pink baby ugg boots uk Working from home trend gathers pace

ugg boots new look Working from home trend gathers pace

A revolution in technology has at last made the work from home dream a reality for millions of British workers.

Teleworking, once a quirky concept, has become a realistic choice for many wanting to save time, spend more of it with their families and have more control over their work life balance.

One year on from the introduction of new UK laws on flexible working and during Work From Home Week in the UK new evidence has emerged that more and more of us will soon be working away from the office.

More than 2.1 million people work from home and around 8 million spend at least some of their working week in the house instead of at the office, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

It provides a high speed way of receiving and sending data from your computer at home and has made a huge difference.

At last, office capability at home is available at a reasonable price, says Alan Denbigh, executive director at the Teleworking Association.

“With broadband, people can use the internet, check e mails and transmit documents in the same way as they would in the office, so why be in the office.

“We’ve seen this strong growth in the last 6 years during a time when the conditions weren’t right and legal obstacles were in the way.

“Now it is much better from a legal point of view, so I think we’ll see a lot more people doing this in the future.”

Buying time

Computers with the sort of processing power required to do typical work tasks at home come at a fraction of the cost compared with just a few years ago.

But it is not just the cost.

People value their time very highly and the office commute has an insatiable appetite for that precious commodity.

RAC estimates of daily round trips to and from work in London are as high as 3 hours 15 hours a week, or nearly 2 days work.

Furthermore, managers and technology related workers work more from home than others, according to the Teleworking Association.

And as the dust continues to clear after the dot com boom and bust, e commerce is emerging as a strong growth area.

For executives of companies that have invested heavily in this technology, like car makers, it has made the global village a mouse click away.

Consequently, working from home has become a necessity as well as a reality for the world’s top executives.

In fact, most flexi working revolved around the children, according to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

The DTI found that 43% of employees requested flexible working for childcare reasons and 58% of those were women.
pink baby ugg boots uk Working from home trend gathers pace