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Describes her personal style as: “Stylish but casual”

Barret says: She’s the best of the people surveyed at meaning what she said, as far as her personal style. She uses great color combinations and pieces that work well together. I hope Anna’s not afraid to dress up. It’s always better to be overdressed then to be underdressed. Her blue and red tops are great colors. Brown is a great accessory color for anything, from brown bags to warm wooden jewelry, even tortoise shell inspired shoes or glasses .. though I’m biased brown’s one of my favorite colors.

Barret says: Very good. Great bold color choice, and a boot like that with a knee length skirt are very appropriate for this cold time of year, but don’t limit this look to winter. You can make any time a great time to get dressed up and look nice. The hair could be a little more put together, but it works because casual hair and makeup are in right now. She has her act together.

Cameron May

Describes his personal style as: “Gangsta”

Barret says: He’s young and having fun, so good for him. At least he’s trying fun things. True gangsta would be a narrow pinstripe suit with oversized shoulder pads. I’m going to have to say, even though he went with light jeans, I’m happier to see him in this toned down gangsta look. Because he insisted on wearing his black Polo T shirt and black leather jacket, I don’t think there is much I could have done for him. But just simply throwing a button up and some charcoal or black pants with a nice black wing tipped shoe would have made quite a difference. Keeping it gangsta casual? Then get a pair of well fitting jeans, even if they are a little expensive (gangstas have a lot of money) and pair them with some Chucks or Vans. If they hurt your feet, try inserts (Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles work great). In my opinion, trying to match blacks never seems to work. Wearing a piece that allows them not to match is the trick.

Sarah Rhodes

Describes her personal stye as: “Pretty Casual Girly”

Barret says: Uggs aren’t as cool as they use to be, just to put that out there. She has a lot of potential to make an appearance. Looks like a great shining personality why not wear the clothes that say that? This brown looks great on her, but this look is way too casual for an evening event. She could have blown them away in something like a rich red gown or a warm white. With a tan like that (in March I might add), the proper white can look amazing. Don’t be afraid to wear white so early. It’s March, and as far as fashion is concerned,
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spring started long ago.

Meet Barret

Roanoke’s own Barret Wertz, 23, attended Cave Spring High School and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a bachelor’s in business marketing in 2005. After working for years at American Eagle Outfitters in Roanoke and Richmond, he won an internship at the American Eagle Design Center in New York City. He’s worked as a costume dresser during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, created window and mannequin displays for Richmond denim boutique Need Supply Co., and served as an assistant to the fashion director for Style Weekly’s quarterly fashion supplement, Cue, in Richmond. Now Barret lives in New York City, where he represents men’s brand Brown Sound Clothing at the Mobile Showroom in the West Village. He’s worked on numerous commercial ads and also assists Jenni Lee, stylist for indie pop band Death Cab for Cutie.

Andrew Hart

Describes his personal style as: “Indie Rock Kid”

Barret says: When I look at him, I see not only a happy guy but also a personality reflected in what he’s wearing. He doesn’t appear to be trying, but it’s obvious he’s in touch with his personal style. I bet he enjoys shopping, even if it’s just a little. Good job. Way to look like a confident guy rocking what he likes. Take some more risks. This girl took it all the way and did a great job. She understands her body and wanted to show off that fact. The cut of the shirt and the fit of the skirt is all very flattering to her shape. One complaint: the skirt could run a little longer. A skirt like this is allowed to touch the ground. You wear it for a few hours a year, so let it go all the way. Her hair matches the idea of the shirt and skirt combo. I really like the classic red nails (both fingers and toes) and the matte of the top with the sheen of the bottom. The bag could have been a great accessory to put an exclamation point on this outfit, but this one fell short. A metallic silver clutch or black faux alligator would have been really nice to see. Overall, nicely done.

Pam Yates

Describes her personal style as: “Dramatic”

Barret says: Go on with your bad self, Pam. She’s trying something, and I like that. What I don’t like is that the only shape this outfit gives her is that of a can. Very cylinder like. The colors are great and the detailing looks good,
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but I bet there’s a figure under there that she could draw some attention to.