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These heels were literally 6 plus inches tall, the kind I would imagine today on transvestite strippers at a cheap Vegas club. But we (well, me and Baby Spice) wore these dangerous shoe stilts on the streets. One day, I was walking across the Colorado State University campus with my spicy boots when . wait, are you listening to me? Yes, I said Colorado State. Yes. Get over it. No, I am not a Rammie posing as a Boulderite to infiltrate the enemy lines from the inside. (Go Rams.) But no crater. Options swarmed me. It was too far to walk home and change shoes. Too cold to forfeit shoes. Too dramatic of a height difference to leave it. When my efforts to pop off the left sole were in vain, I resorted to my backpack. Rubber bands. And nobody noticed my shoe concoction. I once heard that our greatest joys in life also cause us the greatest pains. This month, I found out the sad news that Andy’s Girl was closing. Which also brought happy news: of a sale. I now have several new pairs of boots that, alone, are enough reason to continue living. And thus far, I haven’t needed to use any rubber bands. Although I always have a few in my purse, just in case. Boots are the most beautiful part of winter. But they can be the ugliest part, especially this time of year, when it is warm enough to wear dresses but chilly enough to wear boots. Fashionisto Ken Izawa frowned on cowboy boots, which happened to be the staple footwear for my best footed friend, Annie. Because when it comes down to it, styles will come and go (and break off your feet, stranding you mid campus). And we all know that as soon as I sell my pointys, they’ll be back on the cover of Lucky as the “new must have.”Here are some other thoughts on boots:New York says: Hot: Boots with tights. Simple T shirt dress with rugged and slouchy ankle boots. T shirt, oversized cardigan, super slouchy shorts, tights, worn in knee high boots. As the hemline rises, the boots need to become more substantial (in heft,
ugg sheepskin gloves Boulder Daily Camera
not necessarily height). Not: Uggs. Platform boots. Mary Janes and strappy heels with cute socks, which look like boots. Round toe, wing tip boots. Equestrian and motorcycle boots without heels. Nude colored patent leather booties. Cuffed, scrunched, flat soled or suede boots. Mod boots with big buttons, round toes with thickly stacked heels. Not: Pointy toed boots. Spiked heels. Cowboy boots. Moon boots, unless you are in the mountains (or on the moon). Mukluks. Traditional combat boots. Boots that hit a calf in a nice place to flatter the leg’s curves. Check Aerosoles for booties that are comfortable and affordable. Not: Winter boots with a sundress. Jeans that are baggy around the top of the boot. 1970s style moccasins. Stylist Marian Rothschild, former Boulderite now living in ChicagoBoulder says: Hot: Classic boots that go to the knee. Leather with subtle detailing. Mixing brown boots with black and gray. If you can only afford one pair, get a neutral, rich brown. The perfect boot array: a pair of brown and a pair of black leather knee high boots with thin but stable heel; short brown or black boots in suede or with fun details; and one pair of comfy brown equestrian ish boots. Good extras: boots in olive green with brass or bronze hardware; a pair of cowboy boots; a pair of fuzzy snow boots. Not: Booties and “shooties” leave those to high fashion. Platforms and thick stacked heels will go out of fashion quicker than a thin, proportioned heel. Shorts with Uggs. Or any boots, for that matter. Long cream sweater dress with cowboy boots. Pencil skirt with tall, pointed boots. Crochet tights. Not: Bare, goose bumpy legs in the winter. Boots that hit the meaty part of the calf. Low heeled boots with too much leather. And of course, rubber banded together Spice Girls boots. My hot friend Annie Brokaw, of Boulder

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ugg sheepskin gloves Boulder Daily Camera