ugg flip flops sale Grocery store allowed to stay open despite

ugg slippers office Grocery store allowed to stay open despite

MILWAUKEE In June, customers who shopped at Lena’s Food Market on Oak Street near Fond du Lac Avenue started sending FOX6 News photos on Facebook. The photos showed huge rats scurrying around the store.

“That rat that they showed on Facebook was big, and it was just crawling across the floor,” says shopper Latrice Braggs.

“That’s nasty,” Braggs said when we showed her the photos, which show a dead rat in the basement, and rodent droppings on shelves near food and on the floor.

City Health inspectors documented 15 Food Code violations in these reports issued in May 2015. Shoppers are now asking why the store is allowed to stay open. Wasn’t a rat infestation enough to close it down?

“That’s scary ’cause I come in here every morning,” Braggs said.

It started in May when a shopper complained the food was freezer burnt, the produce was spoiled, the store smelled bad, and it was very dirty.

A day later, city inspectors showed up.

They found 15 code violations and took pictures, which proved the store had a severe rat and fly infestation and rodent droppings were present throughout the store. In addition, inspectors noted an “extremely dirty produce prep and meat cutting room.”

Leon, who lives nearby, says he heard about the store having a rat problem, which is why he avoided buying meat at the store.

“I know not to shop for the meat because of the rat,” Leon said. “So I shop for the can goods and the milk.”

ugg flip flops sale Grocery store allowed to stay open despite
they should have closed it down, you know? For our health risks,” Leonsaid.

The city did close it down, but only for one day, after another city inspection showed the store had been thoroughly cleaned and a pest control company had been hired.

Less than a month after it was re opened, however, customers started complaining again.

“I would never get no meat or something in there because it has a funny smell, so you didn’t know what it was from,” said Dupree.

A shopper wrote to the health department that she was heading into the store when a raccoon sized rat chased her back to her car.

“When you get people that don’t want to go in the store and it is in their neighborhood that they would rather get a ride and go somewhere else that tells you something’s wrong with it,” Dupree said.

The store was open for more than a month after city health inspectors first documented the rat infestation.

“If they found rat infestations and all these violations, they should have been immediately closed down. That’s the Health Department’s job,” says Vera Martin.

Martin says she used to be a loyal Lena’s customer.

“The one [Lena’s] on Burleigh is just as bad,” she said.

“Just step in the door. You’ll smell it. I walked around the store like this doing my shopping,” Martin said.

She bought some bread at the store on Burleigh four months ago.

“When I pick up my bread I’m feeling for freshness, I’m not looking for rat holes,” she said.

But rat holes is what she got. They had eaten through half her loaf.

“This is a grocery store. And if they’re crawling in the bread, you know they’re crawling on all the other stuff,” she said.

She reviewed the business on Facebook outraged that when she took the bread back the manager acted like it was no big deal.

“It’s disgusting that black owned businesses don’t care about the black community,
ugg flip flops sale Grocery store allowed to stay open despite
” she said.”This is where we buy our groceries. This is where we feed our families.”

ugg sale clearance uk Grey Cup fans find creative ways to stay warm in Edmonton

ugg leather biker boots Grey Cup fans find creative ways to stay warm in Edmonton

EDMONTON Alas, there were no hot tubs on Sunday at Commonwealth Stadium.

Traditionally, at every Eskimos home game during the CFL season, one lucky group of contest winners gets to watch the game from a hot tub on the field.

Sproxton wore four layers under his white coveralls, part of his uniform as a supporter of the yet to be formed CFL team he and his friends dreamed up, the Northwest Territories Polar Bears.

On his head, he wore a stuffed polar bear tuque. On his gloves and hiking boots, he had stitched on white faux fur and artificial claws.

If anyone knew how to stay warm, it was Sproxton and his crew from up north.

There was one day (in Yellowknife) that was 32 C and it was the warm day in a six week stretch, he said. This is nothing.

The cold was a little harder to bear for British Columbia native Tabitha Kindt.

Even under two shirts, a hoodie, a jacket designed for 40 C, yoga pants, fleece pants, snow pants, Ugg boots and a blanket, Lindt still shivered.

Its cold but its worth it, she said. Even when hypothermia sets in, well be here.

Between them, the Shapka family shared two boxes of 30 hotpacks, which they inserted into their mitts, pockets and boots.

Over their legs, they wore polyester quilts that Elizabeth Shapka called jump bags, which she bought to go to Edmontons first Grey Cup in 1987.

That time was 30 C, she said of the 87 game. Were always prepared now.

Under their fresh watermelon helmets, Saskatchewans Joel Laird and Jeff Allen wore fleecy tuques with long earflaps to keep both their scalps and the fruit flesh from freezing.

Five layers on top, three layers on the bottom, snow boots, gloves and wine flaps of alcohol completed their climate ready outfit.

Everywhere, fans lugged piles of blankets and looked more like they were heading to a ski hill than a football game.

By the second quarter, the heated east concession was packed with people, most in line for food and beer, many just enjoying the warmth.

Its nice in here, said one man. Im going to stay in here for a long time. Until the game is over.

Perhaps the happiest person at the game was Angelo Merani, toasty in his furry costume as Scotty, the canine mascot for Scotiabank.

Im really warm, said Merani, even though he wore virtually nothing under his suit. Im not sweating like I usually am but Im pretty warm. Too warm.
ugg sale clearance uk Grey Cup fans find creative ways to stay warm in Edmonton

uggs men Green Bay Packers Uniform History

ugg amazon Green Bay Packers Uniform History

Team also employed varying combinations of metallic gold uniform with green numbers, shiny green pants with gold stripe, or metallic gold pants with single green stripe, and green socks with two gold rings. Modern metallic gold helmet introduced.

Brighter green shirts with same striping and thicker gold numbers; team continued to vary its combinations. The Packers also had available a white jersey, saving it mostly for late season West Coast trips.

Navy blue jersey, with new three stripe design in dirty mustard gold on sleeves, socks and helmets, and matching gold pants. For 1956 opener vs. Detroit, Packers break out green jersey with white pants and white helmets, but never wear again until ’58. “TV numbers” on shoulder appear in ’56 for first time. Team used its older green jerseys and gold pants (from the early ’50s) in several road games. In 1957, Packers began consistently wearing white on road, for television.

New coach Scooter McLean brings back same green uniforms used in 1956 opener (white pants, white helmet).

New head coach Vince Lombardi revamps uniforms; basic design and colors (including dark forest green) are still in place today; early Lombardi scheme did not include helmet logo, and called for three striped design on socks; all players were asked to wear same style cleats. In 1959 road games only, socks above striping were white (tops of socks have been green for all games since ’60).

Few changes, other than the team’s first and only helmet logo, which made its debut in 1961; by 1965, most players were wearing five stripes on their socks.

New head coach Forrest Gregg made the most changes to the uniform since Lombardi in 1959; team added logo to float on each sleeve’s striping, uniform numbers to rest on each hip, and altered pants striping to include gold. “TV numbers” moved from arm to shoulder and a gold and white collar enhanced neckline.
uggs men Green Bay Packers Uniform History

uggs short Great gift ideas for travelers in your life

ugg nubuck Great gift ideas for travelers in your life

PAUL THEROUX: NEVER TRAVEL WITHOUT BOOKSTheroux most recent travelogue is South: Four Seasons on Back Roads. I never travel without at least three books, usually novels, not current ones but classics nearly always paperbacks that I will give away after I read them. Always a notebook with a good binding. Always two or three pens specifically Lamy ballpoints. Driving in the deep South for my book, I always had bottles of wine in the back of my car and often food, for those late stops in motels where they have microwaves.COULD USE: Probably a new hat, called the Voyager made by Lock Co. Hatters in London. Mine is very battered. You can roll them up and pack them.TO GIVE: It all depends on the person. For a new friend, perhaps a book of mine related to a distant place, my novel Lower River (set in Africa), or Elephanta Suite (set in India). For an old friend, a classic book, Bovary. For someone I loved, I would buy a piece of luggage from Glaser Designs in San Francisco. SHEILA JOHNSON: BEST GIFT IS VERSATILE LUGGAGEJohnson, co founder of Black Entertainment Television, also founded Salamander Hotels Resorts.MUST HAVES: I pack things that are easy to carry and fashionable at the same time items that make me feel good and look good, without complication or stress. A cozy black sweater. Elegant flats.COULD USE: I love a warm, oversized bathrobe. To me, when I traveling, there nothing better to come back to than a soft, cozy bathrobe you can just sink into and relax in especially after a long day out hiking or sightseeing. One of my favorite bathrobe brands and styles is UGG Duffield.TO GIVE: A great, versatile piece of luggage is the best gift I can imagine. TUMI luggage is my personal preference. I like the weight, expansiveness and style. Walt Whitman once wrote, cubic inch of space is a miracle and when you traveling,
uggs short Great gift ideas for travelers in your life
that certainly the case! IRFAN AHMAD: MY TRAVEL PARTNER IS MY PHONEAhmad created the Irhal app for Muslim travelers, which includes 90 plus city guides with halal restaurants, mosques and prayer timings for each city.MUST HAVES: My No. 1 travel partner is now my phone. In the past, not unlike the 108 million fellow Muslims who travel every year, I needed a compass to find the direction of Mecca to say my prayers in a new city. Today, my phone with the Irhal app has a built in compass.ALSO: My navy blue Sperry top siders the original two eye boat shoe that can look cool on the beach and casually elegant in any party I need to attend while traveling. And of course, for that unexpected formal event, a Polo Ralph Lauren navy blue sport coat/blazer with brass buttons that even makes a T shirt look respectable.COULD USE: I need to replace my pull along bag which I use to protect my laptop while traveling. I am looking for that perfect saddle leather antique looking, weather beaten bag with modern spinner wheels that glide across the aisle with ease. The perfect blend of rugged leather and modern comfort.TO GIVE: A GoPro for the adventure seeker who loves bungee jumping or zip lining. A phone battery backup for the always connected millennial. KAREN MAGEE: ALWAYS PACK A CHANGE OF CLOTHESMagee is a hotelier and founder of Young Travel Professionals, with over 10,000 members globally.MUST HAVES: Moisturizer. To go from a long plane ride straight to a day full of meetings, especially when it a red eye, I use my favorite Fresh Umbrian Clay oil free lotion.A sapphire blue Michael Kors Jet Set Travel saffiano tote bag is my signature and my savior. It light and sturdy enough to fit everything from my laptop to my makeup bag plus, it slides underneath the seat.I always pack a change of clothes in my carry on. My usual? A Black House White Market slip dress. The material doesn wrinkle and the dress can easily roll up into a tiny ball, perfect for a small bag.COULD USE: A technology company called Bluesmart is creating a carry on bag that connects to your phone. It can weigh itself, charge your devices in an easy to access front pocket, alert you if you are outside of a certain vicinity and track the bag if you can find it.TO GIVE: Passes to the lounge, business class upgrades, hotel room upgrades or an excursion when they get to their destination. For ladies, a travel jewelry case. For guys, The Art of Shaving has travel kits that my husband can travel without.
uggs short Great gift ideas for travelers in your life

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ugg boots kids Great Deals on Warm Clothes for Cold Weather

Just a few days into the new year, much of the Eastern half of the United States is coping with blizzard conditions in the form of Winter Storm Grayson something called a cyclone. What is a bomb cyclone? We let the scientists answer that instead of pretending we really understand. We can, however, address another question that maybe should be on your mind if you looking at snow and record cold temperatures over the next several days, since Winter Storm Grayson is expected to precede a polar vortex a blast of Arctic air much colder than normal wintery weather: Namely, what do I wear when we in this crazy bomb cyclone winter storm?

Winter preparedness usually means stocking up on some rock salt if you live in the Northeast not getting ready for freezing temps in Florida or snow in Georgia. What also makes it tricky is we don exactly know how winter storm Grayson will track, so better be safe than sorry (and cold).

The silver lining is that this storm of a winter bomb cyclone and polar vortex is hitting right when after Christmas sales are at their peak, so you can score some nice warm gear to help you survive the frigid temps. Here are the best discounts and deals we spotted on the stuff you need to be cold weather ready.

Halogen Faux Fur Stole: $29.40

This cuddly stole in a fun rosy pink shade has is a pull through style, so you can turn it into a cozy collar. It also a steal down from $40 as part of Nordstrom after Christmas sale.

2017 Time Inc. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights).
grey bailey button ugg boots Great Deals on Warm Clothes for Cold Weather

ugg ultra tall Grapes gets Sarnia hockey sweater

ugg australia us Grapes gets Sarnia hockey sweater

The Sarnia Legionnaires have received nationwide publicity from an unexpected source.

Hockey commentator Don Cherry was presented with a Legionnaires jersey on live TV during the Coach’s Corner segment of Hockey Night in Canada Saturday evening. His sidekick, broadcaster Don MacLean, handed the sweater to Cherry.

“This is from Sarnia, the Legionnaires gave you this gorgeous Legion sweater. I’ve finally got a chance to give it to you, with your name on the back, for Remembrance Day, MacLean said.

As the two men held the uniform up for several seconds, Cherry said, that great, look at that. I’ll give it to Mel Price. is a close friend of Cherry’s and a former president of the Legion branch in Cherry’s home town of Kingston. Two years ago, when Price was too ill to lay a wreath at a Remembrance Day ceremony, Cherry filled in for him.

At the time, Price’s son, John, told the Kingston Whig Standard, has a love for the military and for the Legion. The newspaper added Cherry has always felt sorry for the many young Canadians who lost their lives in wars, including a relative who was killed on Nov.7, 1918, just four days before the end of the First World War.

Legionnaires marketer Greg Burr gave MacLean two sweaters last year, one for him and one for Cherry, when CBC came to Sarnia to film a Hockey Day in Canada episode.

Legionnaires General Manager Bob Williamson said the club is thrilled by the recognition.

awesome, it’s a dream come true to have your hockey club mentioned on Coach’s Corner, he said. He added, was a nice tribute to the sweater and to the Legion. We are very proud of that sweater and our kids are proud to wear it.
ugg ultra tall Grapes gets Sarnia hockey sweater

ugg kids slippers Grammys 2018 Style Moments We Can

ugg Grammys 2018 Style Moments We Can

In terms of fashion, the award show is known for being over the top, eccentric and full of surprises the craziest looks of all time? creates a certain expectation for fans tuning in. And this year, musical artists turned the volume up a notch Hair was higher, skirts were fuller and shoulder pads were stronger.

The Grammys red carpet is also known to be one of the most diverse. Stars wore the spectrum of statement looks,
ugg kids slippers Grammys 2018 Style Moments We Can
from one of a kind couture, to rainbow colored suits, to looks that supported a cause. There was enough standout style here to last us until the Oscars!

Anna Kendrick took a break from her usual girl next door style and let a fierce fashion perspective take charge, pairing a Balmain ensemble featuring a lace bodice with pink pumps. Camila Cabello also took the high fashion road,
ugg kids slippers Grammys 2018 Style Moments We Can
donning a red hot Vivienne Westwood gown. Remember when we talked about volume? Cardi B brought tons of it in a custom Mohammed Ashi lace creation that cascaded from her shoulders down to the ground.

ugg waterproof Grammy Awards 2018 Style

how do you clean ugg boots Grammy Awards 2018 Style

In a custom Armani Priv gown, Lady Gaga glided onto the carpet with an assistant ready to perfectly lay out the train, so everyone could see the glory of the dress. And then, we basked in it. From the waist up, the dress is sheer with black lace atop a cream undergarment, which paired well with the white roses that are pinned to the shoulders.

These obvious details are enough to make her look a long lasting red carpet memory. However, as the night went on, new information regarding the “Joanne” singer continued to roll in. There is much more to her Grammys look than meets the eye.

The star brought the shoelace braid trend to the red carpet.

As she turned to walk off the carpet, we noticed that the star’s shoelace braids, which we’ve seen grow in popularity on social media. With bleach blond hair, hairstylist Frederic Aspiras braided into two small cornrows that trail the outer edge of her hair. Then, her hairstylist laced black ribbon in the same fashion that you’d lace your sneakers to create a regal hairstyle fit for Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen and spot on Twitter’s trending list.

Her hairstylist used drugstore products to achieve the standout look.

After peaking our interest, we had to know more about her hair, so we went to her stylist’s Instagram.

“The look is romantic, seductive, Victorian inspired,” he captioned a photo of the products he used, courtesy of John Frieda.

The best part: You can buy all of the products the singer used at a local Target or Walmart. They include the Frizz Ease Curl Reviver Mousse, Frizz Ease Clearly Defined Hair Styling Gel and Luxurious Volume All Out Hold Hair Spray.

Her makeup is inspired by “a dark starry night”.

To achieve her makeup, Gaga’s longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno used Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Blacquer 42 and Magic Marc’er Precision Pen Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner along the top lash line, then blended it over the lids. Then, she swept the shimmery peach shadow from the Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye Conic Multi Finish Eyeshadow Palette in Glambition over the liner.

“Gaga’s eyes were inspired by a dark starry night,” the makeup artist said in a press release. “[It’s] romantic and striking to complement her gorgeous Armani Priv gown.”

Lady Gaga changed her nail color before her performance of “Joanne.”

On the red carpet, the singer revealed black nail polish to match the dark romance of her ensemble. However, during her Grammy performance, we noticed that her nails were pink. Her manicurist Naomi Yasuda told E! News a secret to the beauty change.

“A trick that I use for a lot of my celebrity clients who are wanting two looks in one night is to do a full gel manicure with the lighter color first (RCM Silk Slip) and then paint a polish overtop for the second look,” she revealed to us in an email. “When you’re ready to go back to the base, you can remove with nail polish remover and it will not ruin the gel manicure underneath.”

First, the nail technician used Red Carpet Manicure LED Gel Polish in Silk Slip to give the star a pink toned manicure. Then, she painted Red Carpet Manicure Black Stretch Limo Lacquer on top.
ugg waterproof Grammy Awards 2018 Style

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uggs sale uk Gotta Have It

Capture, share, and remember the story of your life: Collect your social media and phone pictures into a done for you photo book series. Comes with three blades, which are clearly labeled and color coated: Also has suction feet that stick to smooth countertops and a built in storage compartment to protect/store the blades. postage stamp) this compact, beginner friendly drone is ideal for indoor flying. Available in 6 different colors including: green, red, purple, yellow,
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white and black. Bright, built in LEDs make it easy to see the Proto X in low light conditions and enhances night flying experience. A 2.4 GHz radio not only allows for interference free flight it makes it easy for multiple Proto X drones to fly at once. A gyro provides smooth, stable flight while the LiPo battery provides for long fly time. Compact, beginner friendly and ideal for indoor flying. THERE IS NO CURE!For too long has the human race assaulted diseases. For too long has mankind found cures and other means to eradicate them from the planet. Now, the diseases are fighting back. With up to 128GB added capacity your favorite devices (Android or iOS) you can share photos, videos or music with friendsCarry large files directly on the SanDisk Connect Wireless StickUse the USB port to transfer it directly to your computer to save and transfer files instantly. 5) Red Carpet Manicure Train Case $100.00Get professional manicure results every time with this all inclusive kit by Red Carpet Manicure.It includes everything you need to achieve a beautiful, long lasting gel manicure. Best of all,
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everything is neatly stored in a fancy metallic train case. Pro 45 LED Light (Power Adaptor included) w/ Instructional DVD

ugg boots for all Google searches for ‘World War 3’ hits highest level ever

pink ugg boots for women Google searches for ‘World War 3’ hits highest level ever

While the dust settled over Syria, Trump redirected Carrier Strike Group One, led by the USS Carl Vinson, to the Korean peninsula from a scheduled stop in Australia.

That sparked several days of escalating tensions and a war of words between the President and despotic ruler Kim Jong un, who denounced the move as ‘reckless.’

In response Trump tweeted that the communist nation was ‘looking for trouble’, again asking China to step in otherwise he would set about solving the issue himself.

Xi Jinping, the Chinese premier, then moved 150,000 troops to the North Korean border in anticipation of a flood of refugees should Trump choose to strike.

The last time people were this interested in the subject of war seems to be July 2006,
ugg boots for all Google searches for 'World War 3' hits highest level ever
when North Korea carried out a set of long range missile tests.

That was the same month 206 people lost their lives in the hotel attack in Mumbai, India, carried out by a group of terrorists, and when the second Hezbollah Israel war took place.

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ugg boots for all Google searches for 'World War 3' hits highest level ever