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Ned Norris. This article can be reprinted, used in I was brought up under strict conditions. Bedtime was at a certain rigid time every night. Lights out meant no reading; it meant sleep. It certainly did not include listening to radio broadcasts.

But as a child of thirteen, I discovered the delights of the

crystal set. It was a frustrating affair. The workings of it

have remained a complete mystery. How, I wondered then, could a lump of gray mineral possibly capture radio waves and do so without a battery?

Now, several decades later, the answers are easy to find on the Internet here I quickly discover that crystal sets, and the parts to make them, are readily available today even though they look vastly different from the crude thing I had. In comparison, today’s lookwellpositively modern.

To my amazement, according to Google there are 81,200 pages that contain the phrase “crystal set”. One kit is called the Quaker Oat Box Radio Pack. It contains one roll of 24 gauge hook up wire (100 feet), one germanium diode, one 47,000 ohm resistor, one alligator clip, and one crystal earplug. Sounds just about as basic as my old setbut I don’t remember the other

instructions that come with this kit: “You will need to provide your own antenna wire and oatmeal box.”

The advertised price is $8.95. Do some reverse inflation

calculations and you will know better than I now remember roughly how much I paid for my set back in 1947. Any money I had in those days was ‘earned’ by not spending my lunch money at school, so I know the set I had was dirt cheap.

Radio Shack sells starter kits too. No. 28 178 is a pretty fair starter set. It does work, and some simple modifications will enhance its performance.” When he wrote four years ago, the price was $9.99. After some modifications, which he describes, he was able to listen to New York, Netherlands Antilles,
uggs toddler Crystal Radio Sets are Alive and Kicking
Cuba, Charlotte NC, Chicago, “and a few others”. I remember there was a contact of some sort, and that by moving this minuscule distances across the crystal you could, with much patience, tune in a radio station. Usually, it was faint. Fiddle with the contact and the signal would be lost and found again many times before a signal strong enough to enjoy came in. And it would often disappear in the middle of a show for no obvious reason.

“He aims and fires, but he missesand that was his last bullet. The killer reaches for him, the axe raised in his other hand, and ” fizzle, crackle, silence. Mutter, mutter (the latter being me)!

Now I understand I needed to pay much more attention to installing a good antenna a 50 foot piece of wire outside the house and as high as possible and that I needed a good ground. But as a 13 year old, I simply wanted to listen under the bed covers in the dark to my favorite radio thriller.

It almost didn’t matter what the program was. Each had the compelling signature music, sometimes just single musical notes, the voices with their sense of urgency, the suspense, the climax, the scripting formula. I also remember the screech of car tires in chase scenes. It was pretty gripping stuff for a small boy.

Remember how shoes were always soled in hard leather? Rubber didn’t make enough noise. Doors always squeaked; silent ones would not have been much use on radio. And do I remember correctly that detectives were always men and that secretaries were always women?

Today, when I recall those days long ago, I remember the crystal radio set with its finicky connection that would fade to almost nothing at the crucial point in the story. Then it would come back just as the announcer was saying something like: “So long!
uggs toddler Crystal Radio Sets are Alive and Kicking
See you next week.”

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3DMark Sky Driver is the latest test in the world’s most popular benchmark for measuring the 3D graphics performance of gaming PCs. Sky Diver includes a Demo, two Graphics tests, a Physics test and a Combined test. The Graphics tests measure GPU performance, the Physics test measures CPU performance, and the Combined test stresses both GPU and CPU. The Demo does not affect the score.

Graphics test 1 focuses on tessellation and uses a forward lighting method. Graphics test 2 focuses on pixel processing and uses compute shader based deferred tiled lighting.

The Physics test introduces a new approach that extends the performance range for which the test is relevant. The test runs through four levels of work starting with the lightest and continuing to the heaviest unless the frame rate drops below a minimum threshold. The GPU load is kept as low as possible to ensure that only the CPU is stressed. The test uses the Bullet Open Source Physics Library.

The Combined test contains both graphics workloads and physics simulations to stress the CPU and GPU. The test uses a compute shader based deferred tiled lighting method.
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About the Sportsplex

The Crosslink County Sportsplex is now open for business! It is located at 7407 108th Street, Clairmont, AB. Be sure to visit their Facilities Schedule page to learn about all the services available.

Whether you are looking to drop in for a skate, join a fitness class, keep your child busy, or enroll in one of the many sports leagues offered, the Crosslink County Sportsplex has activities suited for everyone.

Amenities and Services

Trican Fieldhouse 50,000 sq. ft. artificial turf ideal for soccer, lacrosse, football and indoor field sports.

Pat’s Auto Rink Indoor, NHL sized ice arena. Heated seating area.

Chris McMillan Rink Indoor, NHL sized ice arena. Heated seating area.

Happy Trails Track 240 metre, indoor walking and running track which borders the Trican Fieldhouse.

Weyerhaeuser Lobby large sitting area on the main level of the Sportsplex.

Motion Fitness a state of the art fitness facility is for Sportsplex users, and new and existing Motion Fitness users to enjoy. on weekends. For any inquiries, please contact 780 830 3880.

Players Bench Lounge the sit down, fully licensed lounge next to the Front Desk. They offer a full food and beverage menu and service. to close on weekends.

Tito’s Bistro Cafe the food and beverage kiosk is located next to the Trican Fieldhouse. They are open over lunch with other hours of operation ranging. Their menu consists of western, and mediterranean cuisine. There is a sitting area to eat, enjoy and relax.

Ernie’s Sports Experts a retail store also operates on the main floor of the Sportsplex. Ernie’s offers a range of clothing, shoes and sports equipment of renowned and exclusive brands at competitive prices. Their hours of operation range. For more information please call 780 402 2458.

Outdoor Fields the eight fully irrigated athletic outdoor fields opened in 2014.

The impressive 176,043 square foot structure is the largest construction project ever undertaken by the County of Grande Prairie. With the popularity of sports like soccer and hockey on the rise across Canada, and a growing population in the region that includes plenty of young families, the facility is a good fit for present and future needs. The Sportsplex and site will be owned by the County of Grande Prairie and privately operated by Nustadia Recreation Inc., a Calgary based company.
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A video that focused on women rear ends, along with comments such as “Dayum!” and “Humpday!” is causing outrage directed at Blue Ridge CrossFit gym in Arden.

Blue Ridge CrossFit owner Tom Tomlo Jr. said he made the video and added the comments and emoticons over the shots of the women, who are bending over while exercising and wearing tight workout pants. Tomlo posted the video on the gym’s Instagram account Friday, and outrage quickly followed.

A person upset with the video took still shots from it and posted them on Facebook, stating that it was inappropriate. As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 850 people had offered reviews of Blue Ridge CrossFit, dropping the gym’s rating to 1.5 stars out of five and leaving often blistering comments.

While Tomlo contends the video was shot in a sense of fun and with the women’s consent, at least one woman in the video disputes that.

“To me, it disgusting,” said Arden resident Amanda Turlington, who said she’s in the video but did not see it until it was posted to social media on Instagram and a friend alerted her. “Here we have women in a vulnerable position, and what does he do? He takes the opportunity to take video where we’re all inverted and you have no idea what we’re doing, and he takes that when we can’t tell what he’s doing, and then posts that inappropriate video and inappropriate hashtags on the image of our bodies on Instagram for everyone to see.”

More: Work from home mom gets real about fitness: ‘I don’t care if CrossFit will give me abs’

More: CrossFit Games’ decision to award Glock handguns sparks outrage

Turlington said she quit Blue Ridge CrossFit on Tuesday afternoon after meeting with Tomlo. She had been a member since December 2016 and made strong improvements, but what she considers the blatant objectification in the video was too much for her to accept.

The controversy erupted over the weekend, in part because of a profanity laden response Tomlo posted, chastising those who were offended.

“It has been brought to my attention that some people chose to get butt hurt today and make a public post in this group,” Tomlo wrote, suggesting that if members are upset they should schedule a meeting with him to discuss the matter or “find a place that is a better fit for you.”

“Creating some sort of delusional and ignorant drama is not your option here,” Tomlo wrote.

Reaction on Blue Ridge CrossFit’s page was swift and angry.

“The owner is not worthy of having a successful business if he can seem to not objectify women and then defend his poor behavior by calling those who reported the video ‘butt hurt,'” one woman wrote. “Good grief, the owner belongs in a sandbox with the other little kids rather than in a professional business setting.”

Another woman wrote, “I embarrassed this is right here in my community.”

“The pictures were terrible,” she wrote. “It so unfair to do that to somebody when they trying to get healthy. But it not as bad as the response. That response was ridiculous.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Tomlo acknowledged the brouhaha has hurt business,
ugg boots with bows CrossFit owner posts women
even though Blue Ridge CrossFit, which opened in 2009, has also received a lot of support.

“We may be shutting this business now because of a false narrative,” Tomlo said.

Blue Ridge CrossFit, known for intense workouts that combine weightlifting and cardiovascular work, has about 150 members.

Tomlo said he’s been taken aback by the vitriol directed at him and the gym in the wake of the video.

“Honestly, it no different than any of our other posts, in that we have hashtags and jokes,” he said. “I guess the only way I can explain it is, it was a fun day. We were just being goofy.”

That video and other previous ones have had shots of men’s butts in them, and that has caused no problems, Tomlo said.

“We all made mistakes,” she said. “Can we not balance it with the good (Tomlo) has done for us and the community?”

The Citizen Times could not reach her for verification Tuesday afternoon, so her name is being withheld.

The woman went on to say she is “proud to be part of this gym and the health benefits I have gained. One set of pictures does NOT represent me or the gym.”

Turlington said she did sign a release allowing Blue Ridge CrossFit to use images of her working out, but she expected them to be professional and not blatantly sexual in nature, especially not with obviously sexualized comments and inappropriate emoticons on them. She and the other ladies were doing inverted push ups, she says, which require serious upper body strength, but their upper bodies, and their faces, were largely ignored in the video.

“I’m OK with me doing a video and working out and looking strong .,” Turlington said. “What I’m not OK with is it being misconstrued in a sexual way. That what bothers me I’ve gotten so much stronger, and I’ve grown a lot and I’m proud of that, but none of that was showcased in that video. The only thing that was showcased was my body.”

Tomlo said he does regret his word choice in his initial reply to Blue Ridge members, but he’s adamant that he had no intent to objectify or belittle women in the original video. CrossFit members often talk bluntly about body parts, he said, and the gym has a feeling of being family members who can speak freely.
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over the knee uggs Crofton veteran suffering from PTSD pleads guilty in murder of girlfriend

An Iraq War veteran suffering from post traumatic stress disorder pleaded guilty Tuesday to stabbing his girlfriend to death in Crofton last year.

Ryan Hollebon, 39, was charged with first degree murder in the death of Jhalandia Butler, 28, after he stabbed her more than 50 times inside their home in March.

Standing in a green jumpsuit and a white, long sleeved undershirt, Hollebon slunk his head forward and only spoke to answer questions about court procedures as his attorney, Andrew Cochran, entered the Alford plea to the murder charge in Circuit Court.

While the plea hearing itself was uneventful, it marked the end of an investigation into Butler’s murder that revealed Hollebon’s history of drug addiction, his struggles as a returning veteran and the difficulties of handling accusations of domestic violence. There, officers found a bloodied Butler, dead after being stabbed multiple times, Church said.

The two had been involved in an intense altercation, as blood was found in the kitchen and bathroom, with a crack in the sheet rock in the bathroom apparently caused by their fight, he said.

Church said Hollebon stabbed Butler during the fight, but that it had continued throughout the house as she continued to struggle.

He said Hollebon became aware of Butler’s deteriorating condition and “decided to put her out of her misery.” She was found dead with 57 stab and slash wounds, along with evidence of blunt force trauma.

Church added investigators found a bloody cellphone next to Butler’s body, adding it “looks like she attempted to use it at some point.”

Hollebon sat silently as Church described the murder while one woman left the courtroom as he spoke of the way she died.

The case came under scrutiny by State’s Attorney Wes Adams when it was revealed Hollebon had been charged with choking Butler and punching her in the stomach in December 2016, prior to her death.

Adams said last year Butler’s death “might have been prevented” had District Court Judge Thomas V. Miller III not released Hollebon on his own recognizance while facing an assault charge for the December incident.

However, Butler spoke on Hollebon’s behalf at his Dec. 5, 2016 bail review, saying she didn’t want to press charges.

In a recording of the hearing obtained by The Capital, Butler pleaded with the judge to allow him to be released, saying “I do want him to be able to come home today.”

“I had a misunderstanding and it did get too far, but he’s not that type of person and he wouldn’t normally do that type of thing,” she says in the recording.

A spokeswoman for the State’s Attorney’s Office declined to comment.

Butler also spoke of the two’s enrollment in treatment programs at the Martinsburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center in West Virginia. Butler also served in the military.

According to an evaluation of Hollebon by Dr. Neil Blumberg, a Timonium based psychiatrist, Hollebon was enrolled in an inpatient program at the center and was treated for substance abuse as well as mental health issues.

Butler said in December 2016 she was in an outpatient “on the other side of the hospital,” and that the two of them “wouldn’t have any type of contact with each other” if Hollebon was released.

Blumberg wrote the two were released from their treatment programs after they refused to end their relationship while on campus and that the two began to use heroin.

It was not the first time Hollebon was treated for drug addiction, as Blumberg wrote he’d abused Percocet, an opioid painkiller, as well as heroin and crack cocaine since returning from Iraq in 2004.

Blumberg wrote Hollebon attempted to kill himself a few months only after his return home and went through periods where he abused drugs.

At the trial, Hollebon said he suffered from PTSD and had taken antidepressants before the hearing, but said they did not affect his ability to understand the proceedings.

The plea, in which Hollebon maintained his innocence but admitted prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him, upset some in the courtroom.

A small group gathered behind the prosecutors, visibly upset as Cochran read over the details of the Alford plea.

Mason Tunning, 29, who identified himself as the father of Butler’s child, called the plea “disgusting.”

A high profile prosecutor recently tied to a controversial subpoena requesting private information from Annapolis public housing residents resigned this month from the Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney’s Office.
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ugg wedge boots sale Crofton noose verdict likely to have far

The judge set to rule on whether a Pasadena man committed a hate crime when he placed a noose outside a school window in Crofton said Tuesday it “should be a crime” but warned that his ruling could have far reaching consequences.

Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Paul F. Harris Jr. lamented that Maryland law is unclear and called on the General Assembly to explicitly spell out what constitutes a hate crime.

He said that as currently defined in the state, a hate crime must be committed against a “person” and not a group as prosecutors allege, putting the statute at the center of the trial.

“I wonder why our General Assembly has not taken up that issue,” Harris said.

Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney Wes Adams, challenged on what the intent was behind hanging a noose at a public middle school, asked a blunt question to frame his argument.

If someone burns a cross on the lawn of the only home owned by blacks on an all white block, do they have to leave a.

(Phil Davis)

There was no doubt during the two day trial in Annapolis that John Havermann, 19, placed a noose at Crofton Middle School on May 11. with a backpack, a rope tied into a noose and then using a pallet to climb on top of the roof with Prout to hang it.

Prout pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor hate crime without admitting the noose was hung to intimidate African Americans. Havermann pleaded not guilty.

Tuesday, Harris found Havermann guilty of two trespassing charges but put off ruling on misdemeanor hate crime charges until both sides submit written arguments within 14 days. He said he would rule within a week of their filings, but cautioned against expecting any verdict that doesn’t strictly fit the hate crime statute.

“Keep in mind, I can’t rewrite the law,” Harris said. “I have a lot of gray areas here.”

State’s Attorney Wes Adams has argued that Havermann, in committing the crimes of disorderly conduct and disturbing school operations, did so by acting in a way a reasonable person would understand would upset African Americans.

He also focused on the school’s staffing. It is the only one of five schools in a half mile area with a black principal.

And Adams has said that the noose was placed outside the window of a black teacher, even though Havermann and Prout had to pass by several easier to reach locations to hang the noose.

During closing arguments Tuesday, the prosecutor pushed back against arguments that he should have named individuals as Havermann’s victims.

He said a “person” can also be understood in case law to be an “association,” which he argued the black students and faculty at Crofton Middle can be considered. They are a “group of people” who gather for “some special purpose or business.”

“We’re talking about a legal technicality,” Adams said.

Almost five months to the day after he hung a noose outside Crofton Middle School, Conner Prout stood in front of a majority African American crowd Tuesday night and apologized.

“I suppose one person’s legal technicality is another person’s reading of the law,” Putzi said.

Adams had stretched the interpretation of state law, he said, and prosecutors failed to prove any motive or intent on Havermann’s part.

Prosecutors presented a number of black employees at the school to testify about the impact of the noose. Putzi argued that was confusing the effect of the incident with Havermann’s intent. Putzi and the judge have also said the noose could’ve been meant to target Hispanic or Jewish students.

“What proof is there in this situation that African American students were targeted?” Putzi said.

Inside the courtroom, members of local advocacy groups filled the seats as they watched Adams make his closing arguments.

Carl Snowden, leader of the Caucus of African American Leaders in Annapolis and a guest columnist for The Capital, was escorted out of the courtroom after he and Yasmin Jameson, founder of Anne Arundel Indivisible, were confronted by a bailiff for allegedly using their cell phones during the trial.
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ugg boots with zip Crofton noose case absurd battle over statute

A key issue in the hate crime case against a Pasadena man who helped hang a noose at Crofton Middle School is “an absurd battle” over specificity, Anne Arundel’s State’s Attorney says.

Maryland’s hate crime code has been a controversial topic of debate as State’s Attorney Wes Adams has argued that John Havermann, 19, of Pasadena, placed the noose at the school to harass or intimidate its black population.

Adams and Havermann’s defense attorney, David Putzi, have entered their final written arguments before Circuit Court Judge Paul F. Harris Jr. rules on the case. Maryland’s law governing hate crime charges continues to loom over his decision.

Harris’s decision could come as soon as this week.

The judge set to rule on whether a Pasadena man committed a hate crime when he placed a noose outside a school window in Crofton said Tuesday it “should be a crime” but warned that his ruling could have far reaching consequences.

Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Paul F. Harris Jr. lamented.

(Phil Davis)

At no point in the law does it explicitly outline that multiple people can be the victim of a single hate crime using the language “that person” something that Putzi has focused on extensively both at trial and in his filed written arguments.

“Havermann argues that the plain meaning of the statute requires the State to name and prove a specific person who was targeted,” Putzi wrote.

In filing the charges,
ugg australia Crofton noose case absurd battle over statute
prosecutors did not list any individuals at the school as victims, arguing in court it was an indiscriminate act of discrimination against the school’s black students and staff.

Putzi has argued prosecutors would have needed to treat the case similar to a murder trial with multiple victims, which requires that each count of murder against an individual be linked to a named victim. He’s arguing Harris must find Havermann not guilty on all counts except the two trespassing charges.

“The failure of the State to charge a specific victim of the hate crime results in the State failing to charge an offense,” Putzi wrote.

In his written argument, Adams said Putzi’s interpretation is based on “illogical linguistic constraints” and is “absurd.”

In arguing the term “person” can and should be applied to multiple victims, Adams wrote that “limiting the word ‘person’ used on the victim side of this statute would lead to an equally absurd conclusion when applied to the burning of a cross on a black family’s home.”

“Which family member would the Defendant propose was targeted?” he said.

While Harris said he isn’t in a position to rule outside of the statute saying at a hearing this month he “can’t rewrite the law” he has also voiced his reservations over the prospect of hanging a noose at a public place not being interpreted as a crime. He’s also called on the state’s General Assembly to review the law for possible changes.

This sets the stage for a decision that could have far reaching implications for how prosecutors approach potential hate crimes charges in the state.

Prout pleaded guilty to one hate crime charge in October in a unique agreement that sees him avoid prison in favor of community service dictated by local advocacy groups, including the NAACP.

The two have said it was not their intent to intimidate or harass blacks at the school and while Havermann has pleaded guilty to two trespassing charges, he’s fighting all other counts related to the hate crime prosecution.

Prosecutors have pointed to the fact the two chose the only school out of five within a half mile radius with a black principal and hung it outside a black teacher’s classroom,
ugg australia Crofton noose case absurd battle over statute
having to traverse over other courtyards to be able to do so.

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ugg kensington black Crofting Commission

What is misuse and neglect?

“Misuse” is where a crofter (or owner occupier crofter) wilfully and knowingly uses the croft for the purpose other than for cultivation or another purposeful use,or where the croft is put to no such use. “Neglect” is where a crofter (or owner occupier crofter) does not manage the croft in a way which meets the standards of good agricultural and environmental condition referred to in Regulation 4 of the Common Agricultural Policy Schemes (Cross Compliance) (Scotland) Regulations 2004

Crofters and owner occupier crofters must cultivate their crofts or else put them to some other purposeful use. “Cultivate” is essentially agricultural use. This includes “the use of a croft for horticulture or for any purpose of husbandry, including keeping or breeding of livestock, poultry or bees, the growing of fruit, vegetables and the like and the planting of trees and use of the land as woodlands. “Purposeful use” means any planned or managed use which does not adversely affect the croft, the public interest, the interests of the landlord or the use of adjacent land.

Should a tenant apply for approval for purposeful use established prior to 1st October?

Yes, the provision for a tenant to use their croft for a purposeful use, other than cultivation, was introduced by the Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2007. A tenant must apply to the landlord for written consent before putting the croft to such purposeful use. If the landlord does not consent or applies conditions which the tenant feels are unreasonable, the tenant can apply to the Crofting Commission for consent to the proposed use. The croft should not be put to the proposed purposeful use until consent is either obtained from the landlord or (failing that) from the Crofting Commission.

How strictly will the residency limit be applied?

It is a crofters duty to reside within 32km of their croft (as the crow flies) and the Crofting Commission has a duty to enforce this. In doing so, the Commission will provide the person with notice of the need to comply with this duty and give an opportunity to the crofter to provide an undertaking to do so. In this respect, the Commission has no choice but to adhere strictly to the defined distance set out in the legislation. However, before terminating a tenancy or requiring an absent owner to re let the croft, the Commission will investigate the circumstances of the individual case, to be satisfied that such action would be in the interests of the crofting community.

In cases of misuse and neglect what happens if the owner is asked to let? Does the new tenant have full rights?

Where a beach of duties (for example misuse and neglect) by an owner occupier crofter has been established, the Crofting Commission must, unless there is a good reason not to direct the owner occupier crofter to submit to them, a proposal for letting the croft. In response to that Direction, it is open to the owner occupier crofter to apply to let the croft to a tenant with the full rights retained or they can enter into a contract or agreement with the tenant which excludes certain rights. However, certain rights can only be excluded with the agreement of the Scottish Land Court. Where an owner occupier crofter either fails to provide letting proposals in response to a Commission request to do so or the proposals they provide are unacceptable to the Commission, we will invite applications for letting the owner occupied croft and will decide which of the applicants to let the owner occupied croft to. We will also consult with the owner occupier crofter on what conditions should be applied to the let. Where an owner occupied croft has been let on conditions set by the Commission, the owner occupier crofter may apply to the Scottish Land Court for a variation of the conditions set.

Breach of Duty Who can ask the Commission to carry out an investigation of a suspected breach of duty?

The Commission must investigate whether or not a duty is being complied with where we have received: A report from a Grazings Committee that a tenant crofter or owner occupier crofter sharing in the grazings is not complying with a duty relating to residence, not to misuse or neglect, or to cultivate and maintain; or information in writing from a Grazings Committee, a Grazings Constable, an Area Assessor or a member of the crofting community within which the croft which is the subject of the suspected breach is situated.

Could you provide clarification of the respective positions of tenant crofters and owner occupier crofters in terms of duties and enforcement provisions?

Both tenants and owner occupiers have a duty to reside within 20 miles (32 kilometres) of their croft/s; both have a duty not to misuse or neglect their croft/s; both have a duty to cultivate their croft/s or put it to another purposeful use. Only a tenant would have to apply for consent from their landlord, or if they are unable to obtain the landlords consent, the consent of the Commission prior to putting the land to a purposeful use. If following investigation the Commission establish that a breach of duty in relation to residence, misuse or neglect or land use has occurred, the ultimate sanction for a tenant would be the termination of their tenancy. The ultimate sanction for an owner occupier crofter would be the letting of their croft to a tenant crofter. The owner occupier crofter status would then change to landlord of the croft.

When the Land Court issue an Order under Section 5A(2) that a breach of statutory conditions be remedied, do they make provision for monitoring compliance with the order?

We wouldn expect the Court to take any follow up action once an Order has been issued. If the Commission wish to ensure that a breach has been remedied, the onus is on the Commission to take the necessary follow up action

I am considering purchasing/tenanting a croft and propose to make it my main residence. The croft cannot solely support me and I need to work outwith the community. How does this dovetail with crofting regulation?

Tenants and owner occupier crofters are required to comply with a range of duties specified in sections 5AA to C and 19C of the Crofters (Scotland) Act 1993 as amended. There is a duty to be ordinarily resident within 32km of the croft. If the croft is the sole dwelling and the crofters family are resident while the croft is away this would probably be accepted as ordinarily resident. Other circumstances involving other places of residence would require to be assessed individually. In addition to the duty of residence tenants and owner occupier crofters are required to ensure the croft is cultivated, maintained and not neglected or misused.

What are the duties a crofter may be in breach of?

A crofter can be in breach of:Residency duty; Duty not to misuse or neglect the croft; Duty to cultivate and maintain the croft. More information is available under Regulation Crofters Duties.

How does the Commission become involved in a Breach of Duty investigation?

The Commission may initiate investigations itself arising from policy decisions or ministerial directives. The Commission will also carry out investigations in response to reports submitted by specified people or groups.

The Commission can receive notification of a suspected breach of duty from: a grazings committee; a grazings constable; an assessor; a member of the crofting community. If you are not on this list you can submit notification of a suspected breach but we are not obliged to investigate.
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ugg short chestnut Crocs’ billion dollar strategy

uggs boots sale Crocs’ billion dollar strategy

Bedazzled Crocs, yes those Crocs, even made it onto the runway of Christopher Kane. One retailer for the $375 shoe said, “The English designer revisits the shoe that represents the pinnacle of bad taste for some, moulded plastic comfort for others, and adds colored stones. By definition comfortable, and for once on trend.” They are also hideous.

But nonetheless, this is giving fashion consumers all the license they need to ditch the heels. So expect a lot more companies to invest in flats and flatform shoes that are worth the price. True comfort brands, such as Naturalizer, Hush Puppies and the like are currently battling to win over these converts with better styling, better comfort construction and affordable prices.

Bedazzled Crocs, yes those Crocs, even made it onto the runway of Christopher Kane. One retailer for the $375 shoe said, “The English designer revisits the shoe that represents the pinnacle of bad taste for some, moulded plastic comfort for others, and adds colored stones. By definition comfortable, and for once on trend.” They are also hideous.

But nonetheless, this is giving fashion consumers all the license they need to ditch the heels. So expect a lot more companies to invest in flats and flatform shoes that are worth the price. True comfort brands, such as Naturalizer, Hush Puppies and the like are currently battling to win over these converts with better styling, better comfort construction and affordable prices.

Crocs, perhaps the most polarizing shoe of our time, is making a comeback.

The company’s signature foam clog fell out of favor a decade ago, but now it is a star reborn on Twitter and beyond: on the runway, in the pages of Vogue and on feet of people who feel a little funny about it but can no longer resist.

The turnaround is no accident, analysts say, but rather the result of four years of strategic changes, following a $200 million investment by private equity giant Blackstone Group in 2013. Since then, Crocs has closed hundreds of under performing stores, done away with unpopular styles and shifted its focus back to its classic foam clog, which sells for about $35 and accounts for nearly half of the company’s sales.

“The classic clog has re emerged as our hero,” said Terence Reilly, chief marketing officer of Crocs. “Certainly in 2017, there’s been a resurgence.”

Annual sales have exceeded $1 billion for six consecutive years, and profits rose 54 percent in the most recent quarter.

“Crocs is starting to turn itself around, even in these very difficult times,” said Steven Marotta, an analyst for CL King Associates. “This is a company that has successfully gone back to the basics.”

The company has sold more than 300 million pairs of shoes to date. Crocs now come covered in glitter and emblazoned with Minnie Mouse, Spider Man and Batman. The company which markets its shoes as slip resistant and easy to clean has also found a niche among medical and restaurant workers. Its Bistro line, for example,
ugg short chestnut Crocs' billion dollar strategy
includes clogs covered with eggs and bacon, sushi and chili peppers.

“New colors and prints are selling well,” new chief executive Andrew Rees said in an earnings call last month. “We’re striking the right balance of comfort and style, and consumers are responding favorably.”

But that doesn’t mean it’s been an easy slog for Crocs, which has weathered its share of hard times. In March, the company announced it would close 160 stores and bring on a new chief executive after posting a $44.5 million fourth quarter loss.

In recent quarters, the company has become profitable again. Crocs has also benefited, analysts say, from a larger trend toward comfortable and even ugly shoes. Tevas, Uggs and Birkenstocks are all enjoying a resurgence, as shoppers eschew high heels in favor of less glamorous footwear.

And, analysts said, it probably doesn’t hurt that celebrities such as the actress Drew Barrymore and wrestler John Cena have signed on as spokespeople. Crocs have also made three appearances at London Fashion Week in the past year most recently on Monday, when designer Christopher Kane outfitted models in rhinestone encrusted Crocs.

“Now that consumers have gotten very comfortable wearing their athleisure gear, they want to be comfortable all the time,” said Beth Goldstein, a footwear analyst for research firm NPD Group. “At the same time, (Crocs are) now a classic, and classic is cool.”

Crocs, founded 15 years ago in Niwot, Colo., originally marketed its signature clog as a boating shoe. The company found fast success in the early 2000s. Among its customers: Former president George W. Bush, actor Al Pacino and former model Brooke Shields.

But by 2008, Crocs had hit hard times. The country was in recession, and sales plunged. The company lost $185.1 million that year, and laid off roughly 2,000 workers.

“The company’s toast,” Damon Vickers, who manages an investment fund at Nine Points Capital Partners, told The Washington Post in 2009. “They’re zombie ish. They’re dead and they don’t know it.”

But, it seems, Crocs have come back from the dead.

Company executives recently began noticing that people were buying a dozen pairs of clogs at a time, all in the same color. It turned out, they said, that high school and college sporting teams were buying them to wear before and after competitions. Many of those students had worn Crocs as children, and were now rediscovering them.

“Whether or not they’re actually cool well, that’s up for debate,” said Cameron Peebles, chief marketing officer of inMarket. “But our data shows that they’re popular again, especially with the back to school crowd.”
ugg short chestnut Crocs' billion dollar strategy

ugg mens slippers uk critics are overlooking her track record as a strong women

ugg charm boots critics are overlooking her track record as a strong women

Those who wonder why women avoid city politics like the bubonic plague need look no further than the public scourging of Windsor lone female councillor, Jo Anne Gignac, for daring to question a male colleague judgment.

feeling a bit like a pinata, confessed Gignac this week. The 14 year council veteran has faced withering criticism over her motion to have the city integrity commissioner, Bruce Elman, rule on whether Coun. Rino Bortolin violated the council code of conduct in a news story reference to a rape and beating in a downtown alley.

That was mild compared with the social media hammering. The trolls labeled her Cruella de Vil, charged her with conducting a witch hunt at taxpayer expense and accused her of delivering a sleazy low blow in the rape card. Some suggested the issue should have been dealt with behind closed doors, not trotted out for public consumption.

All this because Gignac wanted the air cleared by someone council keeps on retainer for precisely that purpose on how far a councillor can go with the feed my followers online carping that now follows every remotely controversial council decision.

Those of us old enough to recall that vicious daylight rape of a young woman in the Goyeau Street parking garage, a crime that made the structure a female no go zone for many years, know that rape, one of the most incendiary words in the English language, is not something you lob out there to score points.

Like many, I froze, in reading that Oct. 18 story slamming the city funding strategy, when I got to Bortolin lament: I have to continually go back to residents and say there is no money for a $3,000 alley light where that person got beat up and raped last week, it hard. week? Holy crap, I reacted. Where exactly did that happen? Why don we know more? Why are the cops keeping the lid on? This is serious, serious stuff.

Now we told by folks infinitely smarter than us, like University of Windsor political scientist Lydia Miljan that it was obvious Bortolin was not referring to an actual event, but using hyperbole to make a point. was exaggerating for rhetorical effect. But when I see in print I don see hyperbole. I don see rhetoric. I see a shocking crime. I took Bortolin quote literally and so did everyone I spoken with. My kneejerk reaction was to wonder how many more area residents will make a mental note to avoid downtown.

Bortolin online apology, to my eyes, read more like a trial run of his 2018 campaign speech. I have been wiser with my words? Yes. I apologize for the lack of clarity and poor choice of words. That was it, his terse mea culpa, tucked in the middle of a rant about his frustration with council priorities. Bortolin evidently didn spend much time at remorse school.

Gignac is a tough, no nonsense individual with a thick skin. But she was incensed to read the comments by Pat Papadeas, a lawyer, radio host and influential area Liberal, that she has never seen Gignac advocate for women issues in the past.

has a heck of a lot of nerve, fumed Gignac. about walking the walk, not talking the talk, said the school parent council founder who in 1988 became the first female chairperson in the history of the Windsor separate school board while raising two young kids.

don march a lot. My marching days were back in the 1960s, said Gignac. But she believes she been a strong women advocate over the decades and would like to think she a good role model for women contemplating entering politics. I can think of a better one.

Gignac real crime, of course, is that she ran for the Harper Conservatives in 2015 and that makes her Public Enemy No. 1 in the eyes of pretty much everyone on the left here.

Chill. Let the integrity commissioner do his job and hopefully it will bring clarity on the rules of conduct that will benefit all councillors.
ugg mens slippers uk critics are overlooking her track record as a strong women