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On Monday, jurors got a look at what it was like for Gaines’ family.

Gaines’ father, Ryan Gaines Sr., is a plaintiff in the case who is represented by attorney Landon White. Under direct examination, White asked Ryan Gaines Sr., a disabled Navy veteran, where he was during a daylong armed standoff between his daughter and county SWAT officers outside her Randallstown apartment.

Ryan Gaines Sr. said the family was gathered at a nearby church, where officers kept reassuring them, saying, “That this is all some type of misunderstanding . that they weren’t even there for my daughter.”

Gasps came from some in the courtroom during an exchange between the attorney and Ryan Gaines Sr.

White: “How did you find out about her death?”

Ryan Gaines Sr.: “I got tired of being in that little room, in the church and sitting in those little chairs, so I walked outside and ran into a reporter.

The reporter soon realized that Ryan Gaines Sr. didn’t know his daughter had been shot and killed by police.

Ryan Gaines Sr.: “He said, ‘Mr. Gaines, the ambulance is on the way to the hospital. The police are all leaving. It’s over, sir.’ And I went back and told them, ‘It’s over. Korryn is on her way to the morgue.'”

Testimony from a ballistics expert hired by Baltimore County to defend in the case said that the first shot fired killed Gaines and wounded her son.

Gaines’ cousin, Creo Brady, also testified Monday, saying that Officer Royce Ruby said he fired the fatal shot: “Ruby stepped up and said, ‘I was hot, I was frustrated, I’d been out there all day’ . and (Officer Ruby) proceeded to tell me he wouldn’t sleep for weeks because of this.”

Brady said, “We were given the impression by police from the beginning that Kodi had been shot by his mother. Now we know that is not true.”

breaking 1st shot fired killed Korryn Gaines AND wounded her 5yo son. Testimony from ballistics expert hired by BaCo to defend wrongful death suit by Gaines family
men ugg father testifies in wrongful death trial