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COLD LAKE The City dream of offering commercial airfare to the Lakeland area may not be far off, says Mayor Copeland after changes to federal legislation have opened up the possibility of establishing an air service here in Cold Lake.

Mayor Craig Copeland offered a sneak peek on the City progress towards establishing a commercial air service here in Cold Lake during a speech at the Cold Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting in March. Copeland said the proposed air service would connect Cold Lake via 4 WING Cold Lake airfield to Calgary International Airport, where travellers could then connect to other, more direct flights.

still pursuing air service in Cold Lake, I think we getting to where we need to be and now it about marketing to find an airline service to fly out of Cold Lake, said Copeland. idea is that you be able to check in at Cold Lake with your baggage, fly to Calgary International and then board to wherever you want to go after that, be it Toronto or Los Angeles.

City of Cold Lake Chief Administrative Officer, Kevin Nagoya, said that the City of Cold Lake has been pursuing the project for a number of years now, but that recent changes to federal legislation has expedited the process. there what we had to do is find out what is required of the facility, located at 4 WING Cold Lake, so we been working alongside CATSA, as well as 4 WING Cold Lake and Transport Canada to determine what those permits and requirements are and how the services will be delivered.

Nagoya says that currently the City is working with the industry and commercial air carriers to see how the services would be delivered to Cold Lake. The City can currently comment on which major air carriers they been in discussion with, due to non disclosure agreements, but said that they approached most major carriers at this point.

getting to the 11th hour and we feel positive about the working relationship, Nagoya said. hope that in the coming months the air carrier component can kind of link together.

The proposed air service wouldn see large aircrafts couriering travellers to and from Cold Lake, but would more likely involve smaller, Jetstream style aircrafts that seat between 12 and 20 plus passengers. The number of seats available will be dependent on what type of business model makes sense, says Nagoya, and the city has been in talks with the oil industry to try to develop a business case for the project to run on a daily basis between Calgary and Cold Lake.

A similar arrangement exists in the town of Bonnyville, where Integra Air operates a Monday to Friday air service between Bonnyville and Calgary.

In terms of when citizens can expect to see commercial aircrafts landing in Cold Lake, Nagoya says he optimistic.

optimistic that in the near future we could have something. I wouldn say years away, but at the same time the agreements have to come together and one can be too far ahead of the other. So, I don want to say an air service is a year away, but I can say you see it in the next couple of weeks, either.
classic uggs short YYC to Cold Lake