ugg style boots free strawberry cake

ugg boots tall chestnut free strawberry cake

Like any proud strawberry one should aspire to be plumb, firm, well rounded and have a solid natural red colouring that delivers a sweet delicate flavour.

The Queensland strawberries I been enjoying lately have been just that, and frankly, I can get enough of them.

Whether I enjoying strawberries for breakfast with Gippsland yoghurt and Pura Veda, strawberry smoothies or just as a sweet afternoon snack, strawberries are just delightful.

I have an abundance of them at home so this week I got another recipe using this charmingly, sweet fruit.

Feeling compelled to bake and not wanting to dash out to the shops to buy eggs (I used them all up on my weekend hot breakfast cook up you see) I had a look around for an egg free cake; I wasn even sure there was such a thing.

Upon my quest I was surprised at the amount of egg free recipes there were out there, stunned also at how many people can eat eggs so for those people, this one for you: Strawberry Cake the eggs.

Now I admit, I not a big cake eater, but as I said last week my doting Miss Foodie followers said they wanted more sweets so I thought this would be a great recipe to try, and indeed it was

When my Strawberry Cake emanated from the oven I was so chuffed I actually baked a cake and it actually looked worthy too.

This egg free Strawberry Cake is a breeze to make and the strawberry flavour throughout is oh so sweetly satisfying, not only for the taste buds, but for the eyes too.

I served it hot out of the oven with fresh whipped cream and a hot cup of earl grey tea how divine it was indeed, a perfect way to end one weekend I say.

Happy eating my foodie friends.

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ugg style boots free strawberry cake