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About Me: (Ministry Info, Hobbies, Fav. Music etc.)

Born in Florence AL. Oldest of five living siblings (three sisters, one brother), married since November 2000, blessed with four children. Played football in college. Served in the US Army Reserve as an engineer. Church on March 3, 2007. Currently the Assistant Dean of Christian Education for the Greater Richland Creek Baptist Association. I care about the livelihood of the members of Willow Grove and I am willing to go to bat for them whenever the opportunity or opposition presents itself. Perhaps you are someone who has never trusted in Jesus Christ for your salvation, but I want you to know that grace has been extended to you and mercy pleads our case. If you are willing to believe that God sent his Son Jesus to die for sin (ours), then you can be saved. No matter where you are, what you look like, who you know, what you’ve done, who you did it with, how long you did/did not do it, not even how bad it seems to you. Why don’t you trust Him!For the zeal for HIS (your) house consumes me( Psm 69:9 NIV), ‘Let us AWARE, AWAKE,
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ARISE and REST not as “there remaineth yet very much land to be possessed (Josh 13:1).

Our Heart felt Invitation to you, to Visit our Place to involve in, and witness Our GOSPEL Works Practically.

Looking forward for the prayerful Blessed Co Operation.

Always yours, for HIS Kingdom Build. I am the above mentioned person with said office position at International Commercial Bank (ICB) Ghana, and I’m contacting you in respect of a business deal which I intend to carry out with a deal minded and trust worthy foreigner. There is an account here in our bank with a credit balance of Five million Five Hundred Thousand united state dollars, US$5, 500.000.00 million. As I talk to you now, this said account is without a beneficiary or heir. This means that the money presently does not belong to anybody. I have explored all options and decided to execute this deal with any deal minded foreigner who can strike the deal with me by receiving this huge amount of money in his/her foreign bank account and take 20% of it as your own share from the deal, which won’t take us more than Ten bank working days to finalize. I will provide any information that will be needed to back up the claim, and ensures that our bank releases the fund to you as the beneficiary to this said account. We shall follow the official way to get the bank to approve the fund to you since the original owner died leaving nobody behind to inherit his estate. I have worked out everything before contacting you, so I will give you all the details regarding the deal as soon as I hear from you and please make this proposal a top secret and delete it if you are not interested. Frank David Osei

At 6:33pm on October 24, 2012, Karty Samson said

Am Miss. Kraty, I will like to be your friend. Johnson saidMy name is Jomo K. Johnson. I am the Pastor of Philly Open Air Church. I have written a new book titled, Deadest Rapper Alive: The Rise of Lil’ Wayne and the Fall of Urban Youth. The Book is an in depth study of the life, image, music and lyrics of popular Rap Star: Lil’ Wayne.

In this book I make a dire plea of warning. I proposes that the music of Wayne is actually much more than beats and lyrics, but it is a philosophy that when followed will lead to extremely dangerous consequences in the lives of Urban Youth. I was motivated to write this book after seeing Lil’ Wayne’s effects on urban youth in North Philadelphia.

I want to let you know that I am offering this book for FREE to all Pastors and Ministry leaders. It is my hope that this book will equip leaders to deal with the rise of amoral philosophy as it is being promoted through music.
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