ugg rylan Beto O’Rourke and Israel

ugg outlet uk store Beto O’Rourke and Israel

Apparently some of you are upset about Congressman Beto O bailing on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speech before Congress.

Why did O do it? Because he represents El Paso, not Brooklyn or Miami Beach. Politically, at home at least, he made a decision that otherwise would be political death in other parts of the country.

But even then The Tribe still overwhelmingly allies itself with the Democratic Party even though Republicans do everything short of having sex with Israel to show how much they love Israel.

Here why. While Republicans love the shit out of Israel, they have a perception, at least the well to do, of “We love Israel, but we don want you in our country club.” Then there is the Republican base that has the “We love Israel, but in our heart of hearts we are trying to save you from eternal damnation.” Oh, and do not even mention to those who think Obama has turned America into a socialist hellhole about where Israel ranks in economic freedom. Let just say that Sweden ranks higher.

Israeli politicians know of this American Jewish conundrum. Their job though is not to fix American problems, it is to fix Israeli problems. So Netanyahu engages in some realpolitk by coming to the US to speak before Congress. Yes, he may be violating some issues of American decorum, but those are American issues for Americans to sort out. cannot blame Netanyahu for doing what he does. Like other democratically elected leaders, which is a rarity in his neighborhood, he has to respond to all sorts of domestic politics. Yes, believe it or not, Israel probably has it share of Anthony Coboses and Paul Morenos. That of course is coupled with the fact that there are people in his neighborhood that would like to see his house blown to smithereens. You cannot blame him for acting alarmed. Do not watch “Schindler List”, watch Conspiracy and see how educated men meeting at a beautiful lakeside villa enjoying fine wine and spirits, and great food, devise the Final Solution. then again, when you think about it, his neighbors are given way too much credit. Iran, which is Netanyahu biggest concern, has to photo shop rocket launch demonstrations. Assuming Iran does fire a nuclear warhead towards Tel Aviv, and it prays to Allah that it does not crash in Jordan or the West Bank, Jerusalem will order about 20 nuclear warheads to be sent Tehran way. all this shit is something that 95 percent of El Paso does not care about. mean come on, we got Paquita la del Barrio coming.

We can really nerd out on the geopolitics and domestic politics in Israel. As an example, despite of all the shouts of “death” from Iran, the truth is Israel and Iran did business together during the Iran Iraq War. Talk about politics making strange bedfellows. Israel could have attacked Iran long ago. It does not necessarily need Iran help. Israel after all is a nuclear power. Hell, Israel would get support from the Gulf States who fear Tehran.
ugg rylan Beto O'Rourke and Israel