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“Shia LaBeouf is a bike riding hot shot broker in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.” This one line alone can give a high voltage electrical jolt to any fashion stylist working in Hollywood. This is definitely a wet dream comes true. To dress the adorable LaBeouf in a mix of sleek suit and leather jacket, and a combination of energetic youth and fresh new bucks to spell capitalism in all capitals.

LaBeouf’s fashion in the movie is all about his character, and he carries them flawlessly. Brimming with ambition, he carries the suit and the tie, and a pair of Kenneth Cole Reaction Note Pad Slip On shoes. The biker’s jacket serves as his second skin. At more fragile times, he pulls off a gray cardigan, matched with IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watch.

I was revisiting the Von Trapp’s mansion once again in The Sound of Music when it struck me; how the older generation from Soeharto regime in Indonesia was inspired by this movie . to have such kind of exaggerating luxury as their own. We are talking about a movie so popular at such a period of time in Indonesia where cronies prospered in the name of gold and glory. The immediate effect was obvious in the then booming houses with Roman columns, and crystal chandeliers, and all other things European. These dudes then learned ballroom dancing, enjoyed classical music, and sent their children to music schools. They were living their dreams by climbing ev’ry mountain.

Shall we ever be able to sing “So Long, Farewell” to such level of comfort zone in the name of patriotism?

Or, did they? Have they ever climbed a single mountain of success, or simply rent a helicopter to get them there to the peak of 1980’s lifestyle?

As I followed the story of Georg Von Trapp once again ’till the end, another revelation came quite clear. These 1980’s cronies living in their ugly “mansions” guarded by steel gates and statuettes of angels to portray a mirage of innocence had never been as great as the Captain Von Trapp. They had never said “So Long, Farewell” to those comfort in the name of patriotism. They had never care to sing “Bless my homeland forever.” The Captain stood by his idealism, and left his comfort zone to really climb ev’ry highest mountains in good shape. These cronies? They grew fat,
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they generated spoiled brats, and they inherit Indonesia with the corruption culture.

I may not live inside a mansion, but each one of us has a comfort zone. Even our seemingly inadequate monthly salary is a comfort zone to some level. Our failing relationship may have been a comfort zone. My insecurity is made comfortable behind those mental strong high gates made of steel. They are too strong to break, but they can be opened from the inside, and I could chose to bid adieu.

The next time you show your children, or nephews The Sound of Music, make sure you remind them the important ending how all of us, at some point of our lives, could be challenged to leave our ultra luxurious comfort zone. Do we have a heart as strong as Georg Von Trapp?

Antisocial (adj.): 1. Averse to the society of others. 2. Many proclaim themselves so in Twitter . to gain friends.

Avatar (n.): 1. The iconography of a Twitter account. 2. Misleading much.

Blog (n.): 1. Web log, or web based journal. 2. Twitter. 2. Not that much.

Buzz Agent (n.): 1. Hired to promote a product or event in Twitter. 2. First step of selling his/her soul.

Client (n.): 1. Those who pay you to do what you can’t do. 2. Reason why your Twitter account is locked.

Coelho Girls (n.): 1. 2. Falls for wrong men. 3. Desperate. A portal with funny headlines. 2. Gets news from Twitter, then spread them there. 3. Mistaken as news portal.

Direct Message (n.): A booty call.

Ethics (n.): 1. To be applied and practiced by Indonesian Twitter users. 2. Sponsored by Tifatul Sembiring. 3. FUCK THAT!

Facebook (n.): 1. Forgotten past life of great Twitter users. 2. What is that again?

Fail Whale (n.): 1. Annoying creature that comes up when Twitter is down. 2. A popular object of mockery in Twitterland. 2. Often mistaken as a human being.

Flood (n.): 1. Unstoppable serial tweets by a person. 2. Best comes with a hashtag. 3. Like this one.

to follow back (v.): 1. To stay humble, and follow back your followers. 2. Now, who came up with this idea?!

Foursquare (n.): 1. An application to help you tweet your recent location. 2. Popularity wise; a parasite to Twitter.

Gays (n.): 1. Follow other people’s husbands. 2. Calculate their Followers all the time.

Grammar Nazi (n.): 1. One who corrects English grammar of our tweets. 2. Possibly Cinta Laura’s dancers.

Humanity (n.): The thing we fight together for, and tweet in one accord, using hashtags like BubarkanFPI
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