ugg sale clearance uk Grey Cup fans find creative ways to stay warm in Edmonton

ugg leather biker boots Grey Cup fans find creative ways to stay warm in Edmonton

EDMONTON Alas, there were no hot tubs on Sunday at Commonwealth Stadium.

Traditionally, at every Eskimos home game during the CFL season, one lucky group of contest winners gets to watch the game from a hot tub on the field.

Sproxton wore four layers under his white coveralls, part of his uniform as a supporter of the yet to be formed CFL team he and his friends dreamed up, the Northwest Territories Polar Bears.

On his head, he wore a stuffed polar bear tuque. On his gloves and hiking boots, he had stitched on white faux fur and artificial claws.

If anyone knew how to stay warm, it was Sproxton and his crew from up north.

There was one day (in Yellowknife) that was 32 C and it was the warm day in a six week stretch, he said. This is nothing.

The cold was a little harder to bear for British Columbia native Tabitha Kindt.

Even under two shirts, a hoodie, a jacket designed for 40 C, yoga pants, fleece pants, snow pants, Ugg boots and a blanket, Lindt still shivered.

Its cold but its worth it, she said. Even when hypothermia sets in, well be here.

Between them, the Shapka family shared two boxes of 30 hotpacks, which they inserted into their mitts, pockets and boots.

Over their legs, they wore polyester quilts that Elizabeth Shapka called jump bags, which she bought to go to Edmontons first Grey Cup in 1987.

That time was 30 C, she said of the 87 game. Were always prepared now.

Under their fresh watermelon helmets, Saskatchewans Joel Laird and Jeff Allen wore fleecy tuques with long earflaps to keep both their scalps and the fruit flesh from freezing.

Five layers on top, three layers on the bottom, snow boots, gloves and wine flaps of alcohol completed their climate ready outfit.

Everywhere, fans lugged piles of blankets and looked more like they were heading to a ski hill than a football game.

By the second quarter, the heated east concession was packed with people, most in line for food and beer, many just enjoying the warmth.

Its nice in here, said one man. Im going to stay in here for a long time. Until the game is over.

Perhaps the happiest person at the game was Angelo Merani, toasty in his furry costume as Scotty, the canine mascot for Scotiabank.

Im really warm, said Merani, even though he wore virtually nothing under his suit. Im not sweating like I usually am but Im pretty warm. Too warm.
ugg sale clearance uk Grey Cup fans find creative ways to stay warm in Edmonton