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Dr. Peter A. Nickerson taught for nearly 50 years in the University at Buffalo’s department of pathology and anatomical sciences, and in all that time his most popular course might have been an honors seminar he taught for several years called, “What They Died From.”

A Buffalo police homicide investigator walked the students through a crime scene investigation. A UB law professor talked to the class about why people commit murder.

And each week, Dr. Nickerson provided the students the name of a figure from the past, before asking them to research who the person was and how that person died. One week it was President William McKinley and the next it was the singer Karen Carpenter.

“It was a celebration of history and medicine,” said Reid Heffner, Dr. Nickerson’s close friend and a distinguished teaching professor in the same department. “He gave the students a lot of responsibility.”

Dr. Nickerson, whose long tenure at UB included several terms as chair of the UB Faculty Senate, died of blood clots in his lungs on Feb. 2 in Heathwood Assisted Living, Amherst. The retired professor of pathology and anatomical sciences in UB’s Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences was 75.

Dr. from Clark University, where he was a NASA pre doctoral fellow.

He was recruited to join UB’s faculty in 1967 by the chair of his department at the time. Pathologists study diseases and the mechanisms of diseases.

Dr. Nickerson was known for his research into high blood pressure in the lungs or the body itself. He studied the different reactions of normal and abnormal blood pressures on tissues, and how he could quantify the results. Dr.

In addition to his honors seminar, he also was well known for a pathology course he taught for many years to dental students at UB. “He was tough,” said Heffner, his friend and colleague. “He really rode herd on the dental students. He had very high standards.”

Dr. Nickerson was well liked by his students and many kept in touch with him long after they completed their course work. He was director of Pathology Graduate Studies from 1974 to 2015 and developed innovative initiatives such as the Medical School’s early admission program. He retired in March 2015.

Outside of the classroom, Dr. Nickerson immersed himself in university life. He served on dozens of departmental,
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university and State University of New York committees over the years.

He was chair of the Medical Faculty Council, a SUNY senator, president of the SUNY Buffalo chapter of Sigma Xi and chair, for five terms, of the UB Faculty Senate.

“That was his life,” Heffner said, noting that Dr. Nickerson never married and never had children. “He spent, I’m serious, seven days a week at the university.”

Dr. Nickerson lived for many years on Windermere Boulevard, near the UB South Campus where the Medical School is located, and as a young faculty member walked to work, Heffner said.

When he wasn’t on campus, he enjoyed socializing with friends, and most of them were connected in some way to the university.

Dr. Nickerson loved to read and to watch vintage movies. When he took ill several years ago, and Heffner came over to help Dr. Nickerson move out of his home, his primary concern was what would happen to all of his books. Heffner ended up donating them.

Dr. Nickerson also was active in the wider community. He was a member and former president of the Western New York Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. Heffner said Dr. Nickerson’s mother had Alzheimer’s and he developed dementia in the last three years of his life.
office shoes uggs veteran UB Medical School faculty member

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YOUNTVILLE, Calif. The man who killed three women after a daylong siege at a Northern California veterans home had trouble adjusting to regular life after he returned from the Afghanistan war and had been kicked out of the treatment program designed to help him. Those who knew the women said they had dedicated their lives to helping those suffering like Wong, and they would’ve been in a good position to assist him had Friday’s hostage situation ended differently.

“We lost three beautiful people yesterday,” Yountville Mayor John Dubar said. He let some people leave, but kept the three. but after that nothing was heard from him. From a vet centre crafts building across the street from the PTSD centre, witness Sandra Woodford said she saw lawmen with guns trained outside, but said the only shots she heard were inside Pathway early Friday. “This rapid live fire of rounds going on, at least 12,” Woodford said.

His victims were identified as The Pathway Home Executive Director Christine Loeber, 48; Clinical Director Jennifer Golick, 42; and Jennifer Gonzales Shushereba, 32, a clinical psychologist with the San Francisco Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System. A family friend told The Associated Press that Gonzales was seven months pregnant.

“These brave women were accomplished professionals who dedicated their careers to serving our nation’s veterans, working closely with those in the greatest need of attention after deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan,” The Pathway Home said in a statement.

Wong always wanted to join the Army and serve his country and was “soft spoken and calm,” said Cissy Sherr, who was Wong’s legal guardian when he was a child.

Sherr and her husband became Wong’s guardians after his father died and his mother developed health problems, she said. He moved back in with them for a little while in 2013 after he returned from his deployment in Afghanistan and kept in touch online.

“He always had a great smile on his face,” she said. “He didn’t have a traditional upbringing but still he just became a fine young man. I can’t imagine what happened. It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Wong wanted to go back to school to study computers and business and thought the Pathway House program would help him readjust after the Army, she said.

Dunbar, a member of The Pathway Home’s board of directors, said the program has served over 450 veterans in more than a decade. Six members are currently in the non profit men’s residential recovery program for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who suffer from PTSD or traumatic brain injuries,
ugg slippers black Vet in California attack had trouble after return from war
he said.

The program is housed at the Veterans Home of California Yountville in the Napa Valley wine country region. The largest veterans home in the nation cares for about 1,000 elderly and disabled vets.

Golick’s father in law, Mike Golick, said in an interview she had recently expelled Wong from the program. After Wong entered the building, Golick called her husband to say she had been taken hostage by the former soldier, her father in law said.

He didn’t hear from his wife again.

Marjorie Morrison, the founder of a non profit organization known as PsychArmor, recalled Gonzales Shushereba as a “brilliant” talent who did amazing work with veterans with PTSD, and also focused on helping college campuses successfully reintegrate veterans when they return to school. Shushereba, said in a statement.

Loeber, who had taken over The Pathway Home 18 months ago, was known by all as dedicated and caring.

“She would sleep in her office more often than not because she had to be there to fill a shift, that’s the kind of personal dedication she showed all of us,” Dunbar said.

Family friend Tom Turner said Loeber would be helping others understand and deal with the tragedy if she were still alive.

“She’d have a better perspective than I would,” he said. “And she wouldn’t be as angry I am.”

Dunbar said all three of the women were excellent at what they did, and will be sorely missed. He added that veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan come home with “a lot of need for special care.”

Dunbar did not answer questions about why Wong was removed from the program. There was no answer at the small, neatly kept Napa ranch house listed on property records as Wong’s most recent address. A neighbour told a reporter he hadn’t lived there for a couple years, but declined to say more.

President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday morning: “We are deeply saddened by the tragic situation in Yountville and mourn the loss of three incredible women who cared for our Veterans.”

California Secretary of Veterans Affairs Vito Imbasciani said some veterans and employees at the home were traumatized and Gov. Jerry Brown had offered the state’s employee assistance program, which had already sent counsellors to the campus.

When asked whether armed CalVet guards might have stopped Wong, he said that such questions were akin to politicizing the tragedy, though a union representing guards at veterans homes had raised the issue Friday. But Imbasciani said he would take input from every reliable source, including law enforcement.

At the veterans home, those who served in earlier wars passed the building that houses The Pathway Home, which was surrounded by crime tape.
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Flat screens have revolutionized the global display market by replacing the bulky CRT TVs and monitors. One of the compatible features of flat displays is wall mounting. The main advantages of wall mounting include stylish and modern looks, free space in the living room, and viewing angle resilience. The interface between flat displays and applications used for mounting them on walls is called mounting interface. VESA or Video Electronics Standards Association has issued a family of standards for mounting interface patterns for a complete range of flat displays to depict interface mounting pads, wall mount brackets, and other mounting apparatus. These standards are called Flat Monitor Display Interface or VESA Mounting Interface Standards (MIS). The following are the variant MIS standards that help you to choose a suitable stand or bracket for your monitor with details of screen dimension and its weight. MIS B: The mounting hole patterns for the MIS B standards are suitable for screens from 4 inches (102 mm) to 7.9 inches (202 mm) and weight less than 4.4 lbs (2 Kgs). The hole patterns for MIS B compliant monitors, should be at 50 X 20mm. MIS C: The mounting hole patterns with the MIS C standards are for screens from 8 inches (203 mm) to 11.9 inches (304 mm) and weight less than 10 lbs (4.5 Kgs). VESA MIS C compliant monitors are manufactured with 200 X 100mm hole pattern. MIS D: The MIS D standard mounting interface is further classified into MIS D 75 and MIS D 100. The layout of MIS D 75 standard monitors has 75 X 75mm hole patterns and the layout of MIS D 75 standard monitors have 100 X 100mm hole patterns. These are used for mid size displays of 12 inches (305 mm) to 22.9 inches (583 mm) wide viewing screens and weight less than 30.8 lbs (14 Kgs). MIS E: The MIS E interface is used by larger displays with screen size of 23 inches (584 mm) to 30.9 inches (786 mm) and weight less than 50 lbs (23.7 Kgs). These are also categorized into MIS E 100 and MIS E 200. The layout of MIS E 100 compliant monitors is equipped with 200 X 100mm hole patterns and the layout of MIS E 200 compliant monitors with 200 X 200mm hole patterns. MIS F: The MIS F interface is used for large Plasma and LCD displays with screens greater than 31 inches (787 mm) wider. These hole patterns are based on 200mm spaced variations to be compliant with larger monitors but weight not more than 250 lbs (113.6 Kgs). The hole patterns are at measurements like 400 X 200mm, or 600 x 400 mm, or 800 X 400mm. Many Flat display and many wall mount interface manufacturers follow these guidelines to be amenable with the mounting interface and the monitors.
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Aaron Borland is a bit of a shoe collector, with more than 40 pairs to his name. And he also had his share of luck in the past, having won a Ken Griffey Jr. autographed ball when the former MLB slugger went into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

But nothing could prepare him for what happened Monday when Borland a St. Paul resident and former Gophers football recruiting assistant received a notification that he had won a pair of extremely rare to the Future Nike Mag self lacing shoes in an online drawing.

To put it in perspective: only 89 pairs of the 2016 model exist in the world. Most were given out in the online drawing, which required a $10 donation for a ticket with proceeds benefiting Parkinson research for the foundation of Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox. Borland made a $30 donation last Tuesday, the final day to enter the drawing.

got a notification on the Nike Plus app, Borland said, had to do a double take. If you neither a shoe person nor a Back to the Future buff, maybe you thinking, the big deal? It a pair of shoes.

If that doesn impress you, maybe the potential value of the shoes will. While most of the 89 pairs were awarded via the online draw, there are a few pairs being sold at auction. The first auctioned pair, in Hong Kong last week, sold for $104,267.

ugg trainer very valuable 'Back to the Future' Nikes
you read that right. Six figures for a pair of shoes.

In essence, Nike has tapped into the perfect combination of super cool shoe, iconic movie, rare product and great cause.

it initially shared only a few seconds of screen time with Michael, the idea behind the Nike Mag unlocked something much bigger at Nike, Mark Parker, Chairman, President and CEO, NIKE, Inc. said in a news release. sent us down an uncharted path of innovation, but it also opened our eyes to our ability to fight some of the world biggest challenges. We feel privileged for the opportunity to raise even more awareness for the fight against Parkinson Borland, who worked for the Gophers from 2008 2014 and is looking for another job in football, said he hopes this is the start of a string of good luck.

But the big question: What is Borland going to do with his shoes sell them? Keep them wrapped in plastic? Wear them around like a superhero?

Even if the Hong Kong auction price might not match the selling price of individual pairs sold by winners, it has to be tempting. had lots of support from friends and media requests from various shoe websites and shoe resellers. Keep em in the family.
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Something about fans not wanting Nino to get big in US (since he’s getting quite alot of attention due to Iwo Jima), because they don’t want to share him with even MORE fans.

rolls eyes

Whatever. I totally agree with the vox girl. totally. That kind of thought had never came to mind. I’ve ‘grown’ with him since the very beginning! CoOl eh? Come on let me share some interesting facts with you!”

His ‘rise’ in US didn’t make me feel jealous or worried that I’ll have a ‘smaller’ slice of the cake. Instead, I felt really proud. Isn’t that how we should feel? Our idol has made it BIG! And instead of me answering, “Oh he’s a member of a Jpop group called Arashi. Singer cum actor.” when my friends ask me about this cute guy in my wallpaper, I can say, “Nino! He acted in Letters, directed by Clint Eastwood! And it got loads of nominations!!!”

Yes that has been my reply ever since I found out about the movie. But haha! I’ll make you jealous for buying the vcd that early. I bought the set for S Half price!
ugg children Version VII ft
!! MUAHAHAHAHAH that’s really cheap for a KDrama. As usual, I ‘previewed’ it on cable and eventually bought it the next day. Pretty good, I’ll rank it within the top 5 Kdramas I’ve watched not many aniwaes). Yup I’m talking about Lee Jun ki who plays Seo Jeong woo.

Not only he’s cute (he looks girly in some scenes, hot in others and weird in few), he’s also a good actor. I didn’t cry (I nearly did.) during the ‘heartwrenching’ scenes between the lead actor (Seol Gong Chan played by Lee Dong wook) and actress (Ju Yoo rin played by Lee Da hae). I did when Jeong woo cried and he managed to make me feel really bad for him during the many scenes in which he ‘missed’ Yoo rin just by a bit. It help that he’s in the ‘3rd person’ position. He likes the girl but the girl likes another guy. Despite that, he gives her his everything and helps her out whenever she needs it. Jun ki brought out the character. Its just something I caught by accident. And best still, Lee Da Hae looked like Song Hye Gyo in Full House at certain angles, especially when she has her hair up in a bun thingy. Good acting there haha plus, at the very end, during a short ‘interview’, she said that if it was her, she’ll choose Seo Jeong woo, Jun ki’s character. Did two posters for Aiba chan’s bdae and 3 for Aibakaland’s Christmas wishes. again. =/ But its Christmas prezzie ne? So I guess he’ll agree!Today’s most probably the last day you’ll see me updating so frequently,
ugg children Version VII ft
because I’ll be returning to S’pore tomorrow morning. Time flies ne? >.

1. Prepare for the driving test

2. Sort out the stuff I bought

3. Wrap the prezzies! (hehe I bought many! Santa Claus time!)

4. Start on the new layout (argh)

5. Find pictures for the Aibakaland contest

7. Pack my room (Its just too full and too messy)

Something heart warming from JunStyle, as quoted from here

“I read about this lovely story of a very sweet friendship between Jun and his 10 year old little friend. It was mentioned on this week s junstyle.

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mens uggs Versace collection launch at H sparks ‘hysterical’ fashion mob on Regent Street

Versace collection launch at H sparks ‘hysterical’ fashion mob on Regent StreetVersace’s H collection saw “hysterical” shoppers queuing up in the early hours, all of them desperate to get hold of a cult collaboration, that’s already being sold on eBay.11:11, 17 NOV 2011Updated18:34, 12 MAR 2012Versace’s H collection saw a mob of “hysterical” shoppers queuing up in the early hours, all of them desperate to get hold of the now cult collaboration.A collection which is already being sold on eBay.Police were on standby as streams of shoppers lined selected H stores across the UK with Grazia reporting “The crowd is getting hysterical. We’re crammed against the shop window alongside bloggers!”Madonna’s line for the high street store in March 2007 was less successful.Rumour is that Tom Ford is in talks to design a similar line off the back of Versace’s success.Scenes like these haven’t been seen since Kate Moss’ first collection for Topshop back in 2007. While Kate’s laid her design cap to rest for now, H success story is sure to spark off legions more high street collaborations from now on in.Want to see what Versace for H have in store for us for spring/summer 2012? Yeah you do! Take a look at the exclusive pic below before:Shopping adviceSavvy shopper reveals best times of day to visit Primark, Zara, Mango and Topshop to beat crowds and get new itemsIf you time it well,
ugg australia promo code Versace collection launch at H sparks 'hysterical' fashion mob on Regent Street
you could have an advantage over other shoppersDarren DayJustice to go! Darren Day OWNS Twitter troll who accused him of attention seeking in Costa coffeeThe performer, who’s currently starring in Peter Pan at Hull’s New Theatre, took no nonsenseLove IslandLove Island’s Jamie Jewitt rages at weeping Camilla Thurlow as body language expert dismisses his explanation for rowThe pair were seen arguing outside The Charge II boxing fundraiser at The Lindley HallLauren GoodgerLauren Goodger’s startling new look has shocked fans hinting she has reconciled with jailbird loverThe TOWIE star, who has split from jailbird boyfriend Joey MorrisonTeachersLecturer slammed after getting down on her knees and demonstrating on student how to put condom on with your mouthThe lecturer was filmed putting a condom onto a plastic penis being held by a shell shocked student in BrazilGun crimeHeartbreaking hospital picture of eight month old baby shot in the leg and arm with 30 pelletsBaby John Doyle was hit with a hail of pellets as his family put up a Christmas tree at their home in DublinCourt caseSchoolboy is ‘beaten by Pakistani men for dating a girl from their family who told him “Don’t mess with our blood”‘The Bengali student was taken prisoner by the Pakistani girl’s uncle, before her father, brother and cousin all joined in the attack, a court heardFIFA Club World CupReal Madrid vs Gremio LIVE score and goal updates from Club World Cup final in Abu DhabiGareth Bale stepped off the bench to score the winner in the semi final victory over Al Jazira in midweekBitcoinFour bedroomed family home in Essex becomes first house in UK to be sold entirely for BitcoinThe price is set in sterling at 350,000 but the payment will be made at the prevailing Bitcoin exchange rate on the dayManchester City vs TottenhamManchester City vs Tottenham live score and goal updates as Pep Guardiola’s men bid to make it 16 wins on the spinCity continued their push for the title against West Brom in midweek but can Tottenham stop them in their tracks?Premier LeagueWatford vs Huddersfield live score and goal updates from Premier League encounter at Vicarage RoadWatford slipped to a dramatic defeat at Crystal Palace in midweek and will look to return to winning ways herePremier LeagueStoke vs West Ham live score and goal updates from crunch Premier League clash at bet365 StadiumThe Hammers have picked up in recent weeks but Stoke and Mark Hughes are in big trouble at the bottom of the tablePlanesDrunkest plane passenger ever?: Woman ‘so intoxicated she couldn’t stand’ arrested for attacking flight attendantDramatic video captures the female passenger, who was reportedly intoxicated, screaming hysterically as two men restrain her one of whom is a policemanBenefit cheatsRefugee pockets 39k in benefits after moving back to homeland because he ‘missed sunshine’
ugg australia promo code Versace collection launch at H sparks 'hysterical' fashion mob on Regent Street

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rocket dog ugg boots Verone prevails at Supreme Court

Verone is ready to come home to southwest Montana. And after years of legal wrangling, the Montana Supreme Court has brought her a giant step closer.

Ever since her aunt, Helen Edwards, died in 2013, Verone, a Butte native who has lived in California for decades after a Hollywood acting career, has been fighting over a will that left almost all of her aunt’s $3 million estate, including a ranch near Sheridan, to a caretaker and a handyman, in essence disinheriting Verone, Edwards’ only living relative.

Even after Verone won a jury trial in Madison County District Court that found the 2012 will had been made when Edwards, then 95, was under “undue influence, fraud or duress,” District Judge Loren Tucker refused to admit the previous will, in Verone’s favor, to probate.

Last week, a five justice panel of the Montana Supreme Court unanimously upheld the jury verdict and found that Tucker had erred in not admitting the earlier will to probate and in refusing to award attorney fees and costs to Verone.

Verone was raised in Butte, but her uncle Jim and aunt Helen were like a second set of parents to her. Ranching at that time west of Butte, Jim Edwards in particular was close to his niece, whom he regarded as a daughter.

“He taught me to ride, to put up hay, to tend the chickens and milk the cows,” Verone remembers.

Verone stayed in Butte through high school, participating in drama and winning a scholarship to the Pasadena Playhouse, where her acting career took off.

In 2007, within a single day, she lost both her mother and her uncle Jim Edwards. Helen Edwards was then all the family Verone had left and vice versa. Verone visited the ranch when she could, and the two talked by phone constantly.

A few years later, Edwards broke her arm, and Verone knew she needed some help caring for her aunt. She hired Nancy Schulz, wife of then Madison County Commissioner David Schulz, as a caretaker.

Soon afterward, Verone says, she noticed a different tone in phone calls with her aunt, and after a time Helen Edwards changed her will to leave the ranch and most of the estate to Nancy Schulz and Paul Degel,
ugg boots on offer Verone prevails at Supreme Court
a handyman and family friend who stayed on the ranch. The new will left Verone $25,000.

The following year, Edwards died, and the fight over the will led to Madison County District Court.

After the jury found that the 2012 will had been the result of fraud or duress, Verone and her attorneys, Ward “Mick” Taleff of Great Falls and Timothy Strauch of Missoula, found themselves stymied. They had won but Tucker’s refusal to admit the earlier will to probate presaged an ugly, protracted fight in his courtroom.

So they took an almost unprecedented step. Even though they had won, they appealed to the Supreme Court.

Taleff said he’s been practicing law almost 41 years, and “This is the first time I’ve ever won a jury trial and then been the one to appeal.”

After reading the Supreme Court decision, Taleff said, “We’re very pleased. The only thing crazy is that we had to go to the Supreme Court to get this result.”

Now, he said, “there shouldn’t be any real question” the rest of the way for his client. “Once the will is admitted to probate,” he said, “all that’s left is to administer and close the estate.”

In the meantime, Tucker has retired. Judge Luke Berger has replaced him in Montana’s Fifth Judicial District.

Of the high court’s decision on fees and costs, he said, “The district judge will have to decide on the amount, but there isn’t any leeway in the decision. She will be awarded fees and costs.”

Stephanie Kruer of Sheridan, attorney for Schulz, said in a statement Friday, “We are disappointed in the outcome of the appeal, as well as the trial, since the district court did not appoint a personal representative for Helen Edwards to represent her estate. So there was no one at trial to represent Helen or her will.

“Nancy Schulz’s only goal at trial and on appeal was to stand up for what Helen wanted.”

Kruer added, “We are reviewing the Supreme Court opinion to determine whether a rehearing can be requested under the rules of appellate procedure.”

Taleff said his understanding is Kruer and Lyman Bennett, attorney for Degel, have 15 days to request a rehearing, but “the justices would have to have either missed a dispositive fact, or applied a wrong principle, or there would have to be new case law . I believe none of those are going to remotely apply here.”

Verone said she’s decided it’s time to come home to Montana. She owns her childhood home in Uptown Butte, in the 900 block of West Broadway. But she said she’d prefer to live on the ranch, and turn it into a horse rescue facility in memory of her uncle.

“I would like to do something with the land that will be an expression of thanks for all the good he did in his life,” she said, but added, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to. It depends on what’s left” after the issue of attorney’s fees is dealt with.
ugg boots on offer Verone prevails at Supreme Court

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ugg lynnea Venus Williams’ resiliency rule Day 7

Alas, they both ended their US Open runs today: Sharapova as the lightning rod comeback queen after her 15 month absence and Shapovalov as the new king of the north.

For what it’s worth, analysts Brad Gilbert and John McEnroe are both calling the latter mentioned Canadian a future Grand Slam champion, and at only 18, we have to agree that his electrifying run here was the very definition of next gen tennis.

Also, this kid is seriously delightful. After missing 11 months due to surgery on her right foot, Stephens reached the Open quarterfinals Sunday and climbed from 957 to 83 in an incredible jump in the WTA rankings.

Call her “Sloane Ranger,” call her “Sloane Danger,” but before this is over, she just might be called 2017 US Open champ.

Sloane Stephens: reached US Open quarterfinals for the 1st time.

After ending Maria Sharapova’s US Open run, Anastasija Sevastova was asked about the prospect of facing American Sloane Stephens in the quarterfinals. “I hope it’s going to be on Ashe, and I hope we can put on a show,
ugg nightengale slippers Venus Williams' resiliency rule Day 7
” she said. It’s the second consecutive year the Latvian has been one of the last eight women standing here. Just once more for emphasis: 2002.

CoCo Vandeweghe, Jennifer Brady and Madison Keys will all make a run for the quarters Monday, and Stephens and Venus Williams advanced Sunday.

Venus, who beat Carla Suarez Navarro in three sets, is now the only US Open champ left in the women’s field. Why do we love Venus so much? Besides her resiliency, her game, her class, her competiveness, her style . do we have to stop? One more: She also somehow goes with the flow.

I gotta flow. You gotta flow? So let it go. Yeah. No. 17 Sam Querrey won in straight sets to advance on his home turf. to reach the quarters at the Open since Andy Roddick and John Isner in 2011.

But we just have to leave this here because honestly, how can you not root for a guy who can not only win but also rock a sombrero? Amazing. And yes, even at 36, Roger Federer will always be the ultimate cool kid.
ugg nightengale slippers Venus Williams' resiliency rule Day 7

ugg boots stockists Ventura to Oppose Collection of Racial Profiling Data

ugg like boots Ventura to Oppose Collection of Racial Profiling Data

GOV. VENTURA WEIGHED IN on the racial profiling issue just as the debate over whether to require or merely encourage data collection has begun to heat up at the Capitol. And while his comments to a group of visiting law enforcement officials fell short of a veto threat, he clearly signaled he sides with those pushing for voluntary study of traffic stops.

“The issue of racial profiling is a statewide issue that requires leadership at all levels. However the solution to this issue lies at the local level,” Ventura said . (Hear comments)

As the governor was making his comments, the Crime Prevention Committee heard testimony on three bills proposing racial data collection during traffic stops. Two DFL proposals would require collection, one for a two year study, the other indefinitely.

Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton testified in favor of the mandatory approach. The Minneapolis police department voluntarily began collecting racial traffic stop data from May to November last year. Stanek asked the DFL mayor if the city would continue to collect the data regardless of whatever racial profiling law the Legislature passes. When the mayor said she would Stanek offered a follow up.

“Then how would you as a local elected official, the mayor of a large city, how do you feel about the state government forcing a mandate back on the local unit of government?” Stanek asked.

The mayor countered that sometimes it’s appropriate for state government to intervene in the affairs of smaller municipalities.

“If there was a major problem going on in the city of Minneapolis and I as the mayor of the city of Minneapolis chose to ignore it, and it was having some adverse impact on the citizens of my community, I would expect the Minnesota Legislature to be outraged,” the mayor said.

Many who testified at the hearing emphasized that without thorough data collection and corrective measures,
ugg boots stockists Ventura to Oppose Collection of Racial Profiling Data
public confidence in law enforcement would shrink. And for others racial profiling was a much more personal problem.

“Every single one of the grown men in my family have been profiled,”

said Rep. Neva Walker, DFL Minneapolis. She offered testimony of how racial profiling has affected her family.

“Last year my brother, 43, who works for the city of Minneapolis, driving in Edina, was stopped no probable cause. It was mainly just to ask who’s car he was driving. It was a Mercedes,” Rep. Walker said.

No one at the hearing denied that racial profiling exists. Director of the Police Officers Standards and Training Board, Neil Melton said his organization already has a strict policy against officer discrimination.

“Peace officers shall not knowingly restrict the freedom of individuals whether by arrest or detention in violation of the Constitution and law of the United States and in the state of Minnesota. And there are procedures currently in place to investigate such complaints,” Melton said.

Melton says the POST board doesn’t support mandatory data collection, because it would pose too much of a burden on smaller police departments. Melton says most Minnesota police forces have less than eight officers.
ugg boots stockists Ventura to Oppose Collection of Racial Profiling Data

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uggs clearance Velvet More CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) shoes are back. So are loafers. Faux fur. Suede on fire. It that time of the year to recharge and reboot your fall fashion.

A mantra from marketers, as Cinderella knows, one shoe can change a life.

York Fashion Week is around the corner we are all excited about the new trends, changing up our look for the season, David Kirschenbaum, of Nieman Marcus, told CBS2 Jennifer McLogan.

Kirschenbaum points to the comfortable yet exotic: jewels, ankle straps,
ugg boots toddler Velvet More CBS New York
and buckles.

is bold? And all that glitters is gold different hues of gold, he said.

This season it all about embellishment and adornment.

that on with jeans and a button down and really make your shoe pop, he said.

Ravishing colors will also be a top trend for fall.

do it with feather flowers and stones, Kirschenbaum said.

Shoppers are getting their work outs in, racing from shoe store to shoe store, some in silver platforms or leather and rope sandals.

the fall season, you want texture, he said.

Nothing is predicted to be bigger this fall than velvet. It be seen in everything from booties to pumps and thick heels,
ugg boots toddler Velvet More CBS New York
proving velvet isn just for holidays or special occasions.