womens ugg boots uk Real estate an equally exciting circus

boots ugg sale Real estate an equally exciting circus

Conversation with the 15 year old daughter last week: you absolutely have to see that movie. It is so so good. Can we please go tomorrow night. Please, please, please? was literally my unedited and quite possibly, insensitive, reply. a musical, and it long,
womens ugg boots uk Real estate an equally exciting circus
and you know I don love those sappy feel good movies. Plus, you already seen it. I not really sure I be home in time, and if I am I might fall asleep during it. It probably already sold out. Not to mention, I had big plans to spend the evening popping the bubble wrap that came with the last Amazon package. Barnum had a dream. In his case, it was to provide an unprecedented experience for folks to be entertained by. It could have been anything, though. We all have dreams. His formula for orchestrating a circus works as well for orchestrating a real estate transaction. He must interview a number of potential candidates for his show. They all have something unique about them,
womens ugg boots uk Real estate an equally exciting circus
but they all have value. As does each home. He then must specify what each person role is and be sure they are performing in that role up to their greatest capacity and potential.

womens ugg boots uk World’s largest container ship comes to UK port

ugg boots knitted World’s largest container ship comes to UK port

ULTRA Wide Load! World’s LARGEST container ship that weighs 210,890 tonnes and spans FOUR football pitches makes its maiden call at UK port

The 21,413 OOCL Hong Kong made its maiden call at the Hutchinson Port of Felixstowe, in SuffolkIt marked the return of the ship to the port after a 17 year absence from British seasThe enormous mega vessel weighs210,890 tonnes, is 400 metres long and has a width of 58.8 metresThe OOCL Hong Kong serves the Asia Europe trade laneas part of OOCL’s LL1 serviceBy

Stretching a quarter of a mile and weighing a mighty 210,890 tonnes, the world’s largest container ship laden withcars, car parts, clothing, shoes and electrical goodsfrom Asia hauled itself into a British port for the first time as stunned onlookers gasped and took photos of the mega vessel with their phones.

The 21,413 TEU OOCL Hong Kong, which can carry up to 21,000 20ft containers, arrived after a 17 year absence from British waters at the Hutchinson Port of Felixstowe, Suffolk.

It returned to the UK as part of the Ocean Alliance the largest operational agreement between shipping companies where it will serve the Asia Europe trade lane from the seaside town.

Scroll down for video

Towering above the towers: How the21,413 TEU OOCL Hong Kong sizes up next to some of London’s tallest buildings

Weighing210,890 tonnes, the super ship built in South Korea by Samsung Heavy Industries,
womens ugg boots uk World's largest container ship comes to UK port
measures 400 metres in length and has a width of 58.8 metres.

Clemence Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of the Port of Felixstowe and Managing Director of Hutchison Ports Europe, said: ‘The OOCL Hong Kong is the latest in a line of mega vessels to call at the Port of Felixstowe.’

He added: ‘The port’s location close to the main shipping lanes and the ports of Northern Europe, combined with a unique combination of road and rail connections, makes it the first choice for the latest generation of giant container ships.’

‘Our relationship with OOCL goes back 40 years and we are delighted to welcome them back to the Port of Felixstowe as part of the Ocean Alliance. ‘

Standing tall: The ship recieved a ‘warm welcome’from the Port of Felixstowe community

Mr Cheng continued: ‘We are honoured to have been chosen as the main UK hub for the Ocean Alliance and look forward to continuing to work with OOCL and the other alliance partners to provide the best possible service to UK importers and exporters.’

The Ocean Alliance consists of OOCL, CMA CGM, Cosco Shipping and Evergreen Line. It offers 17 services on the Asian Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Red Sea and Middle Eastern trades, and 23 services on the North American trades.

Richard Hew, Managing Director of OOCL, said: ‘We are very delighted by the warm welcome that the OOCL Hong Kong received from the Port of Felixstowe community. We truly look forward to working more closely with our customers, business partners and with the port community in developing our synergies for growth.’

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womens ugg boots uk World's largest container ship comes to UK port
‘locked in a bitter custody battle murdered. MOST READ NEWS Previous.

womens ugg boots uk Writing Library

ugg gloves uk Writing Library

[[html]]About a year ago, entrepreneurs Andrew Volk and Adam Freck were convinced meggings yes, leggings for men were just on the verge of a breakthrough. And with good reason, it turns out.

On Dec. 15 of last year, the two men launched Meggings Man, their online only business devoted entirely to leggings crafted specifically for guys.

They’ve been working long hours to keep up with orders ever since. Within a week of the Meggings website going live, they say they sold out of their first run of inventory. Their second run sold out just as quickly and back orders were piling up in a response Freck described as “beyond expectations.”

Still, given all the derision and ridicule meggings have been subject to in recent years, one has to wonder if the trend has staying power. Both Volk and Freck, who have worked in apparel and e commerce for the past five years, insist that it does.

“I think this is the right time for meggings,” Volk said. “I think men are getting more comfortable with wearing something like this, more so than they ever have. I truly don’t think it will be something that comes and goes within a year.”

The men’s venture started when they began noticing men wearing women’s leggings and. not exactly pulling the look off.

“I just feel that they weren’t fitting as well as I felt they could,” Volk explained. “Certain areas were showing too much, certain areas weren’t very flattering on male legs, so we made some samples.”The black on black meggings with metallic inserts.

Six months of tweaking the meggings’ design later and they were ready to launch. They have an extra panel of fabric added to the hips to make them roomier for mens’ typically larger upper legs, as well as a wider waist band and a sort of faux zipper fly that gives them an appearance that references jeans.

What the meggings don’t have are pockets, a factor the two recognize could dissuade some from trying the look out. The meggings are also supposed to be hand washed in cold water, likely a tall order for many guys. Freck said they are currently testing new pocket options that would strike “a happy medium between the look not being sacrificed and the functionality.” The hand washing issue is inevitable, at least with the current fabrics used.

Other ideas Meggings Man are currently exploring, as the company looks toward next fall and beyond, include heartier fabric choices that would allow men to wear them as pants during the colder winter months, placing zippers on certain designs and creating other clothing items that make the most sense to help complete a full outfit around meggings. They are also looking to get their products into more stores and showrooms for now,
womens ugg boots uk Writing Library
their lone brick and mortar retailer is Cram Fashion in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.

Finally, the two also have their eye on continuing to offer new designs that respond to the styles that have appealed the most to their customers.

Though Meggings Man appears to be the only meggings centric business currently around, the trend has already hit the shelves of popular retailers including Zara, Uniqlo, Barneys and Nordstrom. The look also hit center stage for the Super Bowl half time show earlier this month when the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis donned a pair.

As for meggings’ critics Anderson Cooper called meggings “ridiculous,” GQ said, simply, “no” and someone at Buzzfeed said they “should not exist” Freck told HuffPost he suspects they would have a different opinion if they actually gave the pants a go themselves.

“These are probably the same types of people that would make fun of skinny jeans 15 years ago, and now every major jean company has it as a big part of what they provide,” Freck said. “It was mocked and now it’s the norm. It’s not that we’re trying to replace [skinny jeans], but the slimming down of pants is a trend we see going on and we’re just part of that.”

“All it takes is for them to try them on and some of the fears they had will wash away,” he added.

Trepidations aside, I wanted to see if Freck had a point. Would I emerge as an advocate once if I tried them for myself? First, it should be noted that my style already veers toward slimmer fits the vast majority of my regular rotation of pants are skinny jeans and what my mom calls an “edgy look.” Also, I live in Chicago, a major metropolitan center, and my employer isn’t exactly the sort of place where a suit and tie are required or even expected. So what worked for me would very likely be more of a stretch for the average American dude.

For my meggings debut, I wore the company’s new black on black meggings, which adds two metallic black panels one just above and one just below the knee to the line’s basic black meggings, under cuffed black denim shorts to my office in the Loop on a Thursday. Freck described such layering as “a nice little baby step” to the full fledged meggings experience, not to mention in line with The Sartorialist founder Scott Schuman’s advice to USA Today that the trend worked best for non ballet dancers when layered.

The next day, a Saturday, I tried out a second pair while spending some quality time with my DVR and trying to fend off the start of a cold. Each time I looked down at my galaxy print clothed legs,
womens ugg boots uk Writing Library
I couldn’t help but smile. But I wasn’t feeling quite brave enough to rock them for a trip to the grocery store or post office.