagan for Texas A College in the Spring of 1937 with his high school friend and future college roommate Boyce Good. Hayes and Hulen Marshall. Daddy’s Outfit was “D” Battery Field Artillery. After graduation in 1941 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant and became a pilot in the Army Air Corps. Names that come to mind are Wilma K. Hayes, Sybil Cain Hayes, Freeman Bokencamp, who was killed in Philippines 1945, Jack Seale, who was killed in Poleski raid 1943, Harry “Ugg” Jefferson, Helen Bess, Maurice Holdgraf, Johnny Coskey, Willard Plentl, Helen Gani, Dorothy Gani, Charlene George and Mary Francis Moon. Daddy went to school, played football and basketball, partied and drank beer and tended bar at the Aragon Ballroom where he also occasionally ran betting slips around town. Daddy also enjoyed his very close friends from Armco Steel. Some of these were Hulen Marshall, Wray Parnell, Mary Francis Moon Palmer, Merle Walker, Malcolm Cesseaux, Pat McCrory, Gene Hamrick and Terry Moffit. Several overlapped from Reagan and Texas A would be remiss if we did not congratulate AK Steel for honoring its pension obligations for 33 years. Bryan Lawson, Jr. In 1964, he married Helen Jeanne Hopkins and inherited her daughter, Debra Board Brazle. Daddy was predeceased by his parents and his wife Jeanne who died in 2005. After Jeanne’s death, Daddy moved from their retirement home in Canyon Lake to Beaumont. He is survived by children, Susan Daniel and her husband, Jerry, J. Bryan Lawson, Jr. and his wife Holly and Debra Brazle and her husband Ken. Susan’s daughter, Lisa Ackley and her husband Ray; Bryan’s children, Melissa Dickerson and her husband Mike, Jeffrey Bryan and his wife Heather and Kimberly Jeffcoat and her husband Jon. Debbie’s daughters, Leah and Lane. Daddy is also survived by grandson, David Daniels. Finally the prize of a long, well lived life are the great grandchildren, Griffin Ackley, Josephine Ackley, Jacob Dickerson, Cullen Dickerson, Katelyn Dickerson, Erin Jeffcoat, Jon Jeffcoat, Jr. and Lainey Jeffcoat who is due in July. Daddy loved his family and was an outstanding father, grandfather and great grandfather. He took his grandchildren on various trips and picked up the Dickerson Kids at Regina Howell for three years until he was 90 years old. Daddy lived by himself, drove and was completely independent until the last three weeks of his life. Daddy lived a full and happy life from start to finish and pretty much did it his way. He was loved and respected by his children and adored by his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Does not get any better!Daddy was cremated and his life was celebrated at a Family memorial service on April 13, 2011. There will be a graveside ceremony sometime in October 2011 which will be announced in this paper.
ugg bailey Houston Chronicle

uggs uk housing complex allege mismanagement

ugg baby housing complex allege mismanagement

Rain Johnston stands outside the apartment that was her home until just 30 minutes ago, fidgeting with a miniature American flag. The management shut her out, she says, before she could get her medications for a heart condition and knee and spine injuries.

“I feel very depressed,” she tells County Sheriff Deputy Tim Krebs, who has responded to an alert of a suicidal individual at the Rippling River apartment complex in Carmel Valley. She has since struggled to keep the apartment.

Rippling River is government subsidized housing for mentally or physically disabled and elderly persons.

Residents have been complaining about the management for more than two years, according to Susan Leddy, president of the Rippling River Residents Association. But three recent evictions, including Johnston’s, brought those gripes to a louder pitch.

At a residents association meeting June 14, several residents complained about improperly installed oven hoods and leaky bathroom pipes. They alleged management is often short staffed at night and on weekends, sometimes leaving special needs residents locked out or in need of mobility assistance. (The Monterey County Regional Fire District says they’ve responded to 30 calls at Rippling River this year, mostly for fire alarms and assistance for disabled persons.) The stories told over the course of the 45 minute meeting boiled down to a general sense of frustration.

But Marie Tustin, John Stewart’s senior vice president,
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says the Rippling River residents who complain are a vocal minority. “We don’t think we have any maintenance problems,” she says.

As for the evictions, John Stewart’s lawyer, Nathan Benjamin, says the company was left with no other choice. “This is not a decision that is taken lightly. If you [have] someone who is causing disruptions, they have to take [legal action],” he says. “John Stewart Company manages 100,000 units,” she says. “They know about special needs.” She says Rippling River residents seem to feel a greater sense of entitlement than tenants of the other public housing units she oversees.

But Monterey County Supervisor Dave Potter is hoping for resolution.

Espinoza attended the residents association meeting and walked the premises of the apartment complex. Burch’s next hearing is July 9.

For now, Johnston is staying at a friend’s place and has been given permission to collect her belongings from her old apartment. She says she plans to take legal action against John Stewart.

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uggs uk housing complex allege mismanagement
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ugg boots m and m direct House panel backs bill allowing spaceport to shield some records

blue ugg boots uk House panel backs bill allowing spaceport to shield some records

A legislative committee gave its backing Wednesday to a bill that would allow Spaceport America to exempt many of its business dealings from New Mexico’s open records law as the state’s major open government advocacy group dropped its opposition to the measure.

Administrators at the publicly owned facility, which cost more than $200 million to construct, have been pushing for the legislation, arguing the bill would allow the spaceport to attract more aerospace companies to New Mexico from a highly competitive and secretive industry.

And while critics had argued the measure would diminish the public’s oversight of the facility, the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government said it would not oppose a revised version of the bill put forward by a top Republican lawmaker Wednesday evening.

“It’s a very difficult balance,” Rep. Nate Gentry, R Albuquerque, told the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday evening, summing up how lawmakers have been torn this session between arguments for transparency and arguments that the facility already has cost the state too much money to pass up any opportunity to attract business.

As a public agency, Spaceport America’s own finances will still be audited.

But the version of Senate Bill 98 approved by the House Judiciary Committee would exempt from New Mexico’s open records law “proprietary technical or business information” as well as “information that is related to the possible relocation, expansion or operations of [Spaceport America’s] aerospace customers.”

To keep their information private, those companies would have to demonstrate “based on specific factual evidence, that disclosure of the information would cause substantial harm.”

Gentry argued this would set a higher bar for the spaceport to withhold information under the Inspection of Public Records Act.

Spaceport America CEO Dan Hicks said after the committee meeting that he believes the bill could still allow the facility to exempt from the open records law information such as leases and the identities of companies doing business.

Critics had held up both, however, as examples of information the public is entitled to get in assessing the value of what has amounted to a multimillion dollar investment by taxpayers.

The House Judiciary Committee passed the measure to the House floor Wednesday night without opposition and with little debate.

And Hicks said the bill would be a boost to the facility. He pointed to other states that have opened spaceports in recent years.

“I think there are a lot of companies that might have gone to Virginia, California, Georgia or Texas that will consider [New Mexico],” Hicks said after the vote Wednesday.

Spaceport America opened in 2011 as a hub for space tourism, where wealthy adventurers would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for flights toward the heavens. But those flights have yet to take off.

Meanwhile, residents of Doa Ana and Sierra counties are still paying off the facility through a gross receipts tax.

The space industry has been booming, even if space tourism is not.

And spaceport administrators have pushed in recent years for additional funds to expand the facility and for exemptions from the state’s open records law, arguing both are needed to attract aerospace companies in a highly competitive industry.

Lawmakers have said the facility is on the verge of drawing major investors that would make it worthwhile to spend additional funds on the spaceport and bend the open records laws that typically apply to public agencies.

The Senate approved the bill 35 5. The House has yet to vote on the bill, however, and it will have to go back to the Senate for another vote.

Still, support for the measure marks a contrast to previous years, in which one lawmaker even proposed selling the facility.

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ugg boots m and m direct House panel backs bill allowing spaceport to shield some records