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man ugg boots Return of the fashion classics

If the word comes to mind when you think of recent teenage girl fashion, you not alone. Tight tops have been paired with ultra low rise pants, and shocking styles once seen on the red carpets of Hollywood could be seen in some classrooms last year.

Well, brace yourselves. The model currently gracing the main page of the Gap Web site wears an outfit that truly shocking.

The model is donning a blazer and a brooch. She probably has a belly button, but you can see it. Her jeans and her shirt actually overlap, so it safe to assume she can bend over without causing a traffic accident.

According to the fashion industry, what old is new again. More conservative styles, including tweed suits, longer shirts and gasp pearls, are back. That welcome news to parents and school officials.

that things will be more conservative is a good thing, said East Valley School District Assistant Superintendent of Operations Debra Howard. been difficult for the girls, especially, to find clothes that would pass (school dress codes). Valley middle school students were so desperate last year, they wrote letters as part of a class assignment asking store managers to stock more conservative styles, she said.

Local school districts have dress codes that prohibit students from wearing clothes that are offensive or distract other students. For example, students can wear T shirts with alcohol logos or gang messages.

In recent years, Spokane school administrators have handled more cases where revealing clothes were a distraction, and schools have adopted individual policies about the lengths of skirts, the widths of sleeves and other specific restrictions, District 81 Student Services Coordinator Wendy Bleecker said.

Bleecker said it seems unfair, but often it girls caught violating the dress code. The issue is usually resolved by explaining to the students why their outfits are inappropriate and then handing them a T shirt to cover up, she said.

they don quite understand, I ask would you feel if Mr. so and so was wearing a belly shirt? Bleecker said. it like, I get it.

Rogers High School in Spokane adopted a new dress code last year and spent time educating students about the reasoning behind it.

was getting smaller, it was getting tighter, and it was getting shorter, Assistant Principal of Student Administration Jim Fry said. were some major distractions there for students in the educational climate. necklines on shirts can drop below the armpits, skirts have to hit thighs at the midpoint or lower and bottoms and tops must touch or overlap.

In the Coeur d School District, one school found the need to ban bathing suits and dog collars in its dress code.

Brianna Hemphill, assistant manager at Wet Seal, known for its trendy clothes, in the Spokane Valley Mall, said it will be easier to find clothes that comply with the dress codes this year.

going back to more of a style, more classic, she said. seen so much of the Paris Hilton style. said girls are embracing the new old look and parents are She said her younger sister, a student in the Central Valley School District, appreciates the styles, too, because the schools strictly enforce the rules.

Among the happy moms is Shannon Phillips, 45, who almost cheered when a reporter told her the latest fashion news.

works for me, said Phillips, of Ritzville.

Phillips 13 year old daughter, Madison Phillips, likes the new look, too.

need to leave something to the imagination, she said.

Madison and her friend Jillian Pflugrath, also 13, rested in the food court at the Valley mall this week with a few shopping bags scattered on their table. They said they still like short skirts, but they pair them with long sleeve, layered tops.

think (more conservative clothes) look better, Jillian said.

In case girls need more evidence to be convinced, look to magazines like Seventeen, YM and Cosmo Girl. They suggesting teens copy the styles of stars like Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and other typically classical dressers.

Don set your hopes too high, though. Although the look is showing up at Wet Seal, Nordstrom, the Gap and other stores, new styles can take a long time to reach everyone in Spokane. Heck, last year East Coast obsession with Ugg boots hardly made it here before the fuzzy shoes were declared outdated.

At the Bon Macy Valley store, the young women section only received a few of the classic style pieces, sales associate Brandy Fleck said.

think they seeing how it goes, and then it might make its way here, she said.

Jerrell Logwood, who owns Urban Fashions on Nevada Street, said shoppers are looking for more mature clothes, but he recognized that pick things up late in Spokane. That why he carrying some of last year more revealing look as well as some more buttoned up options.
kids ugg boots on sale Return of the fashion classics