uggs men Green Bay Packers Uniform History

ugg amazon Green Bay Packers Uniform History

Team also employed varying combinations of metallic gold uniform with green numbers, shiny green pants with gold stripe, or metallic gold pants with single green stripe, and green socks with two gold rings. Modern metallic gold helmet introduced.

Brighter green shirts with same striping and thicker gold numbers; team continued to vary its combinations. The Packers also had available a white jersey, saving it mostly for late season West Coast trips.

Navy blue jersey, with new three stripe design in dirty mustard gold on sleeves, socks and helmets, and matching gold pants. For 1956 opener vs. Detroit, Packers break out green jersey with white pants and white helmets, but never wear again until ’58. “TV numbers” on shoulder appear in ’56 for first time. Team used its older green jerseys and gold pants (from the early ’50s) in several road games. In 1957, Packers began consistently wearing white on road, for television.

New coach Scooter McLean brings back same green uniforms used in 1956 opener (white pants, white helmet).

New head coach Vince Lombardi revamps uniforms; basic design and colors (including dark forest green) are still in place today; early Lombardi scheme did not include helmet logo, and called for three striped design on socks; all players were asked to wear same style cleats. In 1959 road games only, socks above striping were white (tops of socks have been green for all games since ’60).

Few changes, other than the team’s first and only helmet logo, which made its debut in 1961; by 1965, most players were wearing five stripes on their socks.

New head coach Forrest Gregg made the most changes to the uniform since Lombardi in 1959; team added logo to float on each sleeve’s striping, uniform numbers to rest on each hip, and altered pants striping to include gold. “TV numbers” moved from arm to shoulder and a gold and white collar enhanced neckline.
uggs men Green Bay Packers Uniform History