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In the top five, I’d have to include Australia II winning the America’s Cup in 1983 and the subsequent get on the piss green light given by Prime Minister Bob Hawke to our country’s workers.

Then there was my first genuine open mouthed freak out I can recall having via TV, when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded on take off in 1986.

Michael Jackson busting out the moonwalk for the very first time at the Motown Awards in 1983 also has to be up there (trust me, it was unbelievable how big a deal this was at the time and he only does the move for a few seconds).

Lastly, and not to put too fine a point on it, was the appearance of a young woman named Alex Wileman as the Mello Yello girl ..

I thought you lived your life ‘on your own terms’, anon yet there you are stuck like a bored pig in a boring fundamentalist country terminal, herded like a sheep in cattle class.

Only downside is that in anything smaller than a Gulfstream G200 you have to serve your own peanuts as they don’t have a hostie on board but once you get onboard a G350 or the larger Dassault you even get “hosties”!!!

My 80’s moment was Live Aid. I stayed up with my two best friends and watched the whole thing. Being a tragic U2 fan back then, I was glued to the screen when U2 came on and right there we had living proof that Bongo was the annoying twt with a heart, even in his youth.

As much as I adored U2, the surprise (rousing,
ugg boots blue gettin' mello with Alex Wileman
energetic, charasmatic) of the event was Queen. I sang along, to my friends’ embarrassment, to all of the songs having been brought up on all of that (along with Alice Cooper and Fleetwood Mac) for better or for worse. Genius.


Mike Tyson beating Trevor Berbick in 86 After that, finding boxers to get into the ring with Mike Tyson became even more difficult than it already was..

80’s Video games; The standard Donkey Kong,Gallaga and Space invaders(7o’s into 80’s )ate up alot of my money . If i saw a Space Invaders machine today ,i would probably line up to have a go .

I hope there are some good videos to watch today people…..

I rememder Alex Wileman as a v attactive young media/tv type in Newcastle about 1979 1980. She may have had a modelling/pageant history “Miss something??” pre tv. She was a Newcastle local and certainly turned heads.

Although I have always watched lots of TV I struggled to find a 80’s moment, but came up with Dallas late 70’s?? to early 80’s. It was different to all SOAPS that had gone before, big TV stars, big far fetched stories, big money, oil,
ugg boots blue gettin' mello with Alex Wileman
Texas, big sound track and it was v popular. So there you go DALLAS. (anyone remember that?)