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Universal attention economy, of course, is good in China,UGG Classic Argyle Knit China economy has become a global economic lever, world class thirty years ago in China, even a worthier will draw attention, only the unique cultural and ideological LieJiZhe can cause the interest.

Facing the GDP has, we should keep clear enough. Many problems that GDP, sometimes doesn make any sense. The oecd, was known as the director of accelerating the greatest economic history data and analysis expert, he published a long term performance of China economy in modern China, for the GDP estimates there before. In order to minimize rate and inflation factor of statistics of real economic scale, the effects of the PPP is calculated, and create a “1990 international yuan” as a measure of economic output and per capita income of the unit.

According to the calculation, accelerating from the 17th century to the early 19th century, China economic performance is wonderful. In 1700 and 1820, China GDP ranks the first in the world, not only from the world population growth to the growing 32.9% higher CAAC statistics from the world totalquantity 22.9% indicates that growth. But, after the qing dynasty of China, from the GDP, discount ugg boots accordingly, the contribution for the global economy, and finally become increasingly small shrink.

But China GDP per capita is not dominant. According to another study on ancient Chinese GDP pioneer research achievements, Hector belo 1840 China per capita GDP dropped to $206, Britain, France, for $for 447, Japan l78 for $310 dollars. The estimated to be optimistic dix in 1990, according to $constant prices, China per capita GDP in the first and l000 years for $450, 13 1820 for $600. However,
ugg boots uk ebay GDP is Exceed Japan
the per capita GDP of the decline is undisputable fact.

China GDP per head has been soft rib, until now. According to the purchasing power parity, China GDP overtook Japan early, but China GDP per capita is only about $4,000, only about one tenth of Japan.

China GDP growth is mostly denotative growth of population and investment expansion, is the result of agricultural era, is the expansion and intensive cultivation, farming in the industrial age is expanding investment and output of the results. Now the marginal efficiency, lower investment, pull a GDP need several times in the investment deltas at the beginning of the reform. For example, as a rapid travel cart, by a single investment engine drive, scale and inertia momentum is more and more big, increasing investment needs.

China GDP growth is the dominant economies, quantitative results in the process of steering quality type economies, there must be a representative, the quality of economic data in the process of China economic development costs.

Some price is irreversible, such as pollution of the environment, such as the Yangtze river headwaters of desertification, such as the source of the Yellow River water exhaustion, such as more and more extreme weather, such as damaged monuments, all these are reminded us that China GDP growth, with strong administrative power as the forerunner, take the resource exhaustion, environmental pollution and a widening gap between rich and poor, the cost of pay of high cost. Some local double digit GDP growth,ugg nightfall black environmental cost, deducts deducts deducts cost, the placement of wealth destruction,
ugg boots uk ebay GDP is Exceed Japan
economic growth will fall by more than half.