ugg boots for kids on sale Female Auburn Students Wearing Uniforms

black ugg Female Auburn Students Wearing Uniforms

PhotosAdd a New PhotoAuburn Flickr PhotosThe Nike shorts are the most popular attire for Auburn women on campus. Some students like to sit and count and see how many women walk by with the shorts on. The colors vary; Nike makes them in colors from hot pink to navy blue and brown.

Some girls on campus treat it like a competition, asking each other, how many pair do you have, and what new colors did you buy this summer. Other girls get online to order theirs because they are able to find the newest colors that no one on campus will have yet.

The local Academy Sports and Outdoors store on Bent Creek Road in Auburn discounts the Nike shorts to $24.99 and sometimes they will mark them down as low as $21.99. The price of the shorts may seem a little outrageous to parents who might expect more material and coverage for 25 bucks.

For Auburn girls having these shorts is almost as important as having the cutest dresses for game day, or the newest cell phone to check their Facebook numerous times throughout the day.

Meredith Stinson, a senior majoring in Nutrition said, “I wear them because they are practical for going to class. They are comfortable and I don’t have to run home and change before I go to the gym in the afternoon. I buy them a size bigger than I would normally wear, that’s my only complaint, they are a little too short for my taste.”

Some may ask, if these shorts are so popular during the Summer and the first few months of Fall on campus, what’s the popular thing to wear during the Winter?

These infamous shorts are still the most popular thing to wear on campus during the colder months. There is just one simple requirement,
ugg boots for kids on sale Female Auburn Students Wearing Uniforms
you put on leggings underneath your hot pink, neon blue or green shorts.

Some girls venture as far as to put on their wool Ugg Boots.

Some buy them for their practically, some to be stylish. The Auburn guy’s ironic observations are amusing.

According to Grady Bone, a senior in Building Science, “I think it’s funny when you see girls walking around in Nike shorts, a t shirt and tennis shoes, but they have on all of their make up and their hair is fixed. I always think to myself, ‘must not have been too tough of a workout.'”

The women grasp that the men don’t understand that sometimes certain clothes are not worn for their practicality.

According to Hannah Dykes, a senior in Exercise Science, ” I wear Nike shorts because they are cool, comfortable and I can leave from class and go work out, and everybody has them.”
ugg boots for kids on sale Female Auburn Students Wearing Uniforms