ugg slippers clearance Couch Slouch shares excerpts from Tom Brady’s off

ugg slippers for men uk Couch Slouch shares excerpts from Tom Brady’s off

Tom Brady, in the midst of his involuntary month long NFL sabbatical, is notorious for being a busy bee, so he has filled his idle moments by writing a journal. Whatever happened to Jerry Glanville?

1:33: Garoppolo actually throws a nice ball, for a backup.

1:52: I want to get back out there, but this Red Zone Channel is the bomb.

2:15: Got to leave in five minutes to meet Rob Ninkovich for our newly traditional Dave Busters weekend outing. Too many tickets, too little time.

2:16: Ninkovich gets suspended four games for a banned substance and I get docked four games for uh, what was I suspended for again?

2:47: Ninkovich is a beast in Pac Man, Fishbowl Frenzy, Candy Crush Saga and Star Wars Battle Pod, but he can’t touch me in Dance Dance Revolution.

3:01: Gronk’s got my back he’s been sticking pins in a Garoppolo voodoo doll; just got a text that the kid sprained his shoulder.

4:34: Damn, Whole Foods is out of grass fed organic duck.

4:42: When I go to CVS to pick up green tea for Gisele, I love the look the clerk gives me if I’m wearing one of my “FREE BRADY” T shirts.

4:50: Called Ben Affleck to give him the business again about “Gigli” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

5:19: I don’t care if I’m free every weekday morning this month, I’m not driving the kids to school any more.

5:24: They say “don’t get high on your own supply,
ugg slippers clearance Couch Slouch shares excerpts from Tom Brady's off
” but I love eating TB12 vegan snacks.

5:30: If your brother in law were Kevin Youkilis, you’d let his calls go to voice mail, too.

5:43: Might go Mohawk when I visit my hair stylist tomorrow.

6:02: Overheard Gisele on the phone with Lloyd Carr planning my surprise 40th birthday party for next summer.

6:27: Unofficially, I really don’t have a horse in this race, but if Donald Trump wins, I’ll be rocking my blue tux to the inaugural ball in January.

7:25: Memo to Tim Tebow: I was drafted by the Montreal Expos in 1995, so next time you hold an open workout, call me so you’re not completely wasting MLB teams’ time.

7:31: Just thumbed through Gisele’s coffee table book a bunch of photos, for $700. That’s right, seven bills. You go, girl!

7:32: If you want the recipe for sweet potato gnocchi with escarole, you’ve got to buy my book only $200. Plus, unlike Gisele’s picture book, there’s text.
ugg slippers clearance Couch Slouch shares excerpts from Tom Brady's off