ugg classic leather boots Vic and Facebook specials

ugg bag sale Vic and Facebook specials

We accept 20 double coupons per day per customer/household with VIC card; all others redeemed at face value.

If he still insists on 20 max total, I would call corporate and explain what you were told, naming the manager and the store location and when you talked to him.

I don think corporate would be pleased if he has taken to limiting 20 coupons total vs 20 coupons doubled 🙁

For those bemoaning their luck on the “targeted” eVIC specials .

I went to CS once to ask what my eVIC specials were. The guy didn know they printed on the receipt, so he pulled out a book and began flipping though. Turns out HT chooses a bunch of stuff to put on special and then further chooses from that list which few offers to make to you.

For example, I buy all of my condiments at HT (sale plus coupon = free an awful lot), so I was “targeted” the Grey Poupon a couple of months back. I never bought Grey Poupon in my life, but somehow their algorithm pegged me as someone who might be drawn in to the store with a deal on it.

I find that the more I do my regular shopping there, not just hit loss leaders, the more accurate and appropriate to my needs the “targeted” offers are.

I got Biltmore, lunch meat, Blue Bunny cones, HT TP, Kraft cheese and the bread.

And excuse the plug here, new couponers we have two coupon swaps coming up (they happen once a month) in Benson and in Fuquay Varina if you would like to join in and share/find coupons!

Just bring clipped coupons you don need for sharing and be prepared to flip through quite a few that others bring!
ugg classic leather boots Vic and Facebook specials