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What could be more All American than a weekend powwow devoted to cars, rock and roll and rude tattoos? Or for that matter, what could be a more representative Southern California event than the Musink Fest, curated for the third yearby Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker?

Now celebrating its tenth anniversary, Musink will feature hundreds of world famous tattoo artists, the and slow car show and a lineup of bands that should appeal to anyone enamored of the slashing sounds of vintage Orange County punk. NOFX, The Vandals, Bad Religion and Pennywise are headlining three nights of music starting on Friday, March 17 and running through the weekend. Venue is the Orange County Fair Exposition Center in Costa Mesa.

Time to fill up that low rider Chevy Impala (my high school wheels, FYI!) with high test petrol and hit the highway for what promises to be one of the cooler events of the season. It an all ages show, and kids under 7 years old can attend for free when accompanied by an adult. There will be food and beverages galore, and beer will beavailable for those over 21. This weekend, the Classic Auto Show will have nearly $140 million dollars worth of sleek vintage steel on display at the LA Convention Center. Private collectors and car clubs are loaning out their finest wheels for the occasion including a 1929 Bentley. a 1925 Rolls Royce, and (for California Nostalgics) a Town and Country Barrelback Wagon (the prepare to roll with Southern California most serious car geeks they becruising the show in search of celebrity restorers, arcane car parts and plenty of Q with car culture biggest media hotshots (Chip Foose of Overhaulin, Mike Brewer of Wheeler Dealers and Autogeek Mike Phillips.

The show roars on for three days this weekend January 27 29, starting at 9AM on Saturday and Sunday. This is a rare opportunity to witnessas many one of a kind classics as will grace the area for a long while. Start your engines (or take the Metro!).

Recently had the good fortune to spend a long weekend at the , an all in one destination for those who favor great golf, games of chance and a stunning natural setting in the middle of the Sonoran Desert and all just twenty minutes from the airport once you land in Phoenix. And deservedly so!

Those of you who are thinking of trekking up to Bandon Dunes for a golf outing might think twice before making that worthy but arduous journey. Thirty six holes of championship golf are just minutes from world class restaurants and lots of outdoor activities, and the resort itself exceeds expectations by miles! Rooms are spacious and well appointed, on site food defies clichs about fare, and the staff is friendly and helpful to a fault.

And the golf is truly some of Arizona best the older Cholla course is designed by Scott Miller and is chockablockwith spectacular views of the SuperstitionMountains; the Coore Crenshaw hewn Saguaro eighteen features dramatic elevation changes and a links golf feel. There are a few short par fours that will tempt the he man in you, but relax and poke it down to 100 yards from the green and settle for a chance at birdie. Not only that, Saguarofavors those of you who like to walk instead of ride.

On the other hand, if getting behind the wheel is your cup of cognac, sign up for the Green Zebra’s off road Tomcar experienceand view wild horses running by the Verde River, or saddle up a slightly tamer nag and hit the dusty trail old school style. Either way, it an up close and personal view of the desert you will never forget.

It never too late to amp up our ailing GDP, so fill up the tank with Exxon crude and carbon your way over to the mall to elbow fellow revelers in the mid section looking for last minute bargains for your closest personal friends andfamily. Here a brief guide to a few of the doodads and geegaws that will earn you another year of heartful devotion in the coming year. Saludos a todos!

Cuisinart has a couple of must have appliances for thecompleat cook in your clan. Their Electric Meat Grinder is the best way to make sure you aren buying burger meat from eight different countries just grind your own All American heifers and chow down with confidence! Or for the more enterprising make homemade sausage (comes with the proper attachments) or pats. And for those who live a healthier lifestyle than I (basically anybody), the Cook Fresh Digital Glass Steamer can steam 5 liters of fish, chicken, rice and the andouille sausage you just made. Gumbophonic!!

Want to make a friend for life (or as long as modern gratitude lasts)? Hit your loved one with the best thing that ever happened to ten toes and a sole. Ugg Ansleymoccasins are built for warmth, comfort and just padding about the manse. But the suede coveringis water resistant and the outsole is rubber, so feel free to wear these cushy foot gloves to the park as well. Warning: Once you don these things, you will never take them off.

For those hardscrabble folks on your list the ones who fancy campfires and think that eluding grizzly bears is fun Coleman is a one stop outdoor living shop. Tents, air mattresses, lanterns, coolers and cookers, they got it all, and it the good stuff, too! The Signal Mountain 4 Person Instant Tent goes up in 60 seconds or so (once you get the hang of it). Patented welded floors and inverted seams mean you will stay dry in a downpour and it easily fits Coleman queen sized air mattress. Say hey to Yogi and Boo Boo.

Everyone and their fitness gurus are wearing some kind of wrist reading computer these days, and Huawei Fit Smart Fitness Watch is one of the best. It does all of the standard tricks monitors your heart rate; tracks your everyday activities step count, burned calories, distance covered; you can customize a running regimen and even get real time guidance/coaching. All that and message and incoming call notificationsfor a paltry $100 clams. If not a no brainer,
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call it a half brainer.

Can get enough self in your selfies? Poor babies!! Here a sleek solution the Insta360 Air a 360 degree HD camera that attaches to your Android smartphone and turns you into an aspiring James Cameron in the blink of an eye. You can livestream your fancy dessert course to YouTube or one click upload a So Cal traffic jam to Facebook, Twitter, what have you. Features a 210 degree dual fisheye lens and a stabilization algorithm that will right the cinematographic ship even when you had one too many. Very cool technology for the supergeek in your posse.

Hey if it sweet enough for Jamie Foxx, count me in! Baron Chocolatier is a father and son operation that started 30 years ago in Poland, and now has a very successful North American wing. I love their dark chocolate truffles, but they also offer barswith sea salt and almonds, even chocolate covered Gummi bears! GMO free and kosher to boot!

Washing dishes by hand is so, like, last millennium! Not that I ever been much of a kitchen hand (better at cooking than cleaning, truth be told!). Frigidaireis making some greatappliances these days and their stainless steelFDIP2495QF is as easy on the eye as it is tough on greasy plates and dirty glasses. OrbitClean technology quadruples the water coverage, automatic sensors self adjust the cycle time depending on the load and it works its magic as quietly as a family of mice (not that you have any in your humble home). A great gift for anyone in the household!

Ipads are cool if you are headed to bankruptcy court anyway, but Huawei makes some super fly tablets that are so affordable you can take two of them (and call me in the morning). The 8.0 inch Media Pad M3sounds better than Apple Mini 4, and the display is as sharp as fine Wisconsin cheddar. Its aluminum hide is both solid to the touch and lightweight, and performance is reliable and speedy. What more can you ask for under $300?

A shameful confession: I am the farthest thing from a beer expert as they come I don know an IPA from a GPS, but I know what tastes good and it what being brewed by Colorado Upslope Brewing Company. Call it heresy, but I love their Blood Orange Saison entry, as well as the spicy notes of their Christmas Ale. Run by three young outdoorsy dudes from Boulder, Upslope is proof positive that the hopped up life is alive and well right here in the USA. Use Heineken in your Chili con Carne and drink this fine stuff instead.

Hall of Fame Laker Bryant may be sidelined in all but our memories, but his legacy lives on in the sneaker world. Change direction in a nano blink, dribble between your legs and fire the pull up J without missing a step. Me, I don play but I imagine they work for that, too. I myself prefer the glory of knocking down 3 (translation: I can go to the iron at my advanced age!).

The August Doorbell Cam is an unfortunate necessity these days what with porch pirates prowling the neighborhood in search of ill gotten gifts. A one way HD camera streams live to your smartphone or computer and monitors who comes and goesto your humble doorstep. Purchase by December 31st and get six months of theirvideo recording subscription service free. Uses existing wiring and connects via Bluetooth. Looks cool too!

Last but certainly not least, if that guy in the man cave has a rock star buried in his breast (and who doesn favor the old hippie with a new Fender Stratocaster Deluxe, an affordable version of their signature, solid body electric guitar. Sounds amazingly twangy and crisp, and equally importantly looks cooler than a coven of penguin witches (who, believe me, are the coolest creatures imaginable)! Fender guitars never go out of style, and keep getting better with age.

Above all, healthy and happy holidays to you! On Prancer!!

Bet you didn know that Kay Jewelers was the Jewelry Store of the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame, did you? Or that in its 100th year of selling precious stones the company has raised and donated over $53 million to the St. Jude Children Research Center. And every time we do, and post said masterpiece on Facebook or Twitter, Kay will donate another $100 bucks to the cause. Not a bad deal.

I finallyacknowledged that the new millennium is upon us, and that one needn drive around with an inferior car stereosystem! I have a humble set of wheels (2005 Volvo S60), but decided to put in some high end gear including a Pioneer AVIC 8200NEX head unit and a bunch of amazing sounding electronics and speakers from world renowned Kicker Audio. But that not even the best part (if you will) was meeting and doing business with a thorough professional, and even more impressive human being, David Pichon, owner and operator of Sound Doctor 911 in Camarillo. Dave is one of those people who strike you right away as forthright and honest, an especially good quality to have when you are helping people with matters that are generally beyond their level of expertise. He will tell you exactly what you should install, what suits your budget best then execute in a timely and flawless fashion.

All that, a crack installation staff and a hygienically clean workspace instill confidence in Pichon and company,
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but once you get to talking with the boss, you realize he is not just a coldhearted businessman, but a conscious and conscientious member of the Camarillo/Ventura community at large. He is also an avid golfer involved in numerous charity events that benefit youth organizations in the area.

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ugg style boots cheap Garage sales big business in recession

“It seems like every time you turn around, somebody’s pounding a garage sale sign at the top of the street,” says Bob Fritts, owner of Fritts Financial Services in Concord Township. “Consumer spending is way down. People are looking to raise additional funds to make ends meet. Especially with the unemployment rate rising close to 10 percent, it makes it more valuable to clean out your junk.”

Nationwide, garage sale listings on online advertiser Craigslist have increased 80 percent this year, company officials said.

Chrissy Walters, a teacher at Edison Elementary School in Willoughby, says she holds a garage sale each year at the Willowick home of her mother, Jan Komar. This year, things were hopping much earlier than usual.

“We opened at 9, but our first person showed up at 8:30,” Walters says. “I feel like we’ve been busier than in past years, which is good, because we have a lot of junk to get rid of. We can always use the extra money. My husband says I have to get rid of my old clothes before I get more.”

Walters’ customers snapped up items like a cot for $5 that had been priced at $10 and a porch swing for $5.

“We’re proud garage salers,” Komar says with a laugh.

Diane Mayer, another Willowick resident, was at the East 327th Street sale shopping with her 11 week old morkie dog named Daisy May happily parked in her arms.

“I like going to garage sales,” Mayer says. “I like finding old cookbooks, and it’s fun. We just had a garage sale, and people were talking about the economy.”

Secondhand stores like Plato’s Closet in Mentor also are thriving.

“A lot of people are coming in to sell their clothes for gas money,” Plato’s Closet manager Sam Urankar says.

“And a lot of people are coming here to buy back to school clothes, because they can get brand name stuff for $6 to $15, versus like $60 or more at the mall.”
beige ugg boots Garage sales big business in recession

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sale on uggs Home Sales Were Above the Asking Price

SEATTLE, Jan. home sales in 2017, netting sellers an additional $7,000 each. Five years ago, 17.8 percent of final sale prices were higher than the asking price, according to a new Zillow analysisi.

Over the past year the American housing market has been struck by the combination of strong demand and limited supply. Young adult renters are increasingly feeling confident enough to buy, but they are entering a market with very few homes for sale, as inventory has been steadily declining for almost three years. Low interest rates have buoyed buyers’ budgets, raising the limits on what they can afford and may be willing to pay. home selling in 80 days, including the time it takes to close on the sale. In San Jose, San Francisco and Seattle, the average home sells in less than 50 days. Fierce competition means buyers may not win a home on their first offer. The typical buyer spends more than four months home shopping and has to make multiple offers before an offer is accepted, according to the 2017 Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report.

“Low interest rates and strong labor markets with high paying jobs have allowed home buyers in some of the country’s priciest housing markets to bid well over asking price,” said Zillow Senior Economist Aaron Terrazas. “In the booming tech capitals of the California Bay Area and Pacific Northwest, paying above list price is now the norm. In the face of historically tight inventory, buyers have had to be more aggressive in their offers. We don’t expect this inventory crunch to ease meaningfully in 2018, meaning buyers will be facing many of the same struggles this year.”

In San Jose,
beige ugg boots Home Sales Were Above the Asking Price
Calif., San Francisco, Salt Lake City and Seattle, more than half of all homes sold last year went for above the list price. The average home sold above list in San Jose netted sellers an additional $62,000, the largest difference between list and sale price of the metros analyzed.

Over the past five years, Seattle saw the greatest increase in the share of sales that were above the asking price, from 20 percent of home sales in 2012 to 52 percent of sales in 2017. The amount over asking price grew as well, from 2.5 percent to 5.3 percent above the listed price.

Miami homes were least likely to sell for more than the listed price last year, followed by Virginia Beach and New Orleans.

Zillow is the leading real estate and rental marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data, inspiration and knowledge around the place they call home, and connecting them with the best local professionals who can help. In addition, Zillow operates an industry leading economics and analytics bureau led by Zillow’s Chief Economist Dr. Svenja Gudell. Dr. Gudell and her team of economists and data analysts produce extensive housing data and research covering more than 450 markets at Zillow Real Estate Research. Zillow also sponsors the quarterly Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey, which asks more than 100 leading economists, real estate experts and investment and market strategists to predict the path of the Zillow Home Value Index over the next five years. Launched in 2006, Zillow is owned and operated by Zillow Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:Z and ZG),
beige ugg boots Home Sales Were Above the Asking Price
and headquartered in Seattle.