ugg classic short grey Vegas diva still waiting for wax treatment

ugg like boots Vegas diva still waiting for wax treatment

Over the years, such local legends as Elvis, members of the Rat Pack, Celine Dion and Wayne Newton have been honored in wax. So has the Blue Man Group. But not a certain longtime Strip headliner (more about this person in a moment) who wants the honor more than anybody.

Up next for wax ian treatment are dissimilarly matched, but similarly famous, Las Vegas newsmakers Donny and Marie Osmond, and Mike Tyson. Donny and Marie were announced in October, and their unveiling at the Venetian attraction will be in 2016, when they return to the stage at the Flamingo.

Tyson will join Muhammad Ali and onetime rival Evander Holyfield (yes, with the gnawed off right ear) as an honoree. He’ll be on hand for a ceremony Dec. 1, joining his wax cast mates from “The Hangover” film series.

But left out of the parade is a man who likely wants it more than anyone: Frank Marino of “Divas Las Vegas.” He has a street named for him and two stars on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame but has never found the right avenue to be depicted in wax.

“After being here for 30 years, trying every angle, every connection, every PR agent and celebrity I know, it’s not going to happen,” Marino said. “I really need to be on TV to make that happen.”

A Madame Tussauds spokeswoman said last year that Marino had been put “under consideration” and a request was issued to execs in the attraction’s offices in London.

Marino just turned 52. Goodman was in his mid 60s when he was honored. There still is time at Madame Tussauds, where time always stands still.

Kevyn Wynn is launching a fashion line meshing two words we’re not used to seeing meshed: “luxe” and “slippers.”

The daughter of Steve and Elaine Wynn is launching a line of cocktail slippers under her Kevyn Wynn brand. A preview of the line is set for Dec. 1 at Wynn Las Vegas.

Wynn says she came up with the concept of high end slippers as she was shopping for slip ons near her home in Southern California. All she could find was a pair of Australian made Uggs.

Wynn, who designed the robes and slippers used for guests at Wynn and Encore, went to work on designing fancy slippers tailored to her own tastes. She delivered the designs to a supplier who had worked on the resorts’ slipper and robe collections, and hit a factory in Italy to produce the line.

Each pair will cost $250 to $300, which on the meter of slipper pricing either is high (mine) or quite reasonable (for those who wear silk slippers). The line will be sold at the home stores at Wynn and Encore by the end of the month.

And look out for another Wynn family member entering the world of fashion retail: Wynn has planned to branch out to a children’s line, designed by her daughter Zoe Friedman, who is all of 11 years old.

Through the grapevine of conversation comes this morsel related to the High Roller at the Linq. Several weeks ago, an organization of swingers (those who swap partners for recreational activity, specifically) planned to occupy one of the cabins to close off a night of partying. This is the sort of partying favored by swingers, if you get the drift. The full rotation of a High Roller ride is 30 minutes.

A member of the Caesars Entertainment employment force overheard the plan and called staffers at the wheel, where a member of security swiftly was summoned.

When the swingers, numbering more than 30 (hopefully an even number) boarded the cabin, the security officer stepped in just as the doors closed. Too bad, kids.
ugg classic short grey Vegas diva still waiting for wax treatment