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Something about fans not wanting Nino to get big in US (since he’s getting quite alot of attention due to Iwo Jima), because they don’t want to share him with even MORE fans.

rolls eyes

Whatever. I totally agree with the vox girl. totally. That kind of thought had never came to mind. I’ve ‘grown’ with him since the very beginning! CoOl eh? Come on let me share some interesting facts with you!”

His ‘rise’ in US didn’t make me feel jealous or worried that I’ll have a ‘smaller’ slice of the cake. Instead, I felt really proud. Isn’t that how we should feel? Our idol has made it BIG! And instead of me answering, “Oh he’s a member of a Jpop group called Arashi. Singer cum actor.” when my friends ask me about this cute guy in my wallpaper, I can say, “Nino! He acted in Letters, directed by Clint Eastwood! And it got loads of nominations!!!”

Yes that has been my reply ever since I found out about the movie. But haha! I’ll make you jealous for buying the vcd that early. I bought the set for S Half price!
ugg children Version VII ft
!! MUAHAHAHAHAH that’s really cheap for a KDrama. As usual, I ‘previewed’ it on cable and eventually bought it the next day. Pretty good, I’ll rank it within the top 5 Kdramas I’ve watched not many aniwaes). Yup I’m talking about Lee Jun ki who plays Seo Jeong woo.

Not only he’s cute (he looks girly in some scenes, hot in others and weird in few), he’s also a good actor. I didn’t cry (I nearly did.) during the ‘heartwrenching’ scenes between the lead actor (Seol Gong Chan played by Lee Dong wook) and actress (Ju Yoo rin played by Lee Da hae). I did when Jeong woo cried and he managed to make me feel really bad for him during the many scenes in which he ‘missed’ Yoo rin just by a bit. It help that he’s in the ‘3rd person’ position. He likes the girl but the girl likes another guy. Despite that, he gives her his everything and helps her out whenever she needs it. Jun ki brought out the character. Its just something I caught by accident. And best still, Lee Da Hae looked like Song Hye Gyo in Full House at certain angles, especially when she has her hair up in a bun thingy. Good acting there haha plus, at the very end, during a short ‘interview’, she said that if it was her, she’ll choose Seo Jeong woo, Jun ki’s character. Did two posters for Aiba chan’s bdae and 3 for Aibakaland’s Christmas wishes. again. =/ But its Christmas prezzie ne? So I guess he’ll agree!Today’s most probably the last day you’ll see me updating so frequently,
ugg children Version VII ft
because I’ll be returning to S’pore tomorrow morning. Time flies ne? >.

1. Prepare for the driving test

2. Sort out the stuff I bought

3. Wrap the prezzies! (hehe I bought many! Santa Claus time!)

4. Start on the new layout (argh)

5. Find pictures for the Aibakaland contest

7. Pack my room (Its just too full and too messy)

Something heart warming from JunStyle, as quoted from here

“I read about this lovely story of a very sweet friendship between Jun and his 10 year old little friend. It was mentioned on this week s junstyle.