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OK, so the railroad is at fault according to previous posts, but what is wrong with looking both ways before crossing busy railroad tracks. Again, loving mothers do all that is necessary to protect their children. That means not going through red lights to save one or two minutes, which is something I see several times a day on my 20 minute ride to work. Everyone is in such a hurry these days that they risk their own lives as well and anyone elses that gets in their way just to save a couple of minutes. “It’s crazy.”

From the way a lot of people react to train accidents, you’d think the trains leap off their tracks and roam the streets, killing hapless pedestrians. The fact is that the train is ON THE TRACKS. It cannot leave the tracks. If you are on the tracks, you might get hit. You can’t depend on signals, because sometimes they malfunction. Or sometimes they’re just not there. It doesn’t matter if the driver of the train sees you it can take up to TWO MILES for a fully loaded train to stop.

It seems like there’s a new story about a car or person vs. train accident every other day. When are people going to learn?

And I speak as someone who was critically injured in a car/train accident in 1989. Don’t mess with trains. They almost always win.

Hey Ron, wake up.

Pines is right. CSX and all the other class 1 carriers (UP, BNSF, Norfolk Southern and the CN) are all the same. They neglect putting up crossings, ignore all of the fatalities and doctor up facts in their favor.

Yes. People are stupid and try to outrun a ten ton freight train that cannot stop for a few miles from when the engineer applies the emergency brakes.

But again, the railroads are so powerful and influential and can afford the best lawyers that they can do whatever the hell they want.

I used to work for CSX and I can assure you that they could care less about your safety, the safety of their employees and the all around safety of the public.

Just do some homework on the internet about how CSX are using remote controlled locomotives to move highly dangerous haz mats near residential areas. Worst is that the conductors operating these remotes are brand new trainmen with no experience and very little training.
classic short ugg boots chestnut van racing train before crash