what are ugg boots Vape Shops Take Effect Monday

toddlers ugg boots Vape Shops Take Effect Monday

LUBBOCK, TX On Monday new regulations set by the FDA will take effect in smoke and vape shops across the country. The new regulations will extend to all tobacco products, including e cigarettes.

Under the new FDA regulations, these shops will no longer be able to make or sell juices made in store, help their customers assemble their devices, or give away free samples of their juices. And while it is currently illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone under 18, also beginning Monday, the FDA will be able to include non tobacco products, such as e cigs, in that ban.

Due to the new regulations, some stores have felt driven to close their doors come Monday, such as Hub City Vapors. Their manager, Tom Jordan, shared this statement with EverythingLubbock:

“As a result of new regulations, the FDA now categorizes our store as an e juice manufacturer and requires us to register as such. Even though we buy in bulk and repackage juice to sell in smaller bottles and do not produce any of our own e juice, the FDA still considers us manufacturers. The cost of complying with the new regulations would be very high, and we would have to pass the cost to our customers through greatly increased prices.

We believe that through good service we have provided helpful products to our customers, who in many cases have used our products to completely kick the smoking habit; however, Hub City Vapors will close instead of trying to comply with these burdensome regulations.”
what are ugg boots Vape Shops Take Effect Monday