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If you were Beyonce on a World Tour, how would you top yourself. How would you exceed peoples already high expectations of what Beyonce stands for?

You dance your ass off for 2 hours straight, thats how. Then again, that may have been already part of our (the common peoples) expecations.

But it wasnt any less thrilling when witnessed live at last nights concert at the STAPLES Center. Throwing in a little bared midriff, some surprise guests, and a WHOLE lotta hair flinging, Beyonce was downright Army like in her all that she could be ness. Or should I say, B ness.

Well, there was Katy Shotter, a UK singer and opening act to the opening act. Then the sexy but slightly dorky soul singer Robin Thicke who gave the microphone stand a rub down on the sensual, ode to role playing, Teach U A Lesson.

He did a lot more. Namely, that signature one two side step he does when hes feeling exceptionally cool which he is, at times (youd have to see it to know, and even then I may have had to point it out to you). He announced at the start of his set that the night was a celebration of love, and he definitely expressed it to us. Um, for us.

Ok, for his wife (who is, essentially, his muse if youve read up on Mr. Thicke at alland why not? Look at her?).

But to get back to B. What did she perform? What DIDNT she perform?

Hmmm, Im pretty sure Sweet Home Alabama wasnt on the set list.

But a selection of hits from her last 2 solo albums? Yes! She opened with Crazy In Love (let the booty shaking commence!) and moved into the more recent Freakum Dress.

Her bad a all female band was, well, bad a. In between Bs wardrobe changes, they showcased their talents that were akin to sideshow theatrics but in a good way!

Anyway, to save on time (oh that Beyonce, quite the efficient one), B did all the songs requiring some form of belly dancing in alphabetical order. Lets see: Baby Boy, Beautiful Liar, and Naughty Girl.

But, the surprising part was that a good chunk of the evening was dedicated to the songs from the group that introduced her to our world (a world forever changed henceforth) in the first place.

Destinys Child. I cant even count how many songs she did. medley, (ex?) group members Kelly and Michelle popped up just in time to help her (as if she needed it at that point) with the final lines in Survivor.

Then, peace out Kelly and Michelle. Bs got a show to do.

As I watched her perform a robotic dance routine for Ring The Alarm, I was taken back to the 90s and thought to myself, I think I know whos spirit pushed Beyonce down the stairs at the Orlando show July (shame on you Janet!).

Yeah, that was the reaction when he came rising up from the floor like a gift from the stage gods. And you were pretty much thinking about how you just saw Jay and Bey on stage together til you realized there was still some show to enjoy.

Next: Listen from Dreamgirls. Um, yeah. Amidst all the Team JHud! madness, you almost forgot she was in that movie too, huh.

So with two hours ish of singing and dancing and enough hair flinging to give your grandma in Connecticut whiplash, the least we could do was sing to her, right? With a birthday cake (Sept. girls on stage, B celebrated her 26th b dayand it was one hell of a BDay.

NOTE: This show was recorded so that those who werent there could FINALLY catch it on DVD and feel complete, once and for all.

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ugg sheepskin boots Words and Music