bailey ugg From frozen feet to toasty toes

ugg boots sale womens From frozen feet to toasty toes

It’s that time of year again. Unfortunately we have to ditch the Havaianas and Birkenstocks for something a little, make that a lot, warmer. Whether the extent of your outdoor winter activities is standing outside for the bus in the morning, or going for long walks in the snow, winter footwear is the hardest season to tackle, but it’s the most important if you want to save your toes.

Spring and summer shoes tend to last the longest as they aren’t exposed to many harsh elements. Winter boots on the other hand have to stand up to rain, below freezing temperatures, snow, hail, giant slush puddles and worst of all, salt. Investing in a great pair of winter boots will guarantee your satisfaction, as the best boots pay for themselves and last you from season to season. Canada is known for its winters so getting boots that you can rely on makes a lot of sense.

In order to get through every stage of our winters, it is helpful to have three different types of boot: the rubber boot, the warm snow boot, and the more fashionable leather boot. Having a great pair of each will take you from the streets and the snow to a night out for dinner painlessly. So before you set out to find yourself a new pair of boots for the winter, consider these important tips:

The rubber boot

Dodging puddles is no fun, and nothing is worse than heading into work with soggy shoes and soaked feet that will remain cold and wet for hours. In the winter, wetness is inevitable, rain storms are aplenty and the tiniest snowfall melts into a disastrous system of puddles on the sidewalk.

Brands like Hunter and Tretorn are proof that rubber boots are no longer only for the farmers and the rural set, “for an urban person getting through the city, you need rubber boots,” says popular Toronto shoe store Get Outside’s owner Doug Malcolmson. “Rain boots are for 10 to 5 degrees,” says Malcolmson, “and a polar fleece sock inside will do to keep you warm.” Also try a winter insole to add comfort, and even legwarmers can look great folded over the top of the boot. “You can’t wear an insulated boot into the office,” says Malcolmson, “or your feet will be sweltering,” so this is where the rubber boot comes in most handy.

The warm snow boot

These are a must have for the months of January and February if you want to make it into the summer with a full set of toes! Unfortunately when grabbing a heavy duty pair of boots you may have to sacrifice fashion sense a little, but it’s worth it.

Sorel is a brand that dominates this market, as their boots are made for Arctic conditions and can withstand the coldest of cold. A snow boot has to be waterproof and heavily insulated.

There are tons of warm shoes on the market such as UGG’s,
bailey ugg From frozen feet to toasty toes
Laurentian Chief Moccasins, and Pajar, but these won’t keep your feet dry when the snow melts into them. To make sure that you’re purchasing a snow boot that will last, check that they are guaranteed to perform under temperatures of 20 and lower, and that they are verified waterproof by Goretex. “Most women already have the knee high classic that they love, so this is a great season to mix it up,” says Cleary.

When purchasing leather boots a tight fit is the best, as leather will stretch considerably when you start walking and your feet start sweating. It’s recommended that when you bring your new pair home, wear them around the house to speed up the process of breaking them in, this will save you when it comes time to debut them on the town.

Leather must also be treated before you wear it outside to prevent unsightly stains. Cleary advises spraying boots with a waterproof treatment 3 5 times, letting it dry for an hour in between each coat and then let them dry over night after the last coat before wearing them outside. Also, make sure that you’re buying a thick, high quality leather, “spend money on the classics,” says Cleary “true, there are fun lower price options, but they just won’t last.”Wait! Just a few more last minute tips that go for any and all boots you may purchase.

“Shop for your boots at the end of the day or at what I call the ‘magical cocktail hour’,” says Cleary “this is when your feet are the largest they will be all day.” This is important, because once you’ve worn an expensive boot outside to find it’s all of a sudden too snug, there’s no possibility of returning it (with the exception of leather which stretches). “Another big thing for boots is how you care for them. Salt will kill a boot,” adds Cleary, “when you walk inside make sure that you have a gentle cloth or brush by the door to give your boots a cleaning and remove any erosive residue, as the salt eats and cracks at any material.”

In addition, there has to be good tread on the bottom of your boot so you don’t end up tip toeing the streets in fear of having a wipe out. Some boots such as Frye’s are great quality and will last for years, but don’t have the most traction on the ice. This is where your neighborhood shoe repair store comes in handy. Not only can most make alterations for the calf size of your leg (this comes in handy for those pesky thigh high leather boots you can’t squeeze into) but they can add a layer of abrasive tread to the bottom of almost any shoe, giving you great traction and peace of mind.

And finally, if you’re leaving the house in the morning with a long day ahead of you, carry a pair of indoor flats in your bag or keep a pair at your desk that you can change into once inside, nobody wants to clunk around the office in bulky boots.

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bailey ugg From frozen feet to toasty toes