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Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third party content provider. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. With a focus on effortless style, affordability and a pop of pastel seasonal hues, the brand new “Blooming Colors” Collection featuring the BG169R is here to liven up spring accessories for budding fashionistas everywhere.The new BG169R comes in two colorways; BG169R 3 in a cool shade of Mint Green and BG169R 4C in a Pastel Pink. Both feature classic BABY G functionality, including water resistance (up to 200 meters) and shock resistant capabilities. Additionally, each timepiece is equipped with World Time functionality and a helpful EL Backlight perfect for vibrant spring adventures that reflect the cool colors of each new watch.”The Blooming Colors Collection blends the best of BABY G functionality with fresh spring style,” said David Johnson, Vice President of Casio Timepiece Division. “The BG169R offers a fun way for the BABY G consumer to combine fashion and function in her warm weather journeys.”About BABY GCasio female timepiece brand, BABY G, was created as a counterpart to its “big brother” G SHOCK in 1994. The brand exemplifies the meeting of fashion and function for the vibrant, active woman with watches that are stylish, bold, tough and chic. Equipped with the same great functionality that G SHOCK is known for, BABY G timepieces are shock and water resistant with multiple daily alarms and stopwatch functions. The brand has partnered with some of the hottest names in music, fashion and pop culture on standout watch collaborations including Ke$ha, Rebecca Minkoff, Joyrich and Married To The Mob.About Casio America, Inc. subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, one of the world leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and business equipments solutions, established in 1957. Casio America, Inc. markets calculators, keyboards, digital cameras, mobile presentation devices, disc title and label printers, watches, cash registers and other consumer electronic products. Casio has strived to realize its corporate creed of “creativity and contribution” through the introduction of innovative and imaginative products.
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Shuffling into Jackson Park on a full moon night that would have had the brassiest of brass monkeys pleading for thermal undies, I experienced one of those rare, priceless is Windsor? moments.

Hearing all the acclaim for Bright Lights Windsor, I had bundled up like the Michelin Man to go see whether the month long spectacle, which wraps up Tuesday night, warrants its heady praise.

The answer, no surprise, is a resounding yes. I expressed concern, when the budget was halved following the post flood public outcry, that this would be a chintzy, rinky dink show that would impress only the youngest toddlers.

Now I understand why young couples chose the glittering light show in and around venerable Queen Elizabeth Gardens to pop the question. There more than a little big city magic in this production and that surely a relief in a city that still lugs around the most debilitating inferiority complex in all of Canada.

Events like this chip away at the city longstanding suspicion that it not up to snuff and shouldn overreach. will never work here has for decades been Windsor unofficial motto. It continues to be a screeching psychological brake on moving forward.

But that changing. More and more we having is Windsor? moments where we rub our eyes in disbelief that the city is doing things from the city parkway triumph over a reluctant province to its successful hosting of the 2016 FINA world swimming championships that involve punching way above our weight.

Mayor Drew Dilkens is chuffed, and rightfully so, over the public heartfelt embrace of Bright Lights. He can go anywhere in this city, from supermarkets to restaurants, without hearing how tickled people are with the event. Some have confided they were vehemently opposed last summer but have seen the light, so to speak.

Dilkens really stuck his neck out on this one. This light show was his baby and when the monsoons inundated thousands of homes in August, just a day after council narrow approval of spending $3 million on the event, it seemed the gods had conspired to deliver him to the guillotine.

The Bright Lights at Jackson Park in Windsor are shown on Jan. 2, 2018.

The timing wasn just terrible. It was lotto odds unbelievable that more than 6,000 homes would be flooded within hours of a council decision that suddenly looked frivolous and indefensible.

The public pressure to back off, stoked by the mayor political foes who couldn believe their good fortune, was overwhelming. It got to some councillors who had voted for the light show. They wanted to capitulate. Throw in the towel and go beg forgiveness from an irate public.

But Dilkens persuaded the wobblers that he could make a powerful point by point case in defence of the city handling of the flood at ward meetings and that,
ugg style boots for less Bright Lights Windsor has some
in time, both the water and the emotions would subside. Row had drawn heaps of praise) and that view would bubble to the surface as the festive season and its contagious spirit of goodwill drew closer.

The reality, of course, is that Windsor needs this. We are a city starved for things to do in the winter so we welcome any diversion, even in a polar deep freeze, that gets us outside.

In much of Canada winter is embraced like an old friend. It the social season. People snowmobile, ski, skate, snow shoe, camp, curl, ice fish. In Ottawa, where I lived for six winters, there a banquet of options, including countless ski trails and the world longest outdoor skating rink.

Here, most winters, we hunker down and wait it out, knowing an early spring is coming, or we flee down I 75 in a frantic hunt for the sun.

Now, thanks to Bright Lights, we have a winter diversion that could evolve, with continued investment and creative ideas,
ugg style boots for less Bright Lights Windsor has some
into a destination attraction.

deckers ugg Bridging the Cycling Gap Between Greenpoint and LIC

ugg bailey button triplet boots Bridging the Cycling Gap Between Greenpoint and LIC

The Pulaski Bridge is not safe for pedestrians, according to members of the two community boards that it connects.

The bridge that crosses Newtown Creek and connects Greenpoint with Long Island City has been the subject of heavy discussion at recent meetings of Brooklyn’s Community Board 1 and Queens’ Community Board 2, namely concerning the lack of a separate bicycle lane on the bridge and the dangerous conditions that are created by forcing cyclists and walkers to share the existing walkway.

The 55 year old, six lane drawbridge has been getting a lot more use over the last ten years, as neighborhoods like Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Long Island City are seeing enormous population booms. The fact that Long Island City is something of a transportation hub, with six subways and a Long Island Railroad station, means more Brooklyn residents are making their way to the neighborhood as part of their daily commute into Manhattan.

Whether by car, bus, bicycle, or the soles of their feet, North Brooklyn residents have been commuting to Long Island City via the Pulaski Bridge, and the influx of commuters has inspired the Queens Department of Transportation to redesign the LIC entrance to the bridge, making it more pedestrian and cyclist friendly with the addition of safer crosswalks and modifications to the traffic patterns.

A public hearing on the proposed changes to the Queens entrance to the bridge brought a number of Brooklynites to a recent Queens meeting asking CB2 to request further improvements to the bridge’s walkway, specifically asking for a separate bicycle lane. The board said that they would continue to work towards that end, but did not want to delay the upcoming construction at the intersection by modifying the plans.

“We don’t want to stop this proposal from being constructed over the next two months,” said CB2 Chairman Joe Conley at a March board meeting. “We are asking for growth into bicycle lanes in the future. We want there to be a long term outlook for the bridge.”

The subject of improvements to the bike lane was brought up again at a meeting of Brooklyn’s CB1. During a report from the Transportation Committee, committee chair Teresa Toro urged the board to request a large scale traffic study of the Pulaski Bridge to coincide with the DOT’s work on the Queens side of the bridge.

“The use of the bridge has changed over the last few years,” said Toro. “The walkway is too crowded, and the roads on the bridge are not used as fully as other bridges over the Newtown Creek.”

She asked the board to request a pedestrian study of the bridge, and suggested that a possible solution would be converting one of its six traffic lanes into a bike lane.

She explained that the timing of the request couldn’t be better, considering the work that was being done on the Queens side of the bridge, and said that by asking for a larger study of the bridge, it could inspire the DOT to “to look at the bridge more holistically instead of seeing it as a Queens side and Brooklyn side.”

The board ultimately decided not to request that the DOT conduct a study of the bridge, reasoning that more information was needed before making a decision on such an important issue. Though the issue was defeated, based on the interest other board members took in the issue and the broad support for improvements to the bridge, it is likely to come up again at future meetings.

During the public comment section of the meeting, Moses Gates, from St. Nicholas Neighborhood Preservation Corporation, further urged support for the conversion of a traffic lane into a bike path.

“This is a plan with no drawbacks,” he said, adding that he had reached out to CB2, the LIC Industrial Business Zone, and local businesses on both sides of the bridge and would return to the board with more information on existing conditions.
deckers ugg Bridging the Cycling Gap Between Greenpoint and LIC

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ugg manchester Brick Mailboxes Outlawed in Medina County

MEDINA, Ohio Mailboxes across northeast Ohio take a pounding from snow plows during the winter.

But a new ordinance in Medina County requires people who live on county maintained roadways and who have brick and mortar enclosures around their mailboxes to get rid of them and replace them with plastic and/or lightweight sheet metal mailboxes.

over a thousand bucks, 50 cents a brick there 32 dollars glass block the electrical wiring, underground cable it was $300 for the copper wire to get out here, said Fredrick.

The county calls mailboxes like Fredrick a hazard to the motoring public, referring to Ohio Revised Code.

Their ordinance says such structures can be deemed an obstruction and be removed in accordance with state law.

a vehicle hits the mailbox the mailbox can generate like a projectile off of the mailbox especially like masonry or steel boxes those things can like go through a windshield, so that is why there have been national standards developed probably over the last 30 years that say mailboxes should be breakaway, said Medina County Engineer Mike Salay.

Fredrick says he was given five days to remove his creation, and when he wasn able to do that the county did it and billed him for the work.

was ten guys and six trucks to move one mailbox, that is quite an operation, said Fredrick.

Fredrick says he is not as upset about the ordinance as he is that so far he seems to be the only one for whom it has been enforced.

Salay says the ordinance has to be universal, but he isn sure yet how the county will go about enforcing it.

will be up to my office and the county commissioners to determine, moving forward, mailboxes, certainly any new construction would conform to these standards existing mailboxes there are several ways we can approach that, said Salay.

The county engineer says the ordinance that Medina County passed closely mirrors ordinances already adopted in other counties.

don think most people realize that if they put something in the roadway that is hazardous to the motoring public they are assuming some pretty severe liability for that too, said Salay, adding don think too many people think about that. Their objective is to put something out there that cant be destroyed well that may be the case but it could cause damage or injury to somebody else. It’s as suggested that owners may be liable for damage to cars, surprise there is an Ohio state law requiring automobile owners to keep control of their vehicles while driving. It’s like saying if you run your car into a brick house the home owner is liable for the driver’s mishap. Frankly Medina is setting a dangerous precedent making home owners responsible for motorist’s accidents. Most people need to be put in a bubble because they can handle daily life. What part of this mailbox is on his property dont people understand. Wait I forgot we dont own our houses and property either you people better start waking up and pull your heads out of your bums before it to late and the government runs every aspect of your lives get a back bone.
mens leather ugg boots Brick Mailboxes Outlawed in Medina County

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Year in School: SeniorWhat type of skates, stick and helmet do you use?: I use 1X skates by Bauer and have always worn Vapor and felt comfortable wearing them since I was a little kid. Right now I am using the Bauer 1N stick. In my eyes, it’s the easiest to flex and has the best feel out of any of the sticks I’ve tried. I don’t have the hardest shot, so I use a big open curve to compliment my passing. For helmet, I use the Bauer ReAct. The whole team wears this helmet and it’s honestly just the best looking one on the market.

There is so much hockey history at St. John’s Prep. What does it mean to you to wear the Eagles’ sweater?: It’s one of the most rewarding honors that I have. Knowing that players like Colin Blackwell, Brian Pinho and Sam Kurker wore the same sweater as me is very humbling; not many kids can say they play at a school that has so much success around its name. Going into my freshman year, I had no idea if I would ever play hockey at St. John’s. Coach (John) Zimini was one of the first guys to really believe in my abilities as a player, and I knew that if I worked hard I would have a spot on the team. Whenever I put on the sweater, I realize that the countless hours of hard work over the summer and through the fall really paid off.

What do you make of the Olympic hockey so far?: After hearing that NHL players would not be allowed to play in the Olympics this year, I definitely was uninterested in the men’s hockey team. Luckily, John McCarthy, a Prep alum, was picked to play on the team and it has been fun to follow his journey. I have also watched a few of the women’s games, and it’s crazy to see how dominant they are. I’m thinking that they will beat Canada in overtime to win the gold.

Your team has worn five different sweaters this season (home, road, alternative, Pete Frates Game and Derek Hines Game). Which one is your favorite?: The Hines Game jersey, hands down. Going into every season, the special jersey games are a constant talk in the locker room. Before the Hines Game I asked our captain, Ryan Farrow, how they were looking, and he claimed they were the best yet. Every captain who designs the jersey says this, but when I saw this year’s had no words. I think the memories of Mr. Hines speaking to us and the significance behind that game just adds to the aura of the jersey as well.

There are a lot of talented ex players on the coaching staff. Which one still has the best skills?: Coach (Kristian) Hanson has the best skills in practice. I’ve never seen someone find a 5 hole like he does, and I love it when he embarrasses our goalies. He still has some good speed and vision, too, when he fills in during line drills, and he’s one of the few guys that make me nervous when they’re coming down on me with the puck. I think he could lace them up and put up some big numbers without missing a beat.

What’s one thing you’ve never been able to accomplish individual in hockey, but would love to before the season is over?: I would love to score a game winner in the playoffs. I feel like everyone has the dream of scoring the deciding goal in a big game, and I can picture it perfectly. I know I’m not an offensive guy, so a nice shot from the point that deflects in somehow,
ugg biker boots Brian Nadeau of St
like Brian Groom’s goal in the Super 8 finals back in 2015, would be ideal. Having a moment like that would be a great way to end my career at the Prep.

To someone who has never been in the Eagles’ hockey locker room, can you describe what that’s like?: We’re extremely lucky to have a team locker room to ourselves. Every player has their own locker donated by a Prep alum (The Kurker Family donated mine), and we have a nice custom stick rack where each player is assigned a spot. In the middle of the room we have a large rug with the Prep logo and our Hines Hat lays on it, which is given to the Player of the Game. The school just added some posters on the walls of past players who were drafted into the NHL like Bobby Carpenter and Colin Blackwell, and it’s always humbling to know that they wore the same sweater that I do. I’d say the most special part to our locker room is the dedicated locker to Derek Hines. We were lucky enough to be given Derek’s Army and Prep hockey helmets as well as his gloves and skates, and they sit as a reminder of what we play for every game.

Which of your teammates takes the most pride in the way he dresses away from the rink?: I’m torn I would say Matt Nardone and Tim Usalis take the most pride in how they dress. Matt is the most flashy dresser on the team; you can always find him checking himself out in the mirror. He wears his lucky Louis Vuitton belt on game day and although it’s a bit much, it works for him. Tim is definitely less flashy and doesn’t just take pride in how he dresses, but how the whole team dresses. He makes sure everyone has a tie on at school and sets the rules on what to wear. I got Uggs for Christmas, which I thought were fine to wear on game days. But Tim made it clear that I should never wear them again.

Do you have any hockey related superstitions?: I have a lot of superstitions on game days. I always wear the same shirt, tie and khakis and drive the same back road to the rink. When I warm up, I have the same playlist of strictly classic rock songs blaring, and I always listen to ‘Baba O’Riley’ by The Who before I put my headphones away. When I tape my stick, I stick the old tape on the glass of the rink until I’m finished, and I put all my gear on in the same order starting with the left side always. Before we step on the ice, Tim, Dave Sacco, Joe Bevere and I all do a quick handshake, and I’m the third to last guy out of the locker room.

Give us a good bus ride story from a trip either to or home from an away game: The best bus ride story came after a road win earlier in the season. After every away game, we always blare a bluetooth speaker in the back of the bus and sing along to some music. Everyone knows that (assistant) coach Dave Hennessey is a big Ed Sheeran fan, so we decided to play some of his music. Although he fought it off at first, we got some head and fist bumps from him and I was laughing the rest of the way home.

What food can’t you live without?: Pasta. Back when I was in elementary school, the highlight of my week would be going to my grandma’s house to eat spaghetti and meatballs. I have pasta at least five times a week, and I’m always searching for it in the school cafeteria.

In your opinion, who’s the best athlete at St. John’s Prep?: Mike Yarin. Mike plays quarterback for the football team, and made the baseball team as a freshman. He’s just one of those guys that is naturally gifted and he could easily play basketball at the Prep, too. I love watching him play football and try to replicate his heart on the ice.

Lastly, it looks like St. John’s Prep has locked up a Super 8 playoff berth. What do you guys need to do to win the whole thing?: I think all we have to do is keep playing how we are. Throughout this season, we’ve been trying to find our identity as a team. I think after the Hines Game, everyone is really fitting into their roles and we’re coming together as one. Our offense has been very productive and we’re creating a lot more quality chances. We have the talent and speed to beat any team in the state,
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and the minute we step on the ice at Tsongas (in Lowell) it will come down to heart and keeping our composure in a big game. I feel like this team has been building to this moment for two years now . and this is our time to win it.

ugg bling boots Brett Pitman determined to prove his Championship credentials

ugg boots classic website review Brett Pitman determined to prove his Championship credentials

BRETT Pitman is confident he can hit the Cherries goal trail and insists he is determined to establish himself as a Championship hotshot at Dean Court.

The 25 year old, Cherries’ leading scorer last term, missed the final chunk of pre season after sustaining a hamstring injury against Spanish giants Real Madrid.

But the prolific striker, who plundered 19 goals in 26 matches to spearhead Cherries’ promotion from League One, has stepped up his bid for full fitness and continued his comeback with a half hour cameo in the defeat at Watford on Saturday.

And after hitting 20 goals across two seasons in the second tier with Bristol City, Pitman is adamant he can make a big impact with Cherries once he regains full match sharpness.

Discussing his injury battle,
ugg bling boots Brett Pitman determined to prove his Championship credentials
the homegrown frontman told the Daily Echo: “It has not been ideal. I am just focusing on getting fit and when the gaffer thinks I am ready to play, I will play.

“My goals to game ratio at Bristol City was pretty strong but I want to establish myself here and play as many games as I can because I am sure I will score goals at this level.

“You can probably get away with playing when you are less than fully fit in League One but, in the Championship, you definitely can’t. Everyone has to be 100 per cent and performing, otherwise you get found out pretty quickly.

“It is a weird league because everyone can beat everyone and I guess that is what makes it so exciting to watch and pretty difficult to play in.”

Meanwhile, the Jersey born forward revealed that the mood in the Cherries camp was good and that the squad had toiled in training to banish the ghost of the 6 1 defeat at Watford last time out.
ugg bling boots Brett Pitman determined to prove his Championship credentials

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Sara Boyns, Workplace Law: Employee disciplinary noticesBy Sara Boyns Workplace Law Q: At a recent meeting with an employee to discuss his performance problems, the employee refused to sign the disciplinary notice. Can I force the employee to sign it? A: Providing verbal and written feedback to employees about their work performance is an important part of managing your staff. My financial adviser recently suggested that I invest in an index annuity. He says the annuity will give me the stock market upside without the downside risk. It almost seems to good to be true. Does that make sense? A. I generally do not recommend indexed annuities. The main problem is that they are expensive and very complicated. I have found that most people who buy them do not understand them. If you don understand an investment, you shouldn buy.By Steven MerrellFinancial Planning6 days agoCartoonist take: March 8, 2018Kathleen Parker: Gun controls and schools: Stop first, parse laterAt least they doing something, which is about the most one can say about Florida proposed gun bill. But doing something and doing something effective are very different animals. State legislators under pressure to something following the murders of 14 students and three staff members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, cobbled together a bill that likely wouldn do much good. Though hearts are in the right place, minds are.By Kathleen ParkerWashington Post1 week agoDavid Sosa: Experience and economics show Cal Am takeover by Public Water Now would be disastrousBy David Sosa California American Water Company supplies drinking water to Monterey and neighboring communities on the Peninsula. The community group Public Water Now is advocating that a government entity take ownership of the Cal Am water system serving these communities. As an economist with more than 25 years of experience in public utilities I can say unequivocally that PWN claim that government ownership will lead to lower water rates is false and misleading. Government. to the Editor, March 7, 2018: Desal commentary omitted costs to Peninsula ratepayersDesal commentary left out costs to ratepayers In a Feb. 15 Herald commentary titled North Monterey County needs desal, Castroville Community Services District General Manager J. Eric Tynan presented a well constructed argument that would be highly persuasive if it were not for its omissions. My husband and I are considering moving into our vacation rental for two years with the plan to sell it after two years to take advantage of the $500,000 capital gain exclusion for principal residences. Can you please explain the rules? A. To pay for the $15.1 billion of housing tax incentives in the Housing Assistance Tax Act of 2008 (the Housing Act), Congress passed several offsetting revenue raisers, including tightening the home sale.
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Jeffrey Williams was outside a home near 80th and Wayne on Tuesday.(AP File Photo)While the Creighton Bluejays play their games in Nebraska, two of their players will be recognizable for the high school basketball community in Kansas City. Mitch Ballock and Tyler Clement played high school basketball in or near the Kansas City metro area. Ballock, a freshman who played basketball at Eudora, is averaging 7 points per game, 2.7 rebounds and 2 assists a game. He was a Top 50 recruit and turned down offers from Missouri, Kansas State and Kansas to .

No shock: Wichita State extends tournament streak to seven seasons

For the seventh straight season, the Wichita State Shockers will play in the NCAA Tournament. The Shockers will take on Marshall this Friday. Wichita State is the fourth seed in the East region. The game will take place in San Diego, CA. Only Kansas, Duke, Michigan State, Gonzaga, Cincinnati and North Carolina have longer active streaks.
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New Haven has won 50 consecutive boys basketball games, a Macomb County record that the Rockets extended with a 76 56 victory over St. Clair in a Class B regional semifinal March 12. The.

George PohlyPuffy Tacos at El Charro Mexican restaurants in Macomb and Oakland counties are going green for St. The streak began in the second game of the 2016 17 season. Here are scores of Rockets games since the start of 2016 .

George PohlyI 94 to close on Detroit east side this weekend for bridge work

Demolition work scheduled for this weekend will have an impact on Macomb County motorists who use Interstate 94 going into and out of downtown Detroit.

Mitch HottsMitch HottsAn all county quartet and a defending state champion provide some of the storylines for the regional phase of the boys basketball tournament.

George PohlySixth grader wins second straight Macomb County Spelling Bee

Brendan Pawlicki shook off potential nerves and correctly spelled 16 words Sunday afternoon to capture .

Jameson CookJameson Cook2 days ago

Lake Shore Henderson thrives under adversity

Pick your cliche. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Whatever doesn kill you makes you stronger.
ugg fluff slippers Breaking News and More

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all newsVIDEO Allegedly Shows New Evidence of US Pilots Intercepting UFOMoD: Russia to Respond if its Military Threatened by Possible US Strike in SyriaTurkish Passenger Jet Reportedly Crashes in Iran, 11 On Board Killed (PHOTO)Moscow Exposes Nusra’s Chemical Attack as US Warns It’s Ready to Act in SyriaPutin Explains How to Stay Cool, What Merkel Sends Him and What He Can’t ForgiveSyrian Army Reportedly Finds Cache of French Weapons in Liberated Eastern GhoutaPutin Reveals How His Helicopter Came Under Fire in ChechnyaLavrov: UK Rejects Russia’s Demand on Granting Access to Skripal Case Docs

Top StoriesLast update: 03:34 14.03.2018

03:34 14.03.2018US’Bloody Gina’ Takes the Reins at CIAGina Haspel, US President Donald Trump’s nominee to become the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency, has been described as “Bloody Gina” by former CIA colleagues for her reputation as the first person chosen to run a black site where the agency could torture alleged al Qaeda militants.

Last update: 05:03 14.03.2018

05:03 14.03.2018USTrump Vows to Boost Up US Nuclear CapabilitiesWASHINGTON (Sputnik) The United States is modernizing its nuclear arsenal because its capabilities must be far superior to any other country, President Donald Trump said in a speech in San Diego, California.

Last update: 07:38 14.03.2018

07:38 14.03.2018USWhite House Prepares Tough Import Restrictions Against China ReportsWASHINGTON (Sputnik) The aides of US President Donald Trump are preparing a tough $30 billion tariffs package on Chinese goods imports, media reported citing sources in the presidential administration.

Last update: 03:45 14.03.2018

03:45 14.03.2018USPresiding Judge: Paul Manafort Faces ‘Very Real Possibility’ of Life in PrisonPaul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman currently facing charges of financial fraud, may spend the rest of his life in prison, according to a Tuesday court filing from the federal judge overseeing his case.

Last update: 07:11 14.03.2018

07:11 14.03.2018OpinionNew US Secretary of State Unlikely to Improve Relations with Russia AnalystsWASHINGTON (Sputnik) President Donald Trump’s decisions to fire Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo will seriously increase global tensions and threatens to drive away many long standing allies of the United States, analysts told Sputnik.

Last update: 22:51 13.03.2018

22:51 13.03.2018ViralUK Porn Star Wants to Shoot Erotic Film With Sex Robot ‘for the Experience’While the idea of having sex with a robot might not fit into everyone’s wavelength, for one porn star it’s an exciting venture.

Last update: 03:32 14.03.2018

03:32 14.03.2018TechNew Hacking Technique Can Steal Info Through PC Speakers and HeadphonesA new technique allows hackers to break into computers via headphones or speakers, even if it the computer is physically disconnected from the internet or any other network.

Last update: 07:51 14.03.2018Highlights2018 General Election in ItalySchool Shooting in Parkland, Florida Kills 17An 148 Crash in Moscow RegionTurkey Starts Operation ‘Olive Branch’ in SyriaIsraeli Attacks on Targets in Syria in February 2018Hot Button Issue: Latest Launches, Nuclear Tests Escalate Korean CrisisTrump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israeli Capital: ConsequencesDowning of Russian Su 25 in SyriaEurope’s Refugee and Migrant CrisisBombings in Austin; Kenya Political Truce; Election Held in Colombia

Colombia’s Disappointing Elections, Political Movements in Africa, Hate Crimes in Austin? the future of the DNC and OJ’s fake confession.
ugg sandals uk Breaking News Analysis